A ten-year-old battling cancer reached his goal of being sworn in at 100 different law enforcement agencies


HOUSTON, TX – A young boy who is battling brain and spine cancer has reached his goal of being sworn in as an honorary police officer at over 100 different law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

Devarjaye Daniel, better known as DJ, opted for something not many kids his ripe old age of 10 would do while battling cancer – he decided he wanted to be a police officer. And not just with one agency, with 100 different ones.

DJ’s goal started after meeting the Freeport Police Chief, Ray Garvey, who has a spot in his heart for helping children with deadly diseases.

Chief Garvey became acquainted with a little girl named Abigail Arias who was battling Wilms Tumor which is a form of kidney cancer.

Chief Garvey swore her in as a police officer and took her everywhere with him. The relationship not only brought happiness and joy to young Abigail and the Chief, but also raised awareness for those battling childhood cancer.

Sadly, in February of 2019, Abigail lost her battle to cancer, but her legacy lived on, especially in the eyes of DJ. After hearing of Abigail and her courageous fight against cancer, DJ decided he was not only going to follow in her footsteps, but he was going to be sworn in at 100 different agencies.

DJ said part of the reason why he chose to do this is in honor of Abigail. It was something he noted while at a mass swear-in ceremony with several different agencies in Conroe. He said:

“I’m proud of her, and I’m proud of my own self. If I’m proud of her, she’s proud of me.”

DJ was not only able to meet his goal of being sworn in at 100 different agencies, but he was able to surpass that after he was sworn into 25 different law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County at the same time.

On top of being an officer 100 times over, he also was recently sworn in as a Chief of Police.

DJ’s father, Theo Daniel, spoke about what the accomplishment and that he told his son that the outpouring of love and support was not going to end. He said:

“I knew he was going to get to the 10 pretty quick. I know how the community is and law enforcement, like the military for myself. I do appreciate everyone coming out to support him. This is exactly why he has the push to fight harder.”

Daniel added that DJ knows how serious his cancer is and that his time may be limited. He said:

“He knows the severity of his cancer, but he is not letting it set him back or anything…No matter how hard it is. No matter how tough it is, you can push through it and get through it.

“I was telling some of the officers, I said, you know a lot of things happened with law enforcement officers 1st week and morale was kind of low. Now here comes walking a 10-year-old and everyone’s spirits pick up.”

A ten-year-old battling cancer reached his goal of being sworn in at 100 different law enforcement agencies

Preschooler battling cancer dubbed honorary deputy for a day

POLK COUNTY, FL– The Polk County, Florida police department made a little boys dream of becoming a police officer come true when they made him an honorary officer for a day.

Merrick Lloyd, who has spent the past six months enduring radiation and chemotherapy treatments in his fight with cancer, recently shared his dream of becoming a sheriff with his family, so his teachers and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office took action, WTSP reported.

Merrick got to meet several of his heroes, including Sheriff Grady Judd, 911 dispatchers, and members of the SWAT Team. In addition, he got to wear a custom-made uniform during his shift working as an honorary deputy, Breitbart reported.

The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post:

“Dream big, Merrick! It was wonderful getting to know you, your teachers, and your family this week,” 

Photos from the post showed the preschooler shaking hands with officials, sitting inside the cockpit of a plane and helicopter, and wearing dispatcher’s equipment:

Carlton Palmore Elementary School, where Merrick attends Pre-K thanked the department in a Facebook post, saying:

“A huge “Thank you” goes out to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for “Deputizing” one of our students Merrick Loyd! Merrick has spent the last 6 months going through radiation and chemotherapy to fight cancer.

He shared with his family that he wanted to be a sheriff one day. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office made it happen and both Merrick’s Pre-K teachers, Mrs. Jakubik and Mrs. Angela Oxley, were able to attend this heartwarming event.”

They went on to say that Merrick was given a plaque and backpack stuffed with gifts during his special day.

Facebook users also praised officials for making the day a success and wished the little boy all the best.

One person commented:

“God bless you all and thank you for making a little boy’s dream come true. Prayers for Merrick that he gets well and this terrible disease goes away never to come back,” 

Another woman wrote:

“Love our Polk County Deputies and our Sheriff Grady Judd! They are the absolute best!”

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