Chief Under Fire for Assisting ICE

OAKLAND, Calif. – Oakland’s police chief came to California via Chicago and Spokane, Wash. While those cities have liberal-based leadership, she is now experiencing the reality of a city embracing sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.

After beginning her tenure earlier this year, Chief Anne Kirkpatrick is facing a complaint from a city commissioner and questions from City Council members over her department’s assistance in an immigration-related operation by federal agents that resulted in deportation proceedings against a person in West Oakland.

According to SFGate, at issue is whether Chief Kirkpatrick made false statements and whether the department’s involvement violated Oakland’s sanctuary-city ordinances that bar police officers from cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

How and when did we get to the point that local law enforcement can get in trouble for assisting immigration authorities enforcing federal law? Sadly, this has become all too common. And it’s not just the West Coast. We’ve also seen it in Phoenix and New York among other places.


At the request of Homeland Security Investigations — the criminal division of ICE — Kirkpatrick agreed to send a sergeant, two police officers and two marked police cars on Aug. 16 to provide traffic enforcement while federal agents conducted what they said was a human trafficking investigation at the home of a Guatemalan family.

As a result, federal agents detained two adult brothers. Consequently, records indicate that deportation proceedings began against one, Santos Alberto, but that no criminal charges have been filed — contradicting a claim Kirkpatrick later made and meaning that city police officers provided aid to an immigration operation that only saw civil, not criminal, consequences, reported SFGate.

Regardless of the outcome, a federal law enforcement agency requested the assistance of a municipal department. When leaders face punitive action for helping brother and sister officers do their job, our country suffers!

“We are not going to compromise with the Oakland Police Department with anyone who does not have a heart for service,” Kirkpatrick said when assuming the agency rocked by scandals in recent years. Apparently her bosses do not feel service includes helping federal law enforcement officers do their work.

So even though ICE finds convicted criminals en masse during their investigations, sanctuary city (and state) policies take precedence over safety.

During one particular operation earlier this year spearheaded by ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations division, 169 out of 188 arrests, or almost 90 percent, had prior criminal convictions – see below. The statistics cover all of ERO’s arrests in the greater Los Angeles-area over a four-day period in May.

The prior criminal convictions of those arrested were:

  • Drug Offenses – 43
  • DUI – 30
  • Domestic Violence – 27
  • Sex Crimes – 15
  • Battery – 12
  • Weapons Violations – 7
  • Assault – 6
  • Burglary – 5
  • Fraud – 3
  • Vehicle Theft – 2
  • Arson – 2
  • Illegal Re-entry; Illegal Entry – 3
  • Cruelty to a Child – 2
  • Robbery – 2
  • Obstructing Justice – 2
  • Incest – 1
  • Manslaughter – 1
  • Prostitution – 1
  • Larceny – 1
  • Receipt of Stolen Property – 1
  • Trespassing – 1
  • Property Damage – 1
  • Escape – 1

So anyone making the argument for sanctuary cities is not only justifying a group of people that have demonstrated a lack of respect for American immigration law, but many lack respect for our criminal laws as well. As a result, public safety is compromised. Enabling this is not compassion. It’s as foolish as leaving your house unlocked when you leave or go to sleep at night.

Furthermore, beyond the argument for public safety and anti-terrorism endeavors, let’s not forget eight people found dead while packed into a tractor-trailer of 38 humans discovered in San Antonio in July. That is the result of our “compassion.” Sanctuary city policies encourage illegal-immigration. As a result, immigrants seeking a better life will take great risks. Consequently, bad things occur in the process.

(Photo: City of Oakland)

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It is time for the Federal authorities to start arresting these City and County Commissioners, mayors, etc. for Obstruction of Justice! What ‘sanctuary”? That is supposed to be a legal term for a religious safe place in a catholic church under a Priest, not some liberal policy!

Are you kidding me? The Chief sends a minimum amount of support to provide traffic control (hence to protect the citizens of Oakland that she’s sworn to protect) and some uber-liberal wants to bootstrap that up to her “assisting ICE with their investigation.” AND, even if they did get directly involved, the Chief is also sworn to protect ALL the people in her city, to include the immigrants, documented, undocumented, etc. Would you rather she allow the criminal elements within the immigrant communities to go unchecked and allow them to continue to prey on their own? These are some of the most vulnerable in our society and seriously need our trust and protection. Thank God we have someone in leadership in this City who is trying to “do the right thing” and looking past the BS politics. Keep on protecting “all the people of Oakland” Chief Anne, God Bless You !!!

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