Minnesota – Tragedy has struck a home out of Minneapolis this past week. Early reports from investigators say that the triple murder-suicide of a family was perpetrated by the father.

Police say that Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky, 39, was killed alongside her two children before her ex-husband David Schladetzky allegedly turned the gun on himself. 



The New York Post reported that police discovered two boys, ages 8 and 11, lying dead on the front lawn at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

Later on that day, the father and mother were discovered dead inside the home as well.

One of the officers that was on the scene was reportedly heard saying,

“Dad showed up, shot the kids and went in the house.”

A Minneapolis Police Department SWAT team was called in after the discovery of the two young boys bodies on the front lawn that day. Authorities then engaged in a five-hour standoff with the suspect before him and his ex-wife were found dead inside the home.

While the five-hour standoff was taking pace, somebody had called 911 to report receiving a text from the father that allegedly said, “I loved every minute with you guys”.

According to reports, the text message was also accompanied by a photo of the father standing beside a flag at that was at half-staff. The Minneapolis Police Department spokesman, John Elder, didn’t confirm that the text existed.

Eight nearby homes on the where the standoff happened were evacuated during the confrontation, according to police.

Chief Medaria Arradondo recently held a press conference about the incident, stating:

“This is certainly not a conclusion that I as a chief would have wanted.”

The chief also mentioned what it must have been like when officers arrived on scene and rushed toward the boys on the lawn in an effort to see if they could be saved.

“This is something that will live with them forever.”

It was also revealed that the man and the woman who died also got divorced last June.

Sadly, cases involving murder-suicide where parents take the lives of their children happens more often than we think.

Just two weeks ago, LET brought you the disturbing story of an entire family taken in an act of hate and desperation… leaving a 9-year-old boy as the sole survivor.

Police say that a San Diego man killed his wife and three of their four sons before taking his own life in a tragic murder-suicide. 

And after all was said and done, a 9-year-old boy is the only surviving member of his family. And he’s still fighting for his life.

Investigators are still gathering the details about what led to such a horrific event, but initial reports suggested that the man shot his wife and all four sons before turning the gun on himself.

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NBC San Diego identified the deceased parents as Jose Valdivia, 31, and Sabrina Rosario, 29.

Family members confirmed that their children, Enzie Valdivia, 3; Zuriel Valdivia, 5; and Zeth Valdivia, 11, were killed during the tragic event.

But investigators say that 9-year-old Ezequiel Valdivia is holding on – still fighting to pull through after undergoing multiple surgeries for his injuries.

According to statements from police, Jose Valdivia did not live at the home with the mother and children. Sabrina Rosario had reportedly recently filed for divorce and had made a request for a restraining order against her husband. 

“We believe the male came over this morning, there was some kind of argument or disagreement and he used a handgun and shot his family before turning the gun upon himself,” San Diego Police Lt. Matt Dobbs said at a press briefing on Saturday.

According to relatives, Valdivia was upset about the divorce and was trying to get Rosario to stay with him. They say that the two had been together since high school.

“It is still unclear if the restraining order had been legally served, but we do believe the male was aware of it,” Dobbs said.

Police say that a 911 call was made to the department just before 7 a.m. on Saturday, but dispatchers could not hear anyone on the line, but did overhear what sounded like an argument going on in the background. 


Then a second call came in from a concerned relative who reportedly lived next door. When police responded, they saw a child bleeding inside the home. Thinking quickly, officers broke the window and made entry into the residence and discovered the grisly scene. 

Responding officers discovered a total of six gunshot victims inside. Reports said that the parents and youngest son were pronounced dead at the scene, and the other boys were rushed to the hospital, where two perished. 


And just earlier this year, a special jury in California ruled that two women had killed themselves and their six adopted children in a murder-suicide that happened back in March 2018, as many had speculated that the 100-foot fall from a cliff while in the family car was no accident, but an intentional plunge.

The authorities had long believed that Sarah Hart and her wife, Jennifer Hart, had deliberately driven their sport utility vehicle over a Northern California cliff with their six children in the car, just days after the couple had learned that they were under investigation by child welfare officials.

The special coroner’s jury, which was assembled to figure out the circumstances of their deaths and not to convict anyone after their passing, reached a unanimous conclusion in about an hour of deliberation after hearing chilling details over two days of testimony. While these types of posthumous cases are very rare, it does help with creating closure for loved ones trying to determine what exactly happened.

Investigators discovered Sarah Hart had recently searched online about suicide methods, including lethal Benadryl dosages and whether drowning was painful, as reported by the Associated Press. Sarah Hart had 42 doses of generic Benadryl in her system, an investigator testified, while Jennifer Hart, the driver, had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.102 percent when she drove the car off the cliff. It was made obvious to the jury that these two women were intent on ending their lives that day.

Jake Slates, a California Highway Patrol investigator, stated the following regarding the case and the outcome from the jury:

“They both decided that this was going to be the end. That if they can’t have their kids that nobody was going to have those kids.”


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