Chicago’s Get Outta Jail Free Card

Cook County Jail is a revolving door for thugs and gang bangers arrested while in possession of a firearm. Carrying a loaded firearm in Chicago is considered a non-violent crime and as such individuals arrested are allowed very low cash bonds, an I bond; sign your name and out the door you go, or the famous Electric Monitoring.

Chicago doesn’t have a gun problem. Chicago has an idiot problem. Those political leaders that guide us continually speak of knowing what is good for our society and therefore, what is good for our families and us.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, Cook County President Tony Preckwinkle, Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evens, State’s Attorney Kim Fox and Cook County Public Defender Amy Campanelli all own this catastrophe.  They colluded to reduce bonds of Cook County inmates charged with crimes against the law-abiding portion of society.  This allowed them to show empathy toward inmates that cannot afford to post bond, thus ensuring the needed votes for reelection.

New York County Sheriff

This preferential treatment was initiated by passage of the Bail Reform Act that took place in June, 2017. Chief Judge Evans went further and replaced the six sitting judges from bond courts with others that were handpicked to favor lower bonds, and often no bonds. These judges have allowed 50 percent of gun toting thugs back on Chicago’s streets on electric monitoring or by posting no bond at all.

We had 3,561 people shot last year in Chicago. And the elected officials previously mentioned deemed carrying a gun in Chicago as a non-violent crime. As a result, half of those arrested were returned to our streets to presumably finish whatever business they were doing when arrested with a loaded gun.

Let’s be very clear; like Chief Judge Evan’s spokesman stressed, “The population we are talking about in pretrial defendants who are presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

police chief needs help

Let that spokesman, or any of these officials chase the armed gang member down the street or through the alleys at three o’clock in the morning. Perhaps these weak-kneed guardians in public office should put their lives on the line to arrest the same gun-toting individuals over and over again.

Chicago Police have made arrests in less than five percent of the 3,561 shootings from 2016 and our elected officials allow future shooters back on the street before the ink is dry on the latest shooting police report.

You decide: Does Chicago have a gun problem or an idiot problem?

– Larry Casey, sergeant (ret.), Chicago Police Department, Criminal Justice professor, Wilbur Wright College