Chicago: Inmates rearrested for murders and violent assaults after released on “affordable bail”


CHICAGO, IL – Once again, Chicago’s “affordable bail” is yielding results that have failed more than someone’s 1990’s investment in Beanie Babies.

Some recipients of the infamous lower-bail initiative have managed to find themselves back in custody while out on their original bonds – with some now facing murder charges.

Back in November of 2019, police arrested 21-year-old Dequawn Little when he was found in possession of a gun while roaming through Benjamin Franklin Park. The day following Little’s arrest, his sister posted a $2,000 bond for his release and he was subsequently placed on GPS monitoring.

Chicago: Inmates rearrested for murders and violent assaults after released on "affordable bail"
Dequawn Little – Chicago Police Department

Flash forward to April of 2020, prosecutors are now alleging that Little managed to get his hands on yet another gun.

This time though, he allegedly used this newly found weapon to murder 15-year-old Demetrius Hardy. Witnesses informed the CPD at the time that they’d seen Little gun down the teenage boy while he was standing on a porch located within the 700 block of South Kilbourn.

The child reportedly died at the scene.

Going back to 2018, 19-year-old Eduardo Venegas wound up getting charged with two murders that were said to have happened within a four-month period while he was out on affordable bail. Police had first arrested Venegas in July of 2018 after police were said to have witnessed him exiting a stolen vehicle.

He was subsequently released on a recognizance bond under that charge.

Chicago: Inmates rearrested for murders and violent assaults after released on "affordable bail"
Eduardo Venegas – Chicago Police Department

In August of 2018, police say that Venegas gunned down 18-year-old Dylan Davala. However, police wouldn’t make the connection to Venegas in Davala’s death until February of 2019. Yet, Venegas was arrested again in November of 2018 under charges nearly identical to his July 2018 arrest.

He was, once again, released on a recognizance bond.

Come December of 2018, Venegas allegedly committed another murder. Police said that Venegas shot and killed 23-year-old Rigoberto Rodriguez while in the commission of robbing the victim for his jewelry. At that point in time, police arrested Venegas for that murder and later charged him with Davala’s while in custody.

Going back to February of 2020, you have the case of 46-year-old Dionte Young who police say beat a 31-year-old woman with a metal pipe while he was out on bond for an October 2019 arrest for manufacture/delivery of heroin and cocaine.

Chicago: Inmates rearrested for murders and violent assaults after released on "affordable bail"
Dionte Young – Chicago Police Department

When Young was arrested back on October 30th of last year, it was already the sixth time that he faced criminal charges within a 10-month period.

However, a mere $500 saw him released from custody for that October arrest, and police are saying he’s the man responsible for the February 2020 victim who suffered a fractured skull.

Now, while all three of these upstanding citizens are being currently held without bond, some might say it’s too little, too late.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

These are also just three examples. 

Law Enforcement Today has extensively reported on the follies that can be attributed to Chicago’s “affordable bail.”

Earlier in May, a 36-year-old convicted felon who was released from jail under what’s known as “affordable bail” was recently arrested on new charges, quite similar to what he was already being held for prior to his release.

Jujuan Morrissette was freed from jail after he posted a $500 bond for charges related to being an armed habitual criminal. After Morrissette attained his freedom prior to trial for said charges, he found himself in custody once again on May 4th for an alleged aggravated robbery.

Chicago: Convicted felon released under "affordable bail" back in jail under new charges
Jujuan Morrissette – Chicago Police Department

According to Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy, Morrissette was alongside an accomplice, who police have not yet found or identified, when the duo allegedly robbed two individuals near the 4500 block of North Broadway at approximately 12:20 a.m. on May 4th.

The two victims were making their way home from the Wilson Red Line station when Morrissette and his accomplice allegedly asked if they had any money. When the victims declined to offer any money, Murphy alleged that Morrissette stated the following:

“You are pissing me off.”

Morrissette allegedly told the victims that he was armed with a gun, and then demanded the cell phones from the two. The accomplice of Morrissette had reportedly taken one of the phones from the victim’s pockets and smashed it on the ground. Morrissette allegedly struck one of the victims in the face, and then the two alleged robbers took off running.

Authorities were able to respond quickly to the scene, and they took Morrissette into custody thereafter.

Based upon the incident alleged to have been perpetrated by Morrissette, Judge Charles Beach remanded him into custody without bail regarding his pending case for being an armed habitual criminal. As for the latest charges, the judge set Morrissette’s bail at $15,000.

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