Chicago to Lollapalooza attendees: Check your illegal drugs, make sure they’re safe before you use them


Chicago, IL: Chicago has been surfing around the twilight zone realm for several years now with their soft on crime policies, anti-police sentiment and borderline delusional liberal philosophies.

And just when you think things couldn’t get weirder, they have.

Now Chicago officials are advising all Lollapalooza attendees to ‘test their drugs’ before taking them.

That’s a long way from just ‘don’t do drugs.’

Chicago leaders are not just allowing open drug use on its streets, like Los Angeles, but now they’re tilting towards condoning it- as long as it’s ‘done right’.

In a recent column:

“Arwady said her department is all about “eliminating health risks” — and that means “all health risks,” including drug overdoses.”

Dr. Arwayd also stated:

Chicago to Lollapalooza attendees: Check your illegal drugs, make sure they're safe before you use them
Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady

“We regularly see — and have for years — that young people who attend festivals often are feeling very free and often experiment … with illicit substances. The problem is that so many of those illicit substances now are laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl is a very strong opioid.”

This is the equivalent of telling the next generation of children that it’s ok to use drugs if you know what you are taking. It’s setting a dangerous precedent and one that has no end in sight.

If there is one thing that will never change is that young people, (teenagers in particular) don’t have the mental capacity to fully comprehend the dangers of drug use or the consequences of their actions.

If politicians and health professionals condone it in anyway way, shape or form, they are eliminating the fear of drugs.

That is dangerous- and irresponsible.

Dr. Arwady tried to justify her position by stating:

“If you have a young person … who does not routinely use opioids and they experiment with a substance — even one that they think is something that their friend is giving them — we are increasingly seeing fentanyl laced into those substances. People think this is just gonna be a pill that helps them have fun.”

Her message boils down to ‘drugs are fine, just check for fentanyl first in case you’re not used to it’.

As a parent, that’s scary thought.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a different message for these partygoers, and it’s in stark contrast to Dr. Arwady’s ‘hey it’s cool’ message. Mayor Lightfoot stated that:

“I feel compelled, as the mother of a 14-year-old to say, ‘Don’t even experiment. Don’t pick it up. Don’t try it. Go there. Have fun. But using illicit drugs is a huge risk. And frankly, you don’t know if you’re one of those folks who is predisposed to addiction.”

She continued, “So, I would just say, ‘Go. Have fun. But leave the drugs to the side. Don’t do it.”

That’s a long way from Dr. Arwady’s ‘hey it’s cool’ approach. There was never any mention by Dr. Arwady of predisposition to addiction from drug use, which is a reality to many people.

Another problem is that what often happens to people who use drugs is their tolerance increases and now they require more of the substance to achieve the same effect.

Even if Dr. Arwady is only recommending that partygoers check for fentanyl, she is now suggesting that it’s OK to take drugs as long as precautions are taken. It’s opens the door to other drugs.

That is problematic, especially for those prone to addiction. People with addiction have problems knowing where to draw the line and have difficulty stopping.

The Hardened Drug Addict

For those who go beyond the social drug use scene then turn to a darker side- ‘dependence’ and ‘how high can I get?’

What many politicians don’t understand about drug users is that they are not afraid to take a drug that’s considered dangerous- in fact the opposite is true.

CBP finds $112k in fentanyl hidden in soaps, lotions, skin creams woman smuggling across border
CBP finds $112k in fentanyl hidden in soaps, lotions, skin creams woman smuggling across border

The goal of a hardcore drug addict is to see how high they can get. How close can they get to death without dying?

That’s the unfortunate direction Dr. Arwady is promoting when she tells partygoers to test their drugs for different drugs. She is inadvertently leading those prone to addiction to go down a dark path, one which many do not return.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a long recent record of awful policies, bizarre statements, and unrealistic expectations from multiple organizations, especially the law enforcement community, but at least she figured this one out.

The message should be different and should be clearer to everyone. It should be one that preserves the fear of the unknown of what drugs can do to a person:

Don’t use drugs- it could kill you!

Chicago to Lollapalooza attendees: Check your illegal drugs, make sure they're safe before you use them

New York City started this dangerous trend.

The following includes content which is the opinion of the writer.

NEW YORK CITY- Less than seven months after the US Centers for Disease Control reported that over 107,000 Americans had died from drug overdoses last year, the city of New York Health Department is actually encouraging junkies to get high on fentanyl, one of the deadliest and most addictive drugs there is, according to the New York Post.

According to NBC News, the CDC reported overdose facilities increased by fifteen percent in 2021, up from an estimated 93,655 fatalities the prior year, as reported by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, which collects data on a variety of health topics, including drug use.

The Washington Examiner reported in February that the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 and 45 isn’t climate change, COVID 19 or even the favorite bugaboo of the political left, gun violence, but rather fentanyl.

For example in Texas, there was a 670% increase in fentanyl deaths between 2015 and 2021. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported a 1,066% increase in the amount of fentanyl seized in South Texas, enough to kill every American nearly seven times over. Yet, the Biden administration is more concerned with taking guns away from law-abiding Americans.,

Those statistics apparently mean nothing to New York City health officials, who are engaged in a campaign urging drug addicts not to feel embarrassed that they get high off the killer drug. In fact, not only are they encouraging junkies to partake in the deadly drug, they offer a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the drug.

The ad campaign, called “Let’s Talk Fentanyl,” tells druggies they should “feel empowered” when they safely consume the killer drug. Apparently, the City of New York is trying to comply with Bill Gates’ efforts to reduce the world population. There literally can be no other explanation.

“Don’t be ashamed you are using, be empowered that you are using safely,” said a woman named Florence from Manhattan in one of the ads, appearing citywide on trains and buses.

Victor from Harlem advises, “Even if you are going for a night out to just do cocaine, there is a possibility that fentanyl could end up in your drug supply.”

Of course, not all residents of the Big Apple are happy with the city’s attempt to prop up drug addicts. For example, Barbara Blair, head of the Garment District Alliance, a neighborhood described as “besieged by drug addicts” was apoplectic over the campaign.

“Why don’t we just start handing out drugs like they are condoms?” said Blair. “Are we literally telling people how they can consume illegal drugs?”

The ads continue, advising users that in order to prevent an overdose, “avoid using alone and take turns” and “start with a small dose and go slowly.” The Post said they also suggest having naloxone on hand to treat an overdose, as well as the use of fentanyl test strips. Those strips are used to detect the presence of fentanyl, which is often mixed in with other drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Meanwhile Florida, which has been engaged in a war of words with New York City’s inept mayor Eric Adams saw its  health department disagreeing with the NYC Health Department.

“This ain’t it, @NYCHealthy,” the agency tweeted last week.

The campaign which was originally launched in December in a limited way was relaunched on May 9, an effort which included a more widespread distribution, according to the Department of Health, which refused to answer questions posed by the Post as to the program’s cost.

City Councilman Joe Borellii, a Republican who represents southern Staten Island and who has repeatedly locked horns with the city’s administration, took to Twitter to ask NYC Health Department Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan if he endorsed the program.

“It’s incredible that our commissioner thinks that putting useless cloth masks on toddlers is mitigating a real danger, but when it comes to heroin it’s all ‘Take turns you guys’ and ‘Use safely, smartly.’ It’s just bizarre,” Borelli told The Post. “He seems like an ass.”

Borelli also submitted a request to the MTA asking the agency to remove the ads from its subways and buses.


An MTA spokesman said the ads appeared to meet the agency’s guidelines, “but we understand the concern. We will work with the city’s Department of Health to review language on any future messaging for the subways.”

The Post reached out to the DOH for comment on Borelli’s remarks, however the agency didn’t respond.

Meanwhile, Luke Nasta, who heads the Camelot drug treatment program on Staten Island said the campaign was indicative of a “society in decline.” However, he is supportive of “anything that has the possibility of preventing an overdose or a death.”

In an initial fentanyl awareness campaign in 2019, the DOH warned, “The best way to avoid an overdose is not to use drugs.”

That effort distributed coasters to Brooklyn bar and club owners which warned fentanyl could be mixed in with cocaine.

The latest foray of the DOH into pushing for more drug use caught the attention of Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels who lost his bid or New York City mayor to Adams. He said he doubts drug users were “going to take turns” and watch each other get high. The only portion of the city’s program that made sense to him was the use of fentanyl strips.

“Everything else is ridiculous,” he said.

The latest program is a continuation of former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s strange attempts to “stem” the tide of drug use by encouraging it.

For example, legal shooting galleries were facilitated in Harlem and Washington Heights, which led to protests from neighbors, and as previously reported in Law Enforcement Today, the city plans to install vending machines that dispense needles and naloxone.

New York City is trying to emulate another failed city, San Francisco, which has implemented a so-called “harm reduction” approach and is defending the new program, claiming that “every four hours a New Yorker dies of a drug overdose.”

“Shame pushes people underground. Shame drives people away from services. Shame puts people at even greater risk. And shame is life threatening. We want to fight shame and stigma. We want people to live,” said DOH spokesman Patrick Gallahue.

Meanwhile, New York City has seen a 42.7% increase in major reported crimes as of April 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Murder rates in the city have also increased 9.2% over the last two years, according to the NYPD.

Having a bunch of drug-ravaged hoodlums running around the streets is sure not going to drive those numbers down.


Chicago is no stranger to drugs and crime.

CHICAGO, IL – A man in Chicago, who was on release for illegally possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, was released on electronic monitoring in December of 2021.

In January, roughly four weeks later, he was arrested again – this time for weapons and drug charges.

Jorge Aguilar was court-ordered to remain in his residence and wear a GPS monitor after his arrest for being a convicted felon and possessing a firearm.

It seems that his break from bail and opportunity to stay out of trouble while on his electronic monitor did little good when he was arrested again in January.

Officers with the Chicago Police Department received a notification on January 6th from a program called ShotSpotter which is designed to detect gunshots in specific areas and dispatch police before someone calls 911.

As officers got into the area where gunfire was reported by the program, they located a vehicle and Aguilar alleged reclined in the driver’s seat with the engine running.

Officers ordered Aguilar out of the vehicle for safety reasons while investigating the possible shooting that was reported by the program.

When Aguilar exited the vehicle, they allegedly observed a firearm on the driver’s floorboard. A check of the gun showed that it was stolen and loaded.

Chicago Police searched Aguilar’s car and allegedly located a Tupperware container behind the armrest in the backseat, well within his reach. Inside of the container was a white powder that tested positive for cocaine.

In addition to the items found, police allegedly also discovered $3,700 in cash in the glove compartment which is suspected to be from drug transactions.

Officers took Aguilar into custody and charged him with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and possession of a controlled substance.

When the case was presented in front of Cook County Judge Maryam Ahmad, instead of releasing him again on a GPS monitor with no bail, the bond was set at $150,000 for his new law violations.

Aguilar’s most recent troubles started in March of 2021 when Chicago police officers observed him allegedly smoking a marijuana cigarette while driving a vehicle on the West Side.

When officers stopped the vehicle, they discovered the marijuana cigarette along with a loaded handgun and a half-gram of suspected methamphetamine.

Officers checked Aguilar’s status and learned that he had been a convicted felon since 2013.

Because he was a convicted felon, police charged him with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and two drug charges for marijuana and methamphetamine.

Instead of keeping him in jail pending a court date or ordering any type of bail, Aguilar was released on GPS monitoring and ordered to stay in his residence pending any further court dates.

For some reason, Cook County prosecutors violated his bond in December and he was brought in front of Cook County Judge Neera Walsh who ordered him to pay $1,500 and go back to electronic monitoring.

This is just one of many reasons why Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Police Superintendent David Brown have been requesting Cook County Judges to stop releasing violent and/or armed defendants on electronic monitoring.

Lightfoot alleges the practice makes alleged criminals feel as if there are no consequences for their actions.

Lightfoot believes releasing alleged criminals back onto the street with electronic monitoring or little or no bail causes the citizens in the city to feel unsafe. She said:

“We cannot live in a world where residents of neighborhoods feel like the gangs and the violent, dangerous people have control; where they fear – those residents fear the gangs, and that they think we have lost control. And unfortunately, that is sadly true in too many neighborhoods.”




Chicago to Lollapalooza attendees: Check your illegal drugs, make sure they're safe before you use them

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