Democrat-run, gun-controlled Chicago sees 52% increase in murders from last year


CHICAGO, IL – In Chicago, murders and shootings have sky rocketed this year when compared to 2019 – increasing by 52% according to reports.

With the spike in murders and gun violence, some are saying that economic turmoil compliments of the pandemic may have a significant influence on these numbers.

On September 15th, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office stated that the county has seen 677 homicides so far in 2020. To put matters into perspective – that’s over 200 more murders than what 2019 saw in the city at the same point in time.

Also, those 677 murders committed thus far in 2020 is greater than what the county saw in all of 2019.

If this trend continues, Cook County could be looking at over 900 murders by the end of the year, which would mark as the first time that has occurred since 2016. Chicago, which rests within the county, saw 565 of those very murders.

When detailing the causes of death for all 677 murders within the county, the M.E.’s office noted that 585 of those murders were caused by shootings. Not to mention, 521 of the victims were black and 102 of the victims were Latino.

Katya Nuques, who serves as the Executive Director of Enlace, pointed to the pandemic is being instrumental in all the violence plaguing the city:

“Facing illnesses, facing deaths, facing also the higher rates of unemployment and loss of income in our communities has also, unfortunately, played a role in the levels of violence we’ve seen throughout the year. The pandemic really has highlighted the vulnerabilities our communities already faced.”

CPD Superintendent David Brown stated that if people want violent crime to cease, then there must be a vested interest in enabling “community policing”:

“The best way to reduce crime is to prevent it from happening in the first place, and you do that through community policing – getting officers out of their cars and into the barbershops and salons and churches, and into the living rooms of our neighborhood where they are assigned.”

Demeatreas Whatley, of Cure Violence, is skeptical of any solutions – be they community policing or economic improvement when the pandemic subsides. Whatley instead pointed toward the culture of gang members targeting entire blocks when word gets out that a rival is around the area:

“People are not trying to go in the house; they congregate on these blocks. The way it is now, these guys, if they get word that three of their guys are getting tooled with on a particular block, they don’t care – they’ll shoot the whole block up.”

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Just looking at the recent numbers is alarming. 

From September 11th through the 13th, 54 people were shot in Chicago, Illinois.  Of those 54 people, 12 of them died. 

Violent weekends are something that, for the most part, has become something of a normal event in Chicago.  Numerous people have been killed, and although there was a slight reprieve recently, the violence is still ongoing.

As of this week, there have been more than 2,000 shootings, and in 2019, for the entire year, there were 1,400 shootings, and only 340 murders.

The Sun-Times reports that seven of the people who were killed by gunfire happened on Saturday (September 12th) while four were killed on Sunday morning.  In addition to those killed by gunfire, a man was fatally stabbed.

The stabbing occurred following a reported domestic violence incident in the Park Manor neighborhood.  A woman was detained at the scene according to the Sun-Times, however, no criminal charges were found for her as of yet.

The shooting spree started early on Saturday morning when police responded to a shooting victim on South Seeley Avenue.  Upon the officer’s arrival, they located Walter Leflora who had a gunshot wound to the back of the head. 

He was pronounced deceased at the scene.

A few hours after Leflora was gunned down, police responded to another reported shooting on North Morgan Street just after 3am.  Upon their arrival, they located Patrick Clinton who had been shot in his back. 

Clinton was transported to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Then, just after 2pm, police received a report of a drive by shooting.  The victim, Joshua Davis, was in his vehicle on West 63rd Street when a dark SUV came beside him and opened fire. 

Davis was shot in the chest and transported to Christ Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased.

Later that evening, just after 11pm, two men were shot on South mackinaw Avenue.  Juan Gomez was shot in the head and chest and died at the scene.  The other victim was shot in the stomach area and was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center.  He is listed in critical condition.

Other shootings happened on Sunday, the 13th, just after midnight.  Jeremy Akons was found shot to death the Woodlawn Community on Chicago’s South Side. 

At 6pm, Chicago Police received another shooting call in which an 86-year-old man, Herbert Davis, was found shot to death on South Lafayette Avenue.  Police had detained another man, also in his 80’s at the scene, but there are no listed criminal charges for him as of yet.

Before midnight on the 13th, two people where shot, a woman and a man, while sitting in a car on North Pulaski Road.  The woman was shot in the back and taken to Stroger Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. 

The male was also transported to the same hospital and he is listed in critical condition.

The last reported shooting of the weekend happened just after midnight on Monday morning.  This shooting incident happened on West Leland Avenue which left a man shot in the chest and other areas of his body.  The shooter was in a dark colored vehicle which fled the scene prior to police arrival.  The man died at the scene.


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