GovXCHICAGO – Chicago Police Department arrested 81 people in overnight raids, the department’s spokesman said Friday. Yet most notably was a machine gun that was seized during the sweep.

Of those arrested, 62 were convicted felons and 14 of them were on parole for selling drugs, department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. In addition, 19 of them were arrested before for gun offenses, reported NBC Chicago.

“One of the guns that we took off the street last night on the West Side is actually a machine gun capable of firing 40 to 50 rounds in just a matter of seconds,” said Anthony Riccio, chief of organized crime for Chicago police.

“The fact that we took that gun off the street alone is going to be a big impact,” he added. The report did not included a list of names or new charges.

Since Donald Trump assumed the presidency, he has continued to focus on Chicago as a city that needs to restore law and order.

The raids come less than 24 hours after he tweeted that Chicago needs help dealing with its crime and violence troubles. Something of this magnitude surely was not put together on the fly in response to his tweet, but with the homicide rates through the roof, they need an unfettered response to violence in the city.

No doubt their opponents will criticize the move, but in the interest of public safety these events need to occur.