A weekend that had begun relatively quiet ended up with 65 people shot, 13 of them fatal. And Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Tuesday, “It’s not a police issue, it’s a society issue”.

We love that this leader, Superintendent Eddie Johnson stood up and  stated the facts!

Johnson believes that such violence is rooted in “impoverished neighborhoods” where “people without hope do these kinds of things”, and his department is doing all it can do to combat them, but we are just outnumbered.

“You show me a man that doesn’t have hope, I’ll show you one that’s willing to pick up a gun and do anything with it. Those are the issues that’s driving this violence. CPD is doing its job”, Johnson continued, as per Chicago Tribune’s report.

The Chief mentioned about the increases in gun arrests this year over last year — and more than 6,000 illegal gun recoveries so far in 2016, as a manifestation that the police is doing its job.

However, Johnson admits that the tension still lingers from last year’s release of the Laquan McDonald video, and the amplified distrust between the police and African-American community, doesn’t make it easy for his officers.


“Of course, they’re human. They’re people,” Johnson said. “So of course, nobody wants to be the next viral video. These officers have families to take care of too.” People dont realize the scrutiny and criticism that officers faces when they are involved in a video that goes viral.

Victims of the Labor weekend  shooting includes a nine-month pregnant woman wounded in the abdomen, a man standing near the woman and a retired pastor in the South Shore neighborhood who was shot in the face.

In comparison with another holiday weekends this summer, this Labor Day weekend is the deadliest. Memorial Day weekend had 69 shot, 6 fatal and the Fourth of July weekend had 66 shot, 5 fatal.

The number of homicides in Chicago this year has been the highest since the 1990s. In August of this year, 92 homicides happened in just a month which is the highest to occur since the July 1993 homicide with 99 people murdered.

Through 5 a.m. Tuesday, the city recorded 488 homicides, marking a 47 percent increase from 331 for the same year-earlier period and exceeding the 481 for the entire 2015, according to official Police Department statistics.

According to reports, Chicago’s record of  homicides and shootings beats the 409 homicides from a combined record of New York and Los Angeles which are both bigger cities.

Photo by Antoinette Alcazar