Preparing for anarchy: Chicago PD cancels officers days off due to riot concerns over Rittenhouse verdict


CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago Police Department is concerned about the potential fall out of a not guilty verdict in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Because of those fears, the police department has decided to cancel days off for their officers so they are available to respond to any riot situations.

According to the Sun Times, First Deputy Police Superintendent Eric Carter announced that beginning on November 12th, all officers who had regularly scheduled days off will be required to work. Carter wrote in a memo:

“All RDO [regular days off] personnel will be attired in the prescribed regulation field uniform of the day, including helmet, baton, and yellow safety vest.”

The reason why should be obvious, if Rittenhouse is found not guilty in a jury trial for murder, there is a reasonable belief that people will object. And when they do, there is a likelihood of at least mass protests and possible riots over the verdict.

Newsweek reported that a spokesman for Chicago Police Department echoed this sentiment when he said:

“To enhance public safety and to address current crime patterns, all full-duty sworn members will have one regular day off canceled this upcoming weekend between November 12, 2021, through November 14th, 2021.”

While the decision to have more officers in place may be the smartest move to safeguard the community, there are some that object to the move…at least because there was no advanced notice given. The Fraternal Order of Police President for the Chicago Police Department, John Catanzara, explained why the move causes issues. He said:

“There was no notice [for cancellation of the days off]. They do not get to just keep saying, ‘We need manpower just in case, you know, a verdict doesn’t go positive’ and, all of a sudden, there’s upheaval.

“That’s not the way this department needs to be [managed]. But that’s what happens when you put a hack in charge of doing the mayor’s bidding in the second spot. And you all know who I’m talking about. It just doesn’t stop with this guy. He is such a pathetic leader. I don’t even know how he looks himself in the mirror.”

While the Chicago Police Department never mentions the Rittenhouse trial as the cause for the canceled days off, the timing of the order coincides with it. Rittenhouse is on trial for the homicide of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber as well as shooting Jacob Blake.

While the prosecution alleges that Rittenhouse’s actions were that of a criminal and homicide, his defense attorney alleges Rittenhouse’s actions were in self-defense.

Rittenhouse is testifying in his defense regarding the incident. Whether his emotional testimony regarding his actions that night will sway the jury remains to be seen.

This is the second time in a couple of weeks that the Chicago Police Department has canceled days off. In October, they canceled days off from October 20th through November 1st, and again from November 3rd through November 4th. The reason then was concern about the community being upset over election results.

These days off were canceled at the order of the Chicago Police Department Superintendent, David Brown. In a memo, he stated:

“We continue to closely monitor events around the city and country to ensure we are as prepared as possible to maintain the safety of our city and our residents.”

In addition to the added stress of canceled days off in preparation for the possibility of civil unrest twice, they have also been notified that the pay increases they have been waiting on for four years will not come sometime after Christmas.

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Media coverage of Rittenhouse trial shows overwhelming biast, explains why trust in media is dissolving (op-ed)

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

KENOSHA, WI – Trust in the mainstream media seems to continue dissipating, and a prime example of how that is occurring can be found in the ongoing coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

While the delivered testimony of prosecution witness Gaige Grosskreutz brought to light critical aspects of the case that behooved the defense – many mainstream media outlets glossed over those aspects in reports and headlines to portray an almost completely different version of events in the courtroom.


On November 8th, witness Grosskreutz – who was the third person shot by Rittenhouse during the August 2020 riot – took the stand in Rittenhouse’s trial and suffice it to say, said testimony delivered wasn’t exactly beneficial to the prosecution.

During Grosskreutz’s delivered testimony, some of the most critical details that are worthy of news media headlines are as follows:

  • Grosskreutz admitted on the stand that Rittenhouse didn’t shoot him until he was pointing his firearm at the defendant


  • It was learned that Grosskreutz withheld from police in his initial statement that he was armed when he was shot by Rittenhouse – a.k.a., lying by omission to police
  • Grosskreutz also admitted the existence of a $10 million lawsuit filed by him against the city, county and several law enforcement officers – while again omitting in his filed lawsuit that he was armed at the riot
  • Grosskreutz also admitted to carrying his firearm concealed during the riot while saying he didn’t have an active concealed carry permit – and also admitted he was never charged for the offense
  • The witness, even when confronted with video he filmed and others captured that showed him chasing Rittenhouse prior to being shot, said on the stand that he didn’t believe he was chasing the defendant
  • Grosskreutz also admitted to discussing the case online in the days leading up to his testimony, confirming a Twitter account to be his – where he actively spread misinformation about the case as well


So, considering all these bombshell revelations delivered in Grosskreutz’s testimony – from lying to police, admitting he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse before being shot, seemingly lying on the stand, and illegally carrying a firearm concealed during the riot – there’s certainly no shortage of relevant reports and headlines mainstream media could choose to cover.

But instead, several media outlets glossed over such appropriate headlines in favor of perhaps some of the most irrelevant parts of Grosskreutz’s testimony.

For instance, CBS News’ produced a report titled “Lone survivor shot by Kyle Rittenhouse at Kenosha protests says he thought he “was going to die”.


Local news outlet Kenosha News pulled a similar headline with “Rittenhouse Trial Day 6: Gaige Grosskreutz says he feared for his life”. NBC News also crafted a nearly identical headline with “Kyle Rittenhouse shooting victim says he thought he was ‘going to die’”.


The real kicker from the NBC News report on Grosskreutz’s testimony is that it completely omitted that Grosskreutz admitted on the stand that he had his weapon pointed at Rittenhouse before being shot – with NBC only noting the following about Grosskreutz aiming his gun at the defendant:

“[Grosskreutz’s] arms were raised shortly before Rittenhouse shot him in the right biceps…[District attorney] Binger and [defense council] Chirafisi used videos and still images, sparring over where Grosskreutz’s hands were positioned at the moment Rittenhouse opened fire.”

In the Daily Beast’s report shared to Twitter, the lede contained in the tweet from the outlet highlighted arguably some of the most unimportant elements from Grosskreutz’s testimony:

“The man who survived being shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last August testified on Monday that he never tried to kill the heavily-armed teenager. In fact, he said at the teen’s murder trial, he was actually trying to surrender to him.”


These examples are exactly why there is so much lacking trust in the mainstream media – because these outlets can’t reposition themselves for even a moment from their preferred narratives to even slightly resemble being objective in their reporting.

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