CHICAGO – For the third time within a week officers at the Chicago Police Department became involved in a fatal shooting.

Common police vernacular includes “Robbery (or burglary) in progress” since these events happen frequently. Rarely do police stumble across a “murder in progress,” yet with the homicide rate so high in the Windy City, it stands to reason this story originates there.

CPD revealed in a statement that officers witnessed a shooting in progress in the 600-block of South Central Park Avenue about 12:25 a.m. Friday reported ABC News in Chicago.

The suspect shot two people in the Homan Square neighborhood, one fatally according to police. The second victim was hospitalized in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the arm.

“Officers while on patrol in the 11th District heard shots fired – responded to the scene of Harrison and Central Park and saw a subject standing over another subject shooting. The officers exited their vehicle, engaged that offender, and fatally shot him,” said Chicago Police First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro.

It was unknown what led to the shooting witnessed by officers.

“No officers are injured at this time and IPRA will be doing a follow-up investigation in terms of use of force with the officer,” Navarro said.

Neither victims nor officers were identified.

Photo by Antoinette Alcazar