Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians – who go ahead and worship anyway.


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CHICAGO, IL –  Sean Feucht is a Christian preacher who is a leader in the “Let Us Worship” Movement. He and his team arrived in Chicago to praise God.

Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago, told the police to shut down the group of people who were tired of the violence, and to pray for the city. This is the 26th city that they have gathered in.

The “Let Us Worship” movement is Feucht’s response to major cities that allow violent protests but won’t allow people to attend church to praise God through singing.

It is a grassroots movement that is a protest, but a peaceful one, where people go and praise God.

In a Livestream on Facebook, Feucht explained that they had alerted the Park Service and the Police of their arrival. He even wore a Chicago Bull’s jersey. They did everything by the book.

Lightfoot reportedly told the police to shut down the gathering. Feucht was told by the police that if he set up the gear they would have to confiscate them and arrest them.

Feucht couldn’t believe it. Chicago is known for its violence, and the week before there were 63 shootings. They sent countless officers to stop Christians from worshiping God, when they should be used to protect the city.

The Facebook Live showed Feucht, his long hair blowing in the breeze, with an incredulous expression on his face.

As he walks around using the selfie mode, he shows that they are at the entrance of a park.

He starts to show the police officers, not to humiliate them, but to document that they are literally doing their jobs. Meanwhile, there are a few musicians on a metal bench playing a guitar and leading the people in worship.

He zeroes in on three officers. They are standing with their hands holding their vests.

They are hanging out, watching the praise, not really bothering anything.

His camera zeroes in on joyful people, African American, White, Hispanics, and all saying hi to him. He shows how the police are slowly encircling them.

The use of force is intended to intimidate, but everybody knows the police are probably thinking what Feucht is.

He points to the head guys just sitting there and hanging out. There are two African Americans. One male that wears a pink shirt, one female that wears a police hat, and a white guy in jeans and a shirt. That’s where he just shakes his head at the situation.

We see a young African American woman in ripped jeans, a jean jacket and a black shirt that says something about God.

Her hand is pointed to sky as the sun sets into dusk. People wave flags of all colors, and they hold brightly colored signs. Feucht closes the video by telling the viewer he will try to talk to the police again.

Social Media started lighting up under the Facebook Post. There were 14,000 reactions, over 23,434 shares, and 378,000 views.

One person, who seemed fed up with the situation in Chicago said:

That’s sad. Mayor Lightfoot needs to get some God in her life.

Another posted a reminder:

Police officers need to hear the gospel too! Let them come so they can blessed!!

A Law Enforcement Chaplin said:

I’m a Law Enforcement Chaplain and can tell you, those COPs need (and most will welcome) all the prayer they can get.

This echoes a pastor that Feutch interviewed:

The Pastor says that he gets the police who are always asking that he pray for them.

Now, he doesn’t understand why they don’t allow people to worship God. It confused him why they won’t let them pray for the city.

Feutch says that they will still stand their ground.

The crowd continues to gather. The police are near the silver U-Haul thing that they carry their equipment in. Men are gathered in it, and one police officer stands watching.

Alert. People are videoing it.

One officer has her hand on the side leaning against it. Feutch starts encouraging people to say:

“Let us worship!”

Then the crowd starts chanting:

“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”

The police are in discussion with a guy in the trailer, and that captures Feutch’s attention. He walks over, and there seems to be some kind of solution to the problem. Instruments start coming out. Some music is there.

A loud crowd starts cheering. A man in a white shirt and a man bun talks to the head police officer. Feutch says something, but it can’t be heard. By his disappointed face, he didn’t get the answer he had hoped. Someone says:

“Video her!”

And the camera is on the Female Head Officer. Instead of hate, people raise their hands towards her and pray. Feutch pulls out his guitar, and the crowd starts chanting:

“Let us worship.”

People have surrounded the African-American Police Officer. However, not in hate, but to have a discussion.

But Feutch jumps up on a metal riser and starts playing his guitar. They allow the amplifier for the guitar. He explains the situation. The people boo, and then he defends the police. He says:

“But you know what? It’s not their fault. It’s the higher up’s.”

They start singing, and the folks seem to be trying to strike a deal with the police. Then he’s given a megaphone – by the Police!

The police stand behind, allowing the megaphone to be used, they allowed the drummer to come out to keep the beat. They all worship and pray over the city.

Then an elderly woman is helped up to stand on the riser. She wears a blue vest and a white shirt with yellow and blue polka dots. She is known as “Mama Wade.” She gives a speech saying:

“We want to bless our policemen.”

She started into a bit of a politically geared speech, but they took away the microphone and started singing.

And they kept worshiping.

And then, they started marching through the streets singing. And of course, the people making it safe for them to march? The Chicago Police.

The Mayor of Chicago may have tried to shut them down, however, the Police realized that it wasn’t going to be violent, and the people sent to intimidate – helped them worship.

Massive gathering for ‘Back the Blue’ rally in Chicago (the city with the police-bashing mayor)

CHICAGO, IL– On Wednesday, September 16th, hundreds of people gathered for a “Back the Blue” rally in Chicago to support the police.

Sporting “thin blue line” flags, and other pro-police gear, the large crowd of people gathered in Jefferson Park to show their unwavering support of law enforcement. 

It was no surprise however, that a small group of people stood on the other side of the police barricade to counter-protest.

Monica Barsamo, a wife and mother of police officers, told WLS:

“The numbers are proving that there are more people who support and love the police, and value the service they provide our communities,” 

All LEO families and supporters know how hard it is on a regular basis protecting and serving, with long hours, rotating schedules, and of course the fear of not knowing if they will return at the end of their shift. 

In the last several months, the coronavirus and violent riots have made those everyday challenges all the more difficult.

Many officers have spent more time at work than at home, running on very little sleep, and taking on assaults from all angles. 

Back the Blue supporter Joe Carr said:

“There’s a lot of stuff going on with hatred to the police,

“killing the police, hurting the police when they’re out there protecting the safety of the public.”

Back the Blue events are part of an Act for America grassroots campaign that helps local communities organize events to support their local law enforcement agencies.

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LET Unity

Here is more on “Back the Blue” rally’s taking place all across the country. 

SIOUX FALLS, SD– On Saturday, a group of people organized a “Back the Blue” rally by coming together to show their dedicated support for law enforcement.

According to a report from KELO, there was a large turnout as people lined the sidewalks by the Law Enforcement Center with American flags and thin-blue line flags showing support for their law enforcement officers.

Along the street, signs being held high above supporters’ heads read, “We Back the Blue” and “Defend the Police.” Organizers of the rally also started a fundraiser to buy supplies for the Sioux Falls law enforcement department.

Ashley Dickerson, a proud participant of the rally said:

“My dad’s a former police office and I have some other friend that are law enforcement in that area. So, this it the least I can do to, or most I can do to say, ‘hey, thank you for protecting everybody.'”

In states from coast to coast, people are organizing “Back the Blue” rallies to show their unwavering support for law enforcement. Over the weekend, a “Back the Blue” rally in Massachusetts saw a record turn out.

According to a report by 22News, the rolling rally began in Wilbraham and ended in Hampden. The organizer, Richard Howell said in a statement:

“I think it’s important for every free citizen to get up and support their local police departments, support their own rights. Get involved in your school districts, get involved in your own local municipal governance.”

Howell also told 22news that Thursday night’s turnout was on of the largest they have ever seen.

On Sunday, hundreds of “Back the Blue” supporters rallied in front of Seattle’s City Hall to show their strong support for law enforcement. This important rally took place the day before the City Council is to vote on whether to “defund the police” or not.

Hundreds of people gathered on the steps of City Hall proudly holding signs that said, “Protect our Police” and “True to the Blue.” One woman, who showed up in support for the police said:

“Just because we need more social programs does not mean we need to defund the SPD. We can have both. We can fund the SPD, fund crime protection, and fund law enforcement.”

The turnout for the pro-police rally was large, with local news reporting on it:

Another supporter, Heather Mullen said:

“Totally opposed to defunding the police. It would be a completely reckless thing to do. We need law and order, that’s how society works. You have to have law and order.”

Barbara, another supporter said:

“Support them 100 percent all the way. Whatever few bad apples there are, I know that they are just as upset about it as any of us.”

According to Q13 Fox, the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild (SPOG) has so far collected 150,000 signatures to stop the defunding of SPD.

Peter Esquinasi, a supporter of the rally said:

“To persecute police nationwide over the mistake of one person and to push a complete leftist agenda is going too far.”

Another supporter, DeeDee Beddow said:

“I don’t think we can have a civil society without them. I love them. I wanted my daughter to see firsthand the support that we have here and I just want to support them with all my heart.”

Over the weekend, in California, hundreds of people marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills to show their love for the United States. A group of 200 people began gathering around 1 p.m. and by 2 p.m., that number grew to over 400.

The event was organized by the Walk Away Foundation. Their website reads:

“#WalkAway Foundation is dedicated to pushing back on the radical Left. We will no longer tolerate the destruction of property and lives, the villianization of law enforcement, and the weaponization of tragedies. Our silence as been our consent! It is time for the Silent Majority to become UNSILENT!”

The Walk Away Campaign organized this event to:

“Show the radical Left that they do not own America’s streets and that our country is filled with kind, loving, big-hearted Americans of every race, religion, background, and creed.”

During the rally, demonstrators carried “Trump 2020” banners, American flags, and signs saying “United we Stand.”

The Walk Away Foundation also hosted a rally in Los Angeles earlier in the day and Brandan Straka, the campaign founder said that the rally was astounding, historical, and epic. 

Straka said of marchers:

“This is absolutely incredible because as we have watched for months our cities, our states, and our country are being demolished and destroyed. Feeling outnumbered, feeling demoralized, feeling like we were completely outnumbered, but look at this…these people are energized. These people are ready.”

People all over the country are defending their law enforcement officers and as these rallies show, they are not afraid to share their support. They want their local officers to know that there are people fighting for them.

Here is another article from Law Enforcement Today about a “Back the Blue” rally in Tampa:

Editor note: When searching for mainstream media coverage of the Back the Blue rally, we found very little.  Much of the footage we found referred to participants as “counter protestors”.  Sadly, that didn’t come as a surprise to us.

Let’s make sure to circulate images that the media seems to conveniently ignore.

TAMPA, FL – A different kind of rally took place on Saturday in Tampa, this time in support of law enforcement.

The event was planned in order to show some much needed support to police in the area. There seem to be events like this planned on different days all over the area.

Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians - who go ahead and worship anyway.
Facebook screen grab of Back the Blue event

It was reported that there were a few clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters, but overall it went well and was safely done.

flipping off
Facebook screen grab of Back the Blue event

The event started at 11am in front of the police department at 4001 W. Tampa Bay Blvd. They marched to the intersection of intersection of Dale Mabry Highway, where they apparently ran into Black Lives Matter protesters. 

Authorities said that the groups became loud and tried to “outshout” each other, but there was thankfully no physical violence between the groups. 

Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians - who go ahead and worship anyway.
Facebook screen grab of Back the Blue event

The Back the Blue protesters reported the positive and supportive atmosphere among their group.

Next Saturday, another Back the Blue rally is scheduled for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Officer at 10750 Ulmerton Rd in Largo.

Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians - who go ahead and worship anyway.
Facebook screen grab of Back the Blue event

The event description for that day is:

“Our one and only mission is to show the wonderful law enforcement officers that we support them, and that we are thankful and grateful for what they do.

“We are trying to get everyone together in different counties to show their support at the same time. We have Pasco county involved too. We would love everyone to get together in front of their local Law Enforcement Department, and show the Law Enforcement Officers our support. We will be updating what counties will be involved in this event.

Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians - who go ahead and worship anyway.
Facebook screen grab of Back the Blue event

“This is a ‘Rally of support!’ Not a protest.

“If you have any questions please feel to contact an administrator of this page. We will be adding more administrators as more counties become involved.

Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians - who go ahead and worship anyway.
Facebook screen grab of Back the Blue event

“Thank you for your support for Law Enforcement.”

With how dangerous and violent the likes of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have shown themselves to be, and obviously with how anti-police they are, this large group of people coming together to support the men and women of law enforcement is no small show of love.

Chicago mayor weaponizes police against Christians - who go ahead and worship anyway.
Facebook screen grab from Back the Blue event


In Washington DC, another Back the Blue event was held. There, people marched from the National Mall to the law enforcement memorial, which is meant to honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty, and which was vandalized by rioters.

A black man lead the pack for that march, saying on a loudspeaker that President Trump has “bent over backwards” for the black community, and said he does not support Black Lives Matter, as he says they are a hate group and are “just like Antifa.” 

The man also declared to white liberals:

“You are a black man’s worst enemy.”

He said white liberals encourage black people to terrorize and destroy their own neighborhoods.

If you have photos from past events or information on future events where law enforcement is being supported in your community, send them in to us at [email protected]

Thanks to everyone who attended or sent prayers for our heroes in blue!

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