Chicago mayor warns that defunded PD better step up stopping bad guys (that judges keep releasing)


CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago Mayor and the Police Superintendent reportedly warned their police department to step up enforcement efforts…or face consequences.

Apparently upset with the complaints that City Hall has been receiving, Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown have decided to step up enforcement actions in the city.

The hopes are increased police activity will lower the crime that has spiked over the course of the last year.

Sources reported to the Chicago Sun-Times that Lightfoot and Brown recently had a closed-door meeting with the department’s command staff in which the topic was raised.

According to those sources, both leaders made it clear that there would be more enforcement action and the clearance rates would increase, or those in the room faced either demotion or termination.

Sources reported that Brown and Lightfoot did not present any clear plans on how to lower the violent crime in the city or address the shortage of officers.

One of the sources claimed that the message they received was:

“Make do with what you have to get more arrests.”

The source also added that, to them, the message regarding increasing the clearance rate was:

“Clear more murders or you will be demoted.”

Neither Brown nor Lightfoot mentioned the exact wording that was presented during the command staff meeting. However, Lightfoot did note that she gave a very clear warning:

“If you don’t go to bed every night, and if you don’t wake up every morning, thinking bout what you can do individually to do more to make our city safer, you’re in the wrong job.”

The news of the potential step-up in enforcement action comes as the city has seen the deadliest year that they have since the 1990s.

Citizens have complained regularly to city leadership about not feeling safe in their own neighborhoods…with good reason.

The City of Chicago netted a total of 797 homicides throughout 2021. That grisly number is the highest the city has seen since 1996.

Shootings have also seen a significant increase in reported incidents in 2021 when compared to 2020 and 2019. In 2021, the city saw a reported 2,561 shootings which were 300 more than were reported in 2020.

The more shocking number is the difference between 2019 until 2021, which showed that reported shootings increased by 1,415 cases.

After the command staff meeting where Lightfoot and Brown called for more enforcement action, they conducted a press conference where they brought up not only the violent crime trends but their thoughts of how to stop it.

Brown said:

“We all know this has been a challenging year here in the city of Chicago. Too many families are reeling from the loss of [loved] ones due to senseless gun violence.”

Brown then went on to note his department’s efforts at recruiting more police officers.

He said that his plan would add more officers on the streets, not only to enforce laws but to create positive interactions between the citizens and officers.

Lightfoot took the time at the conference to bring up one of her older arguments, that federal law enforcement needs to do more in terms of gun control.

She also brought up her already shot-down appeal to the Cook County Judicial system, requesting that the judges stop releasing violent offenders back out into the community on electronic monitoring.

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Chicago Mayor and Police Superintendent call out violent criminals being released on electronic monitoring

CHICAGO, IL – Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Police Superintendent have publicly spoken out about releasing violent offenders on electronic monitoring.

They believe that some of those offenders go on to commit other violent crimes while on the device.


Lighfoot and Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown attacked Cook County officials for continuing with the practice of releasing alleged violent offenders back onto the street with a GPS monitor.

Lightfoot noted that 2,300 “violent, dangerous people” had been released after initial court appearances without having to pay bail and placed on electronic monitoring.

Lightfoot noted that these alleged violent offenders are a threat to the community if nothing else because of the crimes they allegedly committed.

Lightfoot said that these people have all been accused of various violent crimes, such as attempted murder, murder, kidnapping, carjacking, and sexual assault.

Lightfoot then noted the number of people who were on electronic monitoring that went on to allegedly reoffend while waiting for their cases to play out in court.

She noted that 133 people, most of whom were wearing GPS anklets, allegedly committed other violent crime.

Because of this, Lightfoot claims the alleged criminals do not believe there are any consequences for their actions which emboldens them to continue criminal activity. She said:

“We are sending a message to them [criminals] they are free to go about their business…and [commit violent crimes] again and again and again.”

Lightfoot then noted an even more alarming fact, that 90 people are currently out on the streets, in the community wearing GPS monitoring that have been accused of murder.

How anyone who is accused of murder be out on the streets free to commit another murder pending their court appearance is baffling.

Lightfoot said, despite her stance on this issue, typically endorses criminal justice reform, especially in the jail system. She said that jails should not be full of people who simply cannot afford bail while awaiting trial, but she does not believe that should apply to those accused of violent crimes.

She said:

“It is mind-blowing when you think about what has happened under the moniker of criminal justice reform. That is not criminal justice reform. What that is, is making our streets more dangerous.”

This mindset supports the fear that citizens and tourists seemingly have when they are in the city. Lightfoot says the fear has made the people in the city believe that their leadership has lost control. She said:

“We cannot live in a world where residents of neighborhoods feel like the gangs and the violent, dangerous people have control; where they fear – those residents fear the gangs, and that they think we have lost control. And unfortunately, that is sadly true in too many neighborhoods.”


In addition to demanding that Cook County judges end the practice of releasing violent offenders with electronic monitoring, Lightfoot and Brown are pushing to disrupt the gang cycle in the city. She said:

“In too many neighborhoods, gangs are targeting young boys – young boys with promise, young boys with a whole history an opportunity in front of them. But they’re targeting them with false promises of wealth, an easy life, and a sense of purpose and belonging.”

Lightfoot is pushing for the City Council to work on and pass a proposal named the Victims’ Justice Ordinance to help in their fight of disrupting the gang cycle. The ordinance would provide more opportunities for police to seize cash and other assets from gang members.

In addition to the above ordinance, Lightfoot has pledged to increase the number of officers who are designated to attack the gangs in the city.


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