Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to concealed carry holders: “Do not pick up arms and try to be the police.


CHICAGO, IL.- In this latest installment of “The Most Incompetent Mayors in the Country,” we present Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

If you’re as sick of hearing her name as much as we are sick of mentioning it, you are in good company. Her latest move that puts her in the competition is when she scorned Chicago residents about “vigilante justice.”

At a time when Chicago has basically gone to hell, and when Chicago police officers, aside from dealing with the usual war zone shooting gallery are now dealing with riots on top of it, Lightfoot scolded Chicago residents for trying to protect themselves when they have no idea how long it will take for the police to show up.

In a press conference on Monday, Lightfoot and Police Commissioner David Brown were in the process of denying allegations from some quarters that they had pulled police from certain city neighborhoods so that they could concentrate officers in the downtown area to deal with the “non-violent rioters,” according to station WTTW.

“I want to be absolutely clear on this,” Lightfoot said. “There is no way we would ever let any neighborhood receive more protection than any others. Ever.”

“We didn’t stand by and let the South and West sides burn, as some people are propagating,” she said. “The strategy yesterday was to add more personnel and services on the South and West sides.”

Meanwhile, WTTW reported that the city’s 911 call center received over 65,000 calls for police services in a 24-hour period this past weekend. An average weekend usually sees around 15,000 calls. A majority of the calls were for looting.

During the weekend’s “peaceful riots,” at least 180 buildings were damaged during the riots.

“The police department was responding as best as they could,” Lightfoot said. “The challenge was it was everywhere. Everywhere. The violence and looting spread like wildfire.”

Yes, she actually admitted there was violence and looting.

ABC-7 reported that as of this past Tuesday, the police department had made nearly 700 arrests, and 132 Chicago police officers were injured, according to Brown.

Despite the police department being overrun and being short due to injured officers, Lightfoot admonished those who might try to take the law into their own hands.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

“Obviously, we’re aware of the fact that Illinois is a concealed carry state and that many people have weapons at their disposal in their homes and their businesses,” Lightfoot said, “do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.

“Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911. We will respond.”

Then, in an unbelievable display of ignorance, Lightfoot said that people should “show strength” by holding back on using firearms against people who might do them harm.

So, in a city which has had 240 homicides in 2020, and where the Chicago Sun Times actually maintains a database with victims that is updated continuously, Lightfoot expects people not to defend themselves if either they or their family are threatened by someone who wants to do them harm. Tone deaf.

On a related note, Lightfoot also said that the city would not “tolerate vigilantism” by Chicago residents. Her statement came after an incident this past Wednesday where groups of men were patrolling the Bridgeport area of the city in response to nearby protests.

The Chicago Tribune reported that numerous streets had been closed in that area on Wednesday night as crowds from a nearby protest left the area. Several of the men were holding bats, while one apparently wore a shirt that said, “All Lives Matter,” as another sipped on a beer. There were other groups with bats down the block as well.

The Bridgeport neighborhood apparently used to be primarily an Irish American area, which is where the Daley family got its start, according to Lightfoot. “It is absolutely not appropriate for people to take up arms, bats, pipes, whatever in patrolling neighborhoods.” Bats, pipes and arms are apparently reserved for rioters.

“We’ve seen that end with tragic results across the country and we’re not about to allow that practice to happen here in Chicago. If there’s an issue, call 911,” she said.

“I absolutely support neighbors being vigilant as to what’s going on in the streets and in their blocks but taking up arms, that leads to chaos and we’re not supporting vigilantism in the city of Chicago under any circumstances.”

The Tribune reported that neighborhood residents were concerned about racism and violence among the people protecting themselves.

Patrick Daley Thompson asked area residents to remain calm

“I support peaceful protests, demonstrations, and people’s right to voice their feelings at the murder of George Floyd. We should all be upset! Our country was founded on peaceful protests,” said Thompson, grandson and nephew of the Daley power family.

“The peaceful protests have unfortunately been tarnished and overtaken by outside organizations, whose primary goal is to cause harm to local businesses and neighborhoods. It is those anarchists and terrorists that were creating fear throughout our community.”

Thompson said, the “few residents” who were carrying weapons “were wrong.”

He added, “I have not, do not, and will not condone vigilante justice and intimidation.”

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