Chicago Mayor: Looters are simply demonstrating ‘anger’ and ‘frustration’ at President Trump


CHICAGO, IL –On August 14th, Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot conducted a video chat with MSNBC host Chris Jansing.  In this talk, Lightfoot blamed all of the recent violence and looting on President Trump and his response to the corona virus pandemic. 


Lightfoot told Jansing:

“Look.  I think we’re seeing the same challenges in Chicago that we’ve seen across the country.  Chicago was not the only city unfortunately, that was hit with looting. 

It happened in other places across the country.  I think this is a challenging time for our country in general because of the continued concerns and response necessary for COVID-19. 

There’s a lot of anger.  There’s a lot of frustration.”

While there is plenty of anger and frustration to go around, none of it has to do with the pandemic.  Whereas the looting that the nation witnessed in Chicago on August 10th is new, the rioting and lawlessness is not. 

Since Lightfoot has taken office, violent crime in her city has exploded.  For example, well before the pandemic, in a piece written by the Chicago Tribune in June of 2019, they noted that there were 52 people shot, and 8 of those died in one weekend. 

If that is too far back to reference, let’s look at another one written by LET in December of 2019.  In this article, there were 13 people who were shot at one party, making a total of 28 for that weekend. 

The rise in violence has been occurring ever since Lightfoot took office, but now President Trump and his policies on the pandemic are the cause?

Oh, sorry, missed her point there, Lightfoot is only referencing the looting…now it makes sense..

Lightfoot continued:

“It absolutely never, never justifies the kind of criminal conduct we saw in our city and other cities on Sunday night.  These are organized robbery crews. 

Certainly, there are people who are opportunistic, but the reality is we have to stand up and unite as a city and stand against this kind of bald criminal activity.

“We’ve got to bring these people out of the shadows and bring them to justice.  There’s a lot of concern among equity and systematic racism that’s been happening for decades, but there’s never, ever a justification for criminal conduct….and we’re just not going to stand for it here in Chicago, period.” 

Lightfoot later said that:

“We need a leader in the White House who understands the importance of cities to our country.  We are the economic engine to our country. 

If we don’t have a leader who gets that and understands that and is going out of his way to support cities, not just with sending in the troops but understanding the importance of the economic vitality of our cities….”

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So, to make it clear, Lightfoot is only interested in the destruction of businesses and the thefts as a result of the looting. 

There does not seem to be any mention of the people that are being killed every night in Chicago, not to mention the violence being done to police officers…curious. 

Lightfoot adds:

“Our businesses are crying out in pain.  Our employees are on the street.  Unemployment is going through the roof, we all know that, we see the numbers.  We need a plan from Washington, DC that responds to the realities on the ground and cities like Chicago.”

So, Lightfoot is saying that unemployment is still rising in the United States.  Our businesses are “crying out in pain.”  Interesting, while she was correct that at the start of the pandemic there were significant job losses due to closures, what she fails to realize is the recent jobs report.

On one site,, a graph is presented which shows the unemployment rate for the country.  In April of 2020, at the start of the closures, unemployment rose to 14.7%.  Since then, unemployment has steadily decreased, and as of July (August is not out yet), it shows that the rate is down to 10.2%.

If you do not trust that website, let’s look at what CNN is reporting for July’s job numbers.  If you look at the graph which is presented, it too shows unemployment numbers increased in April, yet is on a steady decline, meaning more people are finding employment. 

CNN says:

“The US economy added another 1.8 million jobs in July, a sharp slowdown from June and small step for an economy that’s still down 12.9 million jobs during the pandemic.” 

However, “It was the third-straight month of improvement after the spring lockdown that decimated the labor market, and the July job gain exceeded economists’ expectations.”

CNN also pointed out that the unemployment rate fell to 10.2%…that’s curious, Lightfoot said just to look at the numbers to see how President Trump is destroying everything, LET did, and yet, numbers are improving. 

Makes one wonder if she ever, in fact, looked at the numbers, or if she is just stretching the truth a wee bit.

All in all, it seems shocking that clearly the only concern that Lightfoot has is the economic ruin her city is facing, not the violence that has been increasing over her term in office. 

Rarely does she come out and rebuke black on black violence, but is quick to point out when she believes that the police are wrong.  But, when businesses are shut down, she steps up…curious.

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