Chicago: Man runs through police barricade, slams directly into officer with his vehicle


CHICAGO, IL –The City of Chicago has seen its fair share of violence, protests, and riots after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May of this year. 

They have also been the victim in a strong surge in gun violence, now, they are seeing officers getting hurt for simply doing their jobs.

Recently, a Chicago Police Officer was standing behind a barricade which had been set up in the area of North Central Avenue on September 15th

While we do not know exactly why the barricade was set up, what is clear is the person had no intention or ability to stop. 

Instead of stopping for the barricades, the driver of a Kia drove straight through, striking the officer.


Thankfully, the officer did not receive any reported life-threatening injuries as a result of the impact.  He was taken to a local hospital and was treated for leg injuries.  He is listed in fair condition.

Police made contact with the driver, who was not identified but listed as 28 years old.  Police took the person into custody but there have been no reports as of yet what the charges were at the time of arrest.  Police have also not advised if this was merely an accident or an attack on the police.

Another officer was struck on a traffic stop by a vehicle on the South Side in Chatham.  Chicago officers had pulled over an SUV before 10pm on South Cottage Grove Avenue.  While speaking with the driver, he or she rapidly accelerated causing the officer to be hit in the arm by the SUV.

The driver of the SUV continued fleeing from the scene at a high rate of speed.  At one point, the SUV sideswiped another vehicle close to Ingleside Avenue and continued to flee the scene.  Thankfully, the woman driving the other vehicle was not injured.

The officer sustained injuries; however, they did not appear to be life-threatening.  He or she was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment and was listed in good condition.

Police have not located the driver, or the SUV involved in the incident.  Chicago Police advised they have detectives assigned to the case to hopefully identify the person or persons responsible and take them into custody.

Chicago reports that they also had a number of officers injured during a riot in July.  Chicago officers were in the area of a large protest against the police and, according to CPD:

“[Where there] providing security and protecting their [protesters] First Amendment right to assembly.”

Instead of simply protesting, peacefully, the crowd became a riot as they neared a statue of Christopher Columbus.  People in the crowd began using frozen bottles, rocks, fireworks, and other weapons to attack the officers.

This unlawful and cowardly mob attack against the police resulted in 18 officers being injured.  Some of the officers were treated and released at the scene while others had to be taken to area hospitals for medical treatment.

Roughly 12 of the cowardly criminals were arrested during the course of the riots.  They faced initial charges of battery to a police officer and rioting. 

According to CNN, an unnamed veteran officer said of the riots and injured officers:

“I have 17 years on this job.  Last night was another example of how our leaders have let the radicals take over.  We were outnumbered and unprepared once again.

“The initial officers on scene had no helmets or shields.  Coppers were getting pelted with rocks, sticks, bottle and then shot with fireworks.

“The lack of leadership has already gotten dozens of officers hurt…if the police aren’t allowed to do what is needed we will be burying one of our own.”

Ever since Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot assumed office, the city has seen an epidemic of gun violence.  Recently, the weekend from September 18th until the early morning of the 21st, the city has seen 30 people shot, six of those died.

Several people had been shot while sitting on porches, driving in vehicles, or standing on sidewalks.  One example of that is when a woman was standing on a porch of a residence on West 69th Street when she was shot in the buttocks.

The woman was shot just before 9:30pm by someone who was driving by in an SUV.  She was transported to the hospital and was listed in good condition.

Another porch shooting happened when a man was sitting down on the West Side of the city shortly before midnight.  The man told police that he heard gunshots and noticed he was suddenly in pain.  He later learned that he had been shot in the stomach.

Another man reported that he had been shot while he was driving through the city.  The man, on West Augusta Boulevard, heard gunshots.  He looked and noticed that a vehicle had come beside him and began firing on him. 

The man was wounded in the attack and transported to the hospital; he is listed in serious condition.

A woman was also shot while sitting in her vehicle on West 91st Street.  She reported to police that her vehicle was in between two others that began firing on her.  Unfortunately, the woman was caught and struck during the crossfire. 

There were several other people who were hit by gunfire over yet another bloody weekend in Chicago.  Lightfoot has shown that she is unable or unwilling to stop the violence occurring in the city. 

Instead of focusing efforts on cutting down the amount of people being shot and killed by gun violence, she instead focuses her efforts on breaking up large gatherings which could potentially aid in the spread of the pandemic.  

If she focused half of her time and resources on ending gun violence as she has on blaming the President, perhaps crime would drop in the windy city.

Lightfoot also, shortsightedly, looks at the violent crime as an issue that can be solved with more gun control laws.  She believes that the majority of the guns that are used in the violent crimes are a result of them being legally bought in other states and brought into Illinois.

The major glaring issue with this, criminals do not abide by the laws, by their very nature.  It does nothing to curb any gun violence by making more laws as the very criminals who are committing the violent crimes, are, well, criminals.

However, stopping the violence cannot be ignored by the police department.  Recently, the Chicago Police Department advised that they will be bolstering their Community Safe Team with 200 additional officers.

The additional officers will be assigned to what they have called “hot spots” of violence throughout the city.  The hope is that these officers will be able to deter violent crime from occurring and arrest those who violate the laws.

The department also announced that they will be closely working with community leaders and organizations to help with monitoring the neighborhood.  They believe that these efforts will help to build trust between the communities that they serve and the officers.

Chicago police also organized a 5k event which they named, “The Race Against Gun Violence.”  The event was held in Austin on the West Side of the city. 

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