“Bail reform”: Chicago man on electronic monitoring for weapons charges arrested again…with another gun


CHICAGO, IL – An alleged criminal out on electronic monitoring instead of being behind bars for gun charges was stopped at the end of December by Chicago Police. Officers alleged that the man had a gun in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

Cook County prosecutors allege 23-year-old Deray Calcote was recently arrested while a passenger in a car Chicago Police Officers had stopped. After officers made contact with the people in the car, they learned the driver had a suspended license and then ordered all people outside of the vehicle.

When Calcote exited the vehicle, they allegedly saw a firearm magazine hanging out of one of his pockets in plain view. For officer safety reasons, officers would have then searched Calcote to ensure there were no firearms on his person.

When they searched Calcote, officers allegedly found a loaded handgun that had been fitted with a switch that would switch it from semi-auto to full auto. Calcote allegedly told officers that he carried the gun for safety and that the switch was attached before he bought it. Prosecutors noted that Calcote was wearing a GPS ankle monitor at the time of his arrest.

Calcote must have purchased the firearm illegally as the switch is not lawful and he is a convicted felon. Officers checked his criminal history and learned that his criminal ways started when he was a juvenile.

Calcote’s first brush with the law came in 2015 and then in 2017 when he was adjudicated as delinquent [the legal term for guilty with juveniles] for different gun cases. After turning 18, Calcot was arrested and convicted in 2019  for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

That conviction stemmed from a traffic stop where Chicago Police Officers heard gunfire and stopped a vehicle in the area. When they stopped the vehicle, they discovered a gunshot wound victim in the front passenger seat.


As Chicago Police Officers were trying to get medical help to the victim and determine what they had, officers saw Calcot attempt to hide a firearm. They pulled him out of the vehicle and discovered the gun which had an extended capacity magazine on the back floorboard of the car.

In 2020, he was arrested for another gun charge after officers responded to a home for an investigation and he took flight when he saw them. Officers gave chase and allege they saw him throw a firearm over a fence before being captured.

When officers searched the area for the firearm, they allegedly found the one that Calcot threw and noted it was a fully loaded .9mm which had a 27-round drum magazine. He was charged with a Class X armed habitual criminal, but despite the numerous weapons charges, the judge at the time released him with a court date.

When Calcot failed to show in court, the judge ordered that he pay a $3,000 bail deposit in July of 2021 and appear at another court date in November of 2021. When he failed to show for that court date, the judge ordered him to pay $2,000 so that he could be released on electronic monitoring in place of being held in jail.

Calcot’s defense attorney argued that he be released as he is gainfully employed as a delivery driver for a catering company and is a member of the Rock of Ages church. Additionally, Calcot is allegedly the primary caregiver for his grandmother who suffers from dementia.

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