Chicago: 48th felon released on “electronic monitoring” this year arrested for killing his girlfriend in front of her child


CHICAGO, IL- In yet another “success” story coming out of Chicago DA Kim Foxx’s office, CWB Chicago reports that a man out on electronic monitoring shot and killed his girlfriend this past May in front of her three-year-old daughter, prosecutors said Monday. He then ran out of the house after the killing so he could make to court in time for a scheduled hearing.

Rodearl McElroy is the 48th person this year who has been accused of killing or shooting—or attempting to shoot or kill someone—while out on jail while awaiting trial for a felony. Out of those 48, there have been 86 victims, 22 of whom succumbed to their injuries.

Prosecutors report that McElroy has a long criminal history, including illegal transportation of firearms in 2016, yet another “success” story of Chicago’s “stringent” gun laws which seem to only impact lawful gun owners.

That case came about while McElroy was on parole for yet another case, this time manufacture and delivery of narcotics. In March 2021, he fled from Chicago police officers who were dispatched to a man with a gun call via a 911 call.

As officers approached the van, McElroy put it in reverse and drove in reverse for over one block, sideswiped a Chicago PD police cruiser, crashed into five other vehicles and then fled, prosecutors said. He was eventually run down, and while no gun was found, officers found a substantial amount of narcotics, ammunition and over $1,700 cash in his possession.

He was released on a $2500 bail deposit and subjected to electronic monitoring in August 2021.

Early this past May 5, McElroy and a friend joined with he and his girlfriend, Melody Joiner, in their home in the Bronzeville section of Chicago where they celebrated news that he (McElroy) would be pleading guilty later that afternoon to a pending weapons charge in exchange for zero prison time, prosecutors said Monday.

They drank and played video games for a time, after which Joiner and McElroy’s friend fell asleep.

Later on that morning at around 9 a.m., McElroy awakened his friend, screaming, “She’s shot! She’s been shot!” Joiner was unresponsive on the kitchen floor having suffered a gunshot wound to her chest.

Evidence at the scene consisting of blood streaks on the floor indicated she had been dragged there from her nearby bedroom, prosecutors alleged. Joiner’s two young children were still in her bedroom when officers arrived.

When the friend saw Joiner, he called 911 and then witnessed McElroy give a crate containing a small safe and a red firearms magazine to two men in the home’s second floor unit. McElroy then left the area in a blue vehicle with one of the two men from the second floor unit.

Shortly afterward, he arrived at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse for his scheduled court hearing.

Approximately one hour after the shooting, McElroy contacted the friend who had been partying with he and Joiner. He asked the friend to stay with Joiner’s children and also asked him to remove his money from Joiner’s pockets.

Prosecutors said he also asked the friend not to talk to the police about the shooting and to lie about a suspect, advising him to tell officers a man dressed in black had been on the back porch of the home.

McElroy was arrested at the courtroom at about 10:35 a.m. in a restroom at the courthouse. While officers sought to charge him with first-degree murder that day, the charges were not approved until last week. He was initially charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, based on the large cache of ammunition found in the apartment in addition to the crate and safe McElroy handed over to the two men.

According to prosecutors, they said Joiner told a witness a few days prior to the shooting that McElroy had threatened to shoot her and her child. He also allegedly showed the witness his new gun only one day before the murder.

According to McElroy’s defense lawyer, Sean Brown, he claimed that McElroy was charged with having ammunition, not a gun, and there were no other witnesses to the crime other than the three-year-old child.

That didn’t sit with Judge Susana Ortiz, who noted McElroy’s decision to flee the scene was a key piece of critical evidence against him.

“This flight and lack of action is very significant in this court’s opinion,” Ortiz said.

She also noted the issue of threats made the day before the shooting as well as displaying the gun one day before the alleged crime.

McElroy was ordered held without bail.

CWB Chicago has been tracking cases where a felon was out on bail and then committed a shooting or murder since 2019, after Cook County Judge Timothy Evans made the absurd claim that “we haven’t had any horrible incidents occur” under the county’s bond reform initiative. Statistics say otherwise.

The numbers cited, the outlet reports, are likely much higher. They note that since 2017, the Chicago Police Department has brought charges in only 5% of non-fatal shootings and 33% of murders, city data showed.

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