Chicago: Fifteen shootings in one day, 85 over four days. The mayor has completely lost control of the city. (Op-ed)


CHICAGO, IL – In 1968, riots in Chicago claimed eleven lives and prompted 2,000 arrests. Those riots were inspired by the assassination of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., in Tennessee.

On June 3, 2020, ABC Eyewitness news reported 1,500 arrests for riot-related offenses following the death of felon George Floyd.

At the time, Floyd was under the influence of dangerous illegal drugs and was resisting arrest. Those arrests were for the weekend of May 29-31. Three days.

The riots haven’t stopped since. Every night, there is more mayhem.

This Tuesday alone, fifteen people were shot, one fatally. The day before, over 20 were shot, two fatally. Over the weekend, over 50 people were shot, five fatally.

That is a four day total of more than 85 shootings and eight fatalities.

“This is far worse than it was in 1968” according to Alderman Ed Burke. He should know. He was there.

In a May 31st conference call with public officials, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot got an earful about how bad things were. Alderman Susan Sadlowski-Garza cried openly as she described rioters shooting at police.

Vigilante groups were being formed in lieu of, or to support, the police. Elderly members of the community have lost access to vital resources as their neighborhoods have been systematically vandalized, looted, and in some cases, destroyed.

Alderman Michelle Harris said:

“My major business district is shattered. Why would Walmart or CVS come back to our communities?”

On the day of the conference call a record was set for the most murders in a single day. On that day there were 18 murders. A higher number hasn’t been recorded by the lab responsible for tracking such statistics since it started almost sixty years ago, in 1961.

Eleven days before the conference call, eight days before the riots, and five days before George Floyd’s death, on May 20, 2020, Lori Lightfoot was a guest on CBS This Morning.

The occasion was to celebrate her first year in office as the first gay black woman to run city hall. She described her job as “hard”, even harder in a pandemic.

Even worse, Lightfoot says she is dealing with two pandemics. There is covid-19, but there is also gun violence. Homicides were up compared to the previous year despite the lock down.

Lightfoot’s response to questions about this are interesting in retrospect. This is what she said:

“That infrastructure that we rely upon to help support the work of our police department, that infrastructure`s been taken apart. That whole infrastructure`s got to be functioning and well in order for us to be able to make meaningful progress.”

Five days after saying that, Chicago had descended into anarchy.

Eighty days later, and it hasn’t stopped.

The good news is that so far, Lightfoot has rejected calls to defund police.

At the same time, she tacitly accepts the unfounded charge that systemic racism exists in police departments across the country and must be stopped. She has also rejected calls to bring in the National Guard to deal with rioters.

In between, she managed to remove two statues of Christopher Columbus, in a cowardly gesture to protesters. All this because the police are called racists by the media and elected officials are too afraid to express disagreement.

Until and unless it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, how about the press and elected officials stop libeling the police as systemic racists?

After all, rioters have committed murder in riots that were ostensibly designed to protest systemic racism. If there is no systemic racism but they have been fooled into thinking there is, they have committed murder and other crimes to protest against an illusion. That should give them something to think about in prison.

Better yet, hold the media accountable for promulgating the incendiary lie that racism is endemic in the police force. By repeating this claim over and over, regardless of evidence that undermines its validity, the media are inciting riot.

That type of free speech is no more covered by the first amendment than it is to shout “fire!” in a crowded theater. If anything, what the media has done by sensationally trumpeting the imagined evils of American law enforcement, is much worse.

A theater can hold only so many people. Once removed from the theater, the patrons no longer pose a threat to anyone. The media-inspired riots now consuming Chicago and other cities have no end in sight and many more people are engaged in them than could ever be found in a single theater, no matter how big.

The situation in Chicago was bad on the very first weekend of riots. At that time, it was already worse than the 1968 riots after the death of King. Since then, the situation has continued to worsen, in Chicago and across America, all because no one feels like standing up to the media, their elected officials, and the criminal scum that are trying to flush our country down a Socialist toilet.

It’s time to call a plumber.

Mayor Lightfoot: you aren’t doing your job. You are hurting the people of your city. Your example is encouraging the worst criminal elements of Chicago. You may not be willing to or able to fix the problem  but other people can. Let them. Call for the National Guard. Get them into Illinois, into Chicago, and get your city fixed. 

Violent rioters in Chicago angry that police released mugshots and addresses, despite activists doing it to cops

CHICAGO, IL – It seems as though that those who were arrested during violent protests in Chicago, specifically the ones that took place on August 15th, were upset that their mugshots and address information were posted on the Chicago Police’s Twitter account.

While the CPD has since removed posts showcasing identifying information in terms of where alleged offenders reside, it’s rather ironic that “demonstrators” are upset about doxing while Chicago Police officers have been subject to doxing over the past several month.

The protest that took place within the Loop that weekend saw 24 people arrested and reportedly 17 officers getting injured.  This was the same protest where video was captured of an officer getting hit in the head with a skateboard.

Chicago City Council member, Byron Sigcho-Lopez, thinks that police posting address-related information of alleged offenders creates an environment that breeds “harassment” and “distrust”:

“Why is it necessary to put on social media because all it has created so far is harassment to these individuals and nothing else in the community other than more distrust and more division?”

Now, state law in Illinois does compel the police to release identifying information of people arrested, but that typically only requires a mugshot and arrest details.

Berto Aguayo, who founded the anti-violence group Increase the Peace, was present at the protest that took place over the weekend and stated he was subjected to the likes of pepper spray and being struck with a baton at one point.

When commenting on the act of police posting address information of arrestees, Aguayo stated that it showcased “bad judgement” within the upper echelons of the police department:

“It shows even at the highest level of the police department they are implementing bad judgement.”

Yet, since the onset of June, CPD officers have become the subject of doxing attacks.

People on social media were said to have been posting the addresses of CPD officers and encouraging their followers and those nearby the posted addresses to start targeting the homes of identified police officers.

Chicago police officers haven’t been the only ones to have been getting their information put on blast over the internet, as reports of Portland Police officers have been dealing with the same thing as well.

But the tactic is hardly surprising from the anti-cop crowd – though it’s quite telling how those very same anti-cop folks don’t like it when it’s done to them.

As mentioned earlier, the CPD did delete the tweets that contained mugshots and address information, but did leave one solitary mugshot up that only showcased the identity of an alleged offender who is facing felony charges of aggravated battery against a peace officer.

That man was none other than the alleged skateboard wielder, 25-year-old Jeremy Johnson. Here’s our report on when the protests were going down in Chicago where this attack took place.

On August 15thprotests in Chicago raged yet again with demonstrators shown agitating and assaulting police officers, with one video showing an individual using a skateboard to attack officers.

The city of Chicago has been popping-off for roughly a week now since Black Lives Matter Chicago made a stink about someone arrested for attempting to murder police officers that was non-fatally shot prior to being taken into police custody.

Among the BLM protesters on August 15th, there was a presence of Antifa-style agitators as well with violent outbursts transpiring. One of the formed police lines during the protest shows numerous people attacking police while officers can be seen defending themselves with a bike line and batons.

Also, during the video, one individual can be seen attacking officers with a skateboard, which results in officers eventually deploying pepper spray to dissolve the crowd that had gathered on the police line.

The person who originally posted the video, who goes by “Vashon”, decided to delete the video initially as he didn’t want to give Chicago Police any “evidence” of the attack on their officers.

Additional videos have cropped up online showcasing the crowd that police were pinned up against – with agitators trying to break through the police line by way of force.

While some outlets proclaim that numerous demonstrations on the 15th were peaceful, it’s difficult to digest that as being truthful when faced with videos of protesters assaulting police formations.

This violent protest came on the heels of rioting from the nights prior, with numerous businesses being looted.

One video captured from inside of the local Chicago store showcased several individuals running into a store that was broken into on the evening of the 14th.

As mentioned earlier, this impetus of this likely stemmed from a police-involved shooting and arrest of someone charged with attempted murder.

To further demonstrate the ridiculous demands of various Black Lives Matter chapters, BLM Chicago protesters are demanding the release of a suspect arrested for attempted first-degree murder of a police officer.

The rationale behind this protest was that police returned fire at the suspect after he reportedly shot at police first.

Police arrested 20-year-old Latrell Allen on August 9 after he opened fire at officers pursuing him in Englewood Park. Officers were said to have returned fire at the suspect, which resulted in him being shot in the shoulder.

A judge subsequently set Allen’s bond at $1 million on August 10, while Allen was still hospitalized. Considering the charges against Allen, a high bond isn’t that out of the ordinary.

Of course, riots reportedly broke out on August 10, and are believed to have been inspired by a black man getting shot by police … non-fatally … after he shot at police first in a park containing children.

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Allen is expected to make a full recovery as well, but after the riots and looting from August 10, BLM Chicago decided to list some demands on August 14 regarding the suspect in custody.

Kobi Guillory of BLM Chicago stated that they’re trying to get “justice” for someone that was said to have shot at police:

“We’re here to get justice for Latrell Allen because what the police did to him is an injustice.”

The sheer stupidity of the BLM nonsense has come full circle, because now an active shooter firing at police and getting non-fatally shot is considered an “injustice” by those participating in the movement.

But the rationale for demanding that Allen be released is because there wasn’t any police bodycam footage from the shooting. One of the protesters, Jada Van, said it “ain’t right” that police opened fire on an armed suspect who was shooting at officers:

“The police cannot find a way, they cannot figure out how to stop shooting Black people and that ain’t right.”

Whatever happened to the argument, “Why don’t police shoot in the leg?” 

Albeit, this wasn’t a leg wound, but rather a shoulder wound, but that has been a talking point during critique of police-involved shootings for years from the protesting crowd.

This is a picture-perfect instance where someone was trying to kill police, gets shot non-fatally in response, and thus the suspect will be afforded a trial and gets to live no matter the outcome of criminal proceedings.

Allen was already dealing with two other misdemeanor cases when police encountered him on August 9, and he’s also been arrested numerous times. Still, that has not stifled the likes of Guillory in “demanding” the release of a man accused of trying to kill police:

“We are demanding, we’re not asking, we are demanding that the charges be dropped. We’re demanding that he be let go and not be held on this ridiculous $1-million dollar bond. This is a hostage situation.”

This is what the ridiculousness has come to – calling those duly arrested for heinous crimes as being someone “held hostage.”

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara is among those finding the whole matter “ridiculous”:

“I think that’s ridiculous … He actually fired at officers. The officers were 100 percent correct. Everybody on the scene said the same story. There isn’t even a question of what happened.”

Just looking at some of Allen’s previous arrests (and numerous photos of him possessing guns), it becomes quite telling the type of suspect police were dealing with when encountering him on August 9.

There was a July 2019 arrest for domestic battery. Earlier this year, in March, Allen was arrested for reckless conduct and child endangerment. And then, of course, his latest charges of two counts of attempted first-degree murder and unlawful possession of a concealed weapon.

While Allen’s mother claims he didn’t have a gun or shoot at police that day, there’s already been evidence showcased that a gun appearing to match one shown in his social media posts was recovered at the scene.

Black Live Matter Chicago demands release of suspect who tried to murder police
Comparison of gun found on the scene of the shooting versus gun featured in Allen’s social media postings

This seems to be a proof-positive case that even when alleged criminals are arrested for attempted murder, the BLM crowd will complain and call it an injustice.


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