Police furious after pro-criminal DA drops all charges against man who assaulted group of cops


SAN FRANCISCO, CA- On Tuesday, January 11th, San Francisco prosecutors dismissed all charges against a man who was accused of assaulting a group of plainclothes police officers while being detained.

The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office said that in the early morning hours on February 17, 2021, Sergio Lugo was walking around the Castro District when two plainclothes officers detained and questioned him.

Lawyers stated that the officers told Lugo they were going to search him, but instead Lugo told the officers he was going to walk away. The public defender’s office said:

“Without any verbal warning, the two officers grabbed his arm, kicked his legs out from under him, and pinned him on the ground. A third officer joined, who later admitted to hitting Mr. Lugo 15-25 times.” 

After Lugo’s arrest, the San Francisco Police Department released a statement saying that two officers had been injured when trying to detain Lugo, who became combative and produced a razor blade.

In a statement at the time, Officer Adam Lobsinger said that Lugo initially complied when officers said he was under arrest, but when officers tried to restrain him, he attacked them with a razor blade, stabbing an officer in his left hand and left knee.

Lobsinger said that the other officer was injured in his hand during the struggle as well. 

The defense maintains that Lugo was illegally detained as he had not committed any crime. Reportedly, when the officers first encountered Lugo, he was holding a silver object in his hand, which police thought was a vape pen. 

The object turned out to be an X-Acto Knife, which is a small pen-shaped tool with a sharp edge commonly used for crafts to cut materials.

Both the defense and the prosecution agreed that when Lugo was stabilized to the ground, the cap on the X-Acto Knife fell off. 

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office said in a statement:

“We carefully reviewed all the evidence in this case, including statements, surveillance, the fact that police officers were not wearing body worn cameras, inconsistencies in police officer statements, the fact that Mr. Lugo was behaving lawfully when stopped by police, and the photos of the injuries of all parties, which depicted severe injuries to Mr. Lugo, whom police badly beat during this encounter and it was clear that this was not a provable case.”

Police furious after pro-criminal DA drops all charges against man who assaulted group of cops

In court, neighbors testified that they heard more than they could see, but what they observed caused two people to call the police.

Lugo was charged with assault on an officer, exhibiting a deadly weapon to resist arrest, and three counts of resisting arrest using force. He spent four months in jail.

As the case was getting ready to go to trial, the defense team argued that Lugo had committed no crime and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case in light of the “overwhelming evidence.”

In response, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott fired off an angry statement to the Chronicle, saying:

“These kinds of attacks are unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated by our criminal justice system. Whey they are, it sends a dangerous message that emboldens criminals to use violence and not just against police officers.”

San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya said in a statement:

“We are disappointed but we also do expect nothing less from the district attorney. We said it from early on, he has what I call a criminal first agenda where the rights and concerns of victims are an afterthought.”

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Pro-criminal San Francisco DA denounces mayor’s emergency plan to crack down on crime

December 22nd, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Controversial District Attorney Chesa Boudin has denounced Mayor London Breed’s plan to increase policing to fight drug dealers who have taken over the streets, saying money should go to housing and treatment programs instead.

Mayor Breed declared an official State of Emergency in Tenderloin, allowing the City to waive certain laws to quickly address the crisis of people dying of drug overdoses on the streets of the neighborhood as part of the Mayor’s Tenderloin Emergency Intervention Plan.

The action is designed to permit the City to quickly respond to conditions on the ground, including removal of bureaucratic barriers to address the health and safety needs of its citizens.

The Mayor said:

“We showed during COVID that when we’re able to use an Emergency Declaration to cut through the bureaucracy and barriers that get in the way of decisive action, we can get things done and make real, tangible progress.

“We will use that focus and coordination to disrupt the illegal activity in the neighborhood, to get people the treatment and support they need, and to make the Tenderloin a safer, more livable place for the families and children who call the neighborhood home.”

The emergency declaration requires the ratification of the Board of Supervisors by December 24 and cannot be in effect for more than 90 days.

During a news briefing Friday at City Hall, Mayor Breed said the emergency response was necessary to save lives:

“When we look at the conditions on our streets it is really unfortunate, it is sad, it’s heartbreaking,” Breed said during a briefing Friday at City Hall.

“We have to move quickly. Too many people are dying in this city. Too many people are sprawled out all over our streets. And now we have a plan to address it.”

In addition, Breed on Wednesday proposed amending the city’s Surveillance Technology to allow police access to more surveillance cameras throughout the city.

She also proposed increased funding for law enforcement training, hiring, and increased overtime.

Police furious after pro-criminal DA drops all charges against man who assaulted group of cops

Police Chief William Scott said supports the Mayor’s plan as a way to protect people:

“We have to arrest drug dealers. We have to arrest people who are assaulting people.

Our officers have said time and time again, ‘Let’s have a system where we can get the social workers involved,’ and that’s exactly what this does at the front end so that we can go and do all the things that the public wants us to do: arrest people who are hurting people; stop the open-air drug use; and stop some of the craziness that’s going on in our streets.”

On Friday, the left-wing group Defund SFPD Now criticized the Mayor’s plan”

“The mayor’s plan includes moves to appropriate additional money to the San Francisco Police Department, expand coordinated sweeps of unhoused people, expand surveillance, and target unlicensed street vendors.

While we believe in doing whatever we can to secure basic resources and dignity, Mayor Breed’s latest proposal deflects from the failures of the city’s neoliberal policies by imprisoning vulnerable people in the Tenderloin.

“We are disappointed that Mayor Breed would use the declaration of a state of emergency to increase the reach of criminalization rather than using it to meet people’s needs with respect and compassion.”

On Monday, District Attorney Boudin, facing a recall election not supported by the Mayor, joined a press conference with public defender Mano Raju and addiction specialists to blast Mayor Breed’s plan:

“If arrests and prosecutions alone could solve the drug crisis in this country or in this city, it would have been solved long ago.

“We’ve invested over a trillion dollars in fighting the so-called war on drugs, and where has it gotten us?”

The Mayor’s office shot back with a statement highlighting the Mayor’s efforts in providing services to citizens, including opening a safe drug consumption site and a drug sobering center.

But spokesperson Jeff Cretan pointed out that at some point, enforcement is the correct solution:

“The reality is that our outreach teams are out there every day, and while many people accept services to get themselves indoors and to get the help they need, others don’t… People will not be allowed to reject these services and continue to break the law.”

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More and more San Francisco prosecutors quitting, joining effort to recall far-left DA Chesa Boudin

October 27, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- According to reports, more and more prosecutors in San Francisco are willingly walking away from their jobs, joining the effort to recall the progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin, a radical leftist backed by billionaire George Soros.

Prosecutors Brooke Jenkins and Don Du Bain resigned from their positions, citing Boudin’s lack of commitment to prosecuting crimes. Since Boudin took office in January 2020, at least 50 other lawyers from his office have quit or been fired.

Fox News reported that those numbers represent nearly a third of the department’s attorneys. In an interview, Jenkins said:

“Chesa has a radical approach that involves not charging crime in the first place and simply releasing individuals with no rehabilitation and putting them in positions where they are simply more likely to re-offend.”

She added:

“Being an African American and Latino woman, I would wholeheartedly agree that the criminal justice system needs a lot of work, but when you are a district attorney, your job is to have balance.”

Du Bain added:

“Boudin disregards the laws that he doesn’t like and he disregards the court decisions that he doesn’t like to impose his own version of what he believes is just – and that’s not the job of the district attorney.”

He stated:

“The office was headed in such the wrong direction that the best thing I could do was join the effort to recall Chesa Boudin as district attorney.”


A second recall effort has been launched against Boudin, which demonstrates how residents are “fed up” with his progressive policies. Boudin has pushed to reduce jail funding and has refused to prosecute repeat offenders, single-handedly ensuring the streets remain filled with open-air drug dealing and violent crime that is now stretching into the suburbs. 

San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya said in a statement:

“Police are the bad guys and the bad guys are the good guys in the mind of a progressive. Chesa’s good at the blame game. We’re going to call him Mr. Deflector because he’s always pointing the finger left of right and never at the man in the mirror.”

Montoya said that open-air drug markets and homelessness, coupled with upticks in blatant daylight shoplifting, residential and commercial burglaries, shootings and other violent crimes, have left citizens alarmed.

He added that citizens are “starting to wake up to the reality that’s now become their nightmare as far as public safety and crime goes.” The police union was not involved in organizing the first unsuccessful recall effort, which ultimately failed.

Boudin drew criticism earlier in the year when a parolee back on the streets due to his office’s actions, killed two pedestrians after running a red light in a stolen car.

Police stated that 45-year-old Troy McAlister was intoxicated when he ran a red light in a stolen car, killing 60-year-old Elizabeth Platt and 27-year-old Hanako Abe. The union stated that a plea agreement for a robbery set McAlister free on parole in April and that Boudin’s office failed to prosecute McAlister’s multiple arrests in the aftermath, including one for car theft.

Boudin continues to defend his office’s choices, saying that charging McAlister with a new, nonviolent crime would not have necessarily put the chronic offender behind bars. He proceeded to blame law enforcement agencies instead. 

Du Bain said that in one specific case, he was ordered by Boudin to request a more lenient sentence for a man convicted of shooting his girlfriend. Du Bain believed that was a violation of a state statute and withdrew from the case in protest. He said in a statement:

“I’ve done 136 jury trials in my career – never, never withdrawn from a case before. I’ve seen decisions made in this office in the last year plus, since Chesa took over, that shocked my conscience and I’ve been a prosecutor for 30 years.” 



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