Website takes down petition to fire professor who tweeted “White Lives Don’t Matter”. University rushes to protect her.

Share: has taken down a petition calling for the removal of Cambridge professor Priyamvada Gopal, who tweeted “White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives.”

She has gone on in her twitter feed to defend her actions saying that “whiteness should not be the basis on which lives are give value.”  

According to, Gopal was given a promotion after the tweet. 

Her tweet appears to be in response to a banner by Burnely Football Club supporter, Jake Hepple, reading, “White Lives Matter.”  This banner was in response to a stabbing in Manchester, England that left three white people dead.

Hepple was fired for his actions while Gopal was promoted for hers.  She also states in her twitter bio that she is the author of Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance & British Dissent.  It appears that Hepple’s girlfriend was also fired from her job.

In this age of political correctness run amuck, it appears that it is hate speech to either disparage a person of color or defend a white person. 

That certainly reverses the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr., the famous civil rights advocate, who said:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Gopal spoke with The Guardian and told them that her tweets weren’t attacking white people, but rather “the societal structure that presumes the superiority of white people.”

She also said some people “misunderstood” what she said, and others used it as “a tool.”

Gopal said that her tweet regarding white lives not mattering actually meant:

“Whiteness does not qualify someone to have their life matter; the life matters but not the whiteness.

“You cannot oppose Black Lives Matter with ‘white lives matter’ because they are not comparable. Whiteness is already valued but blackness is not.”

Of course, the University spoke out…against those who were offended by her comments.

A spokesperson for the school said:

“As well as the university’s ongoing access work to increase diversity in its student intake, Cambridge … is working to address racial inequalities in collaboration with students, academics and professional staff, including the university’s race equality inclusion champions.

“We are aware of the magnitude of the problem and are working on improving our support services for staff and students – recognising, investigating and challenging barriers to recruitment, progression and retention of black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and students.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

This particular instance happened in the United Kingdom, but it is a pattern of behavior not just being condoned but being encouraged throughout the world.  Except in China. 

In China, the communist government is overtaking Hong Kong, preparing their ballistic missiles and their abilities to launch a first strike EMP attack on the Western World, all while we are embroiled in politically ridiculous discourse trying to judge one race superior to another.

These are the things we should be concerned about.  We should be united against this as British and American Citizens.  We shouldn’t be running around tearing each other apart because of our heritage and our differences of opinion. 

We should be lifting each other up and demanding that these “academics” who’s job it appears to be is defining more victims, should not be funded by government institutions or given a public platform to stoke the fires of identity politics.

Universities and their tenure systems have long held the rights of academics to express their opinions no matter how controversial they are.  In 2018 Professor Rhonda Jarrar tweeted hateful things about Barbara Bush, upon Mrs. Bush’s death, and then bragged that “I will never be fired.”

She hasn’t been.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that some of these people do not want equality.  They want superiority over, if not genocide of, those of eastern and western European descent. 

They do not want black lives to matter, they want black lives living now to benefit from things their ancestors suffered.  They do not want to be judged by the content of their character, they want to be judged as “can do no wrong” by the color of their skin.

The launch page of has been updated and is now touting a petition, the largest one ever on their platform, is the one demanding justice for George Floyd.  They link that petition, directly from their launch page.

The entire front page of their launch page is petitions in favor of removing monuments and renaming places.  Under the community guidelines on they say there are committed to free speech. 

However, in the case of Professor Gopal, took down a petition calling for her removal.  That doesn’t sound much like free speech.  It would appear that Gopal’s right to free speech was the only one that mattered and differing opinions are not welcome.

A quote directly from their community guidelines says:

“Be open to disagreement and listen to other people’s opinions. You might disagree strongly with a petition’s content, but change happens when people with different backgrounds and perspectives can participate in a constructive conversation. As long as it complies with these Community Guidelines, all content, no matter how contentious, is allowed on our platform.”

Apparently they are classifying anything that doesn’t fit their narrative as “Hate Speech” in order to appear tolerant while not being tolerant at all.

Meanwhile, Gopal also said that she is hoping Cambridge will “take the lead” in a race discussion so, she says, “instead of a statement on freedom of speech, actually saying that there is something to be said about a critical look at whiteness.”

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