Chamber of Commerce aligns with big corporations to push “resettled” Afghans into jobs stateside


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According to a recent report from Breitbart News, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is partnering up with large corporations like Amazon, Walmart, and UPS to help place resettled Afghans into jobs across the country in an effort to make the transition for these evacuees as smooth as possible.

Earlier this month, the Chamber of Commerce launched the “Coalition for Afghan Refugee Employment in the United States,” which would work with Amazon, UPS, and Walmart to swiftly place Afghan refugees in employment once they arrive as part of President Joe Biden’s enormous resettlement effort.

President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Carolyn Cawley delivered the following statement when announcing the endeavor:

“Helping meet the urgent needs of Afghan refugees will require all hands to work together…Through this effort, we’re proud to bring American businesses together to fill a critical need — supporting the resilience and financial independence of Afghan refugees who are starting a new life in the U.S.”

The Chamber of Commerce is reportedly partnering up with – which is a fairly new NGO that has backing from the likes of former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, as well as former First Ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama.

Department of Homeland Security official Robert Fenton also released a statement regarding the effort, saying the following:

“I am excited to see the Coalition for Afghan Refugee Employment in the U.S. standing ready to assist these individuals as they find a future in their new home.”

Afghans coming in the United States are anticipated to compete for jobs mostly with working-class Americans. According to a report published this week, although the Afghan population in the United States has increased to about 133,000 in recent years, the number of Afghans on assistance and living in poverty has also increased.

In 2005, the percentage of Afghan immigrants with a bachelor’s degree was approximately the same as the percentage of native-born Americans with a bachelor’s degree — around 29%. Moreover, 35% of native-born Americans now have a bachelor’s degree, compared to just 26% of Afghan immigrants.

Furthermore, Afghan immigrants continue to have a high school dropout rate of more than 22%, compared to less than 7% for native-born Americans. This reality demonstrates that said introduced population will be digging into the working class’s pool of labor.

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We at Law Enforcement Today recently shared a report detailing where the first round of Afghan refugees are going to be resettled across the country. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier in September.


WASHINGTON, DC – According to reports, the Biden administration is planning to resettle thousands of Afghans across 46 states that were brought into the country during the fallout of the Afghanistan exit, with many of the Afghans slated to be settled in election battleground states.

President Joe Biden has previously stated that during the next 12 months, he intends to relocate roughly 95,000 Afghans across the United States.

Thus far, President Biden has transported more than 48,000 Afghans to the United States for resettlement in a 21-day period from August through September.

According to figures released by the Associated Press and Axios, the Biden administration would relocate 37,000 Afghans across 46 states in the coming week. California will reportedly receive the most Afghans, nearly 5,300, while Texas will receive approximately 4,500 Afghans.

In the Axios report, it was described that the resettlement process poses “numerous legal and logistal hurdles” based upon the relatively unique circumstances for which these Afghans are being introduced into the country.

Concerns have been reasonably raised with regards to job opportunities and most importantly: housing. Yet, the Biden administration proclaimed that they’ve been assured by refugee resettlement agencies that the initial group of 37,000 will have places to live.

Reportedly more than 50% of the initial group of Afghans being introduced into the United States had reportedly helped the U.S. government in some form during our presence in Afghanistan over the past two decades or are related to someone who did.

As for the swing states that will be having Afghans introduced, the numbers are as follows:

  • 1,610 in Arizona
  • 865 in Colorado
  • 1,030 in Florida
  • 1,069 in Georgia
  • 695 in Iowa
  • 100 in Maine
  • 1,280 in Michigan
  • 275 in Minnesota
  • 150 in Nevada
  • 1,169 in North Carolina
  • 855 in Ohio
  • 995 in Pennsylvania
  • 4,481 in Texas
  • 1,166 in Virginia
  • 399 in Wisconsin

Again, this is only representative of the first group of 37,000 – which is a far cry from the proclaimed 95,000 that President Biden has said he’d like to see resettled into the country over the next 12 months.

Axios noted in their reporting that the Biden administration spoke with governors and mayors in “nearly every state” regarding the resettlement efforts, which a Biden administration official saying that not a single state official declined to accept Afghan refugees in their respective state.

Currently, no Afghans are slated to be resettled in Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, or Washington, D.C.

Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale, of Montana, feels as though this rushed process of introducing thousands of Afghan refugees into the country presents risks due to perceived inadequate vetting and also cultural hurdles for those being suddenly introduced into the United States:

“The traditional vetting process for these individuals is a 14-step procedure, that takes well over a year. The mass evacuation of over 100,000 Afghan nationals in a matter of weeks has made proper vetting of these individuals near impossible.

At this time, it appears extremely unlikely the Biden Administration properly vetted the Afghan nationals being resettled in Montana. I have advocated that we should try and settle these individuals in other countries around Afghanistan that share their values and culture, especially if we cannot ensure proper vetting.

As elected officials, it is our duty to protect the citizens we represent—and I will not allow this Administration to compromise the safety of Montanans.”

On top of the resettlement of thousands of Afghans, American taxpayers are also funding the one-time payments that these Afghans are receiving upon arrival at military bases here in the U.S., according to a report from the Washington Post:

“Afghan parolees who have arrived at U.S. military bases will be eligible for an ad hoc State Department program that provides limited assistance for up to 90 days, including a one-time $1,250 stipend.”

The noting of these Afghans being cited as “parolees” from the Washington Post report relates to evacuees arriving in the United States without any sort of visa – marking them as “humanitarian parolees”.

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Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken says Afghans are committing visa fraud ‘for understandable reasons’

(Originally published September 16th, 2021)

UNITED STATES– Following Biden’s botched exit from Afghanistan, and the Taliban’s abrupt take over, many were left stranded, subjected to the hostile ways of the radical terrorist organization.  

While some were able to flee the country in time, others were left behind, and are now desperate to free themselves of the radical regime.

One politician empathetic to the situation is Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who said that those Afghan citizens who are committing visa fraud to try to get into the United States are doing so “for understandable reasons”.

In a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday, September 14th, Blinken admitted that there have been cases where Afghans seeking to come to the U.S. were caught committing visa fraud in their Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) application process, Breitbart reported.

Blinken said those instances of fraud are “understandable”, saying:

“Those who apply, those who actually get chief admission approval, the washout rate is about 40 percent because it turns out that many people who apply, don’t qualify under the criteria set by Congress or they are unable to … prove that they have worked, faithfully and loyally, for the United States. There are some situations where people are committing fraud to get into the program, maybe for understandable reasons.”

President Biden put in place a massive “resettlement operation” which sought to bring a reported 95,000 Afghans to the United States legitimately, however it has been plagued with nothing but fraud since its start in August of this year. 

The overwhelming majority of Afghans arriving in the U.S. every day do not qualify for Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) or even refugee status.

Instead, Afghans are arriving in the hopes of getting “humanitarian parole” and are allowed to land in the U.S. without having completed their immigration processing, Breitbart reported.

While many can feel empathetic to those honest citizens who are trying to escape the heinous control of the Taliban, the “open arms” approach that the current administration is taking is proving to be dangerous for the United States.

In August, Law Enforcement Today reported that up to 100 Afghans that were seeking to be resettled in the United States were reportedly flagged by the Defense Department’s terrorism watchlist.

This matter also coincides with the current administration’s initial push to bring  over 20,000 Afghans stateside.

Defense Department officials are reportedly raising concerns after “up to 100 of the 7,000 Afghans evacuated as prospective recipients” of special immigrant visas have shown up as being “potential matches to intelligence agency watch lists.”

In addition, according to the Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan, 47-year-old Afghan national Ghader Heydari, who is a convicted Afghan rapist and deported by former President Donald Trump’s administration, was reportedly flown to Dulles International Airport as part of Biden’s Afghanistan resettlement operation.

National Public Radio (NPR) reported that Afghans are arriving in the U.S. sometimes with “no paperwork” to prove their identities or with “just scraps of paper.” Likewise, the Associated Press reported that Afghans have been caught lying about their identities or destroying their passports to conceal their true identities.

According to Breitbart, the population of Afghans brought to the U.S. by Biden in less than a month is more than four times that of Jackson, Wyoming’s resident population.

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