CBS deletes tweet claiming Rittenhouse testified he ‘murdered two men at a Black Lives Matter protest’


NEW YORK CITY, NY – CBS News deleted a tweet declaring Kyle Rittenhouse a murderer on Thursday, shortly before the final day of testimony in his trial began.

CBS Mornings tweeted at 8:47 a.m. on November 11 that Rittenhouse “murdered” two men, writing:

“Kyle Rittenhouse testified in his own murder trial yesterday, breaking down in tears as he told the jury he murdered two men at a Black Lives Matter protest last year in self-defense.”

Rittenhouse has maintained his innocence, claiming throughout the trial that he shot three men in self-defense during rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020.

Rittenhouse is charged with two counts of intentional homicide, one count of attempted homicide, recklessly endangering safety, and illegal possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18.

After an uproar from social media users, the news outlet deleted the tweet and replaced it:

“Kyle Rittenhouse testified in his murder trial yesterday, breaking down in tears as he told the jury he killed two men at a Black Lives Matter protest last year in self-defense.”

Twitter user Mark Hemingway called the error “libelous”:

“Again, a lot of Rittenhouse coverage and commentary is straight up libelous.”

National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin reacted with sarcasm to make the point that news media is supposed to be non-biased, but CBS clearly did not uphold this expectation:

“Oh, well, then. No need for trials, CBS News has delivered its verdict!”

McLaughlin continued:

“In the event of a conviction, a national news organization saying that will go straight into the appeal brief.”

The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney called the tweet something mainstream media does “happily” to people who disagree with their political slant:

“They will slander you happily if they think you have bad politics.”

Media bias has been a growing concern for conservatives. They point to the Rittenhouse trial as a clear example. Conservative outlet, The Daily Wire, pointed out in an article that mainstream media has labeled Gaige Grosskreutz the “lone survivor” of the men shot by Rittenhouse.

However, during testimony, Grosskreutz admitted that Rittenhouse only fired on him when he leveled his own firearm at Rittenhouse. The Daily Wire wrote:

“Headlines from most left-leaning outlets focused on Grosskreutz’s statements about fearing for his life, or his claim that he had surrendered to Rittenhouse, even though video shows otherwise and defense questioning also led to him admitting that was not the case.

“For example, The Washington Post’s original headline read: ‘Gaige Grosskreutz says he feared for his life before Kyle Rittenhouse shot him during Kenosha unrest.’ The headline has been altered to read: ‘Gaige Grosskreutz says he feared for his life, pointed gun at Kyle Rittenhouse before getting shot.’”

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Report: Kenosha protester confesses he fired first shot, not Kyle Rittenhouse – this changes absolutely everything

October 16, 2021

 KENOSHA, WI – It has been widely reported that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is facing multiple felony charges, including first-degree intentional murder, in the shootings of three men during a Black Lives Matter riot.

What makes the charges against him sensational is that all the video evidence (which was readily available to the public almost immediately) indicates every shot he fired was in self-defense.

And now his attorneys are using one man’s confession to drive home Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense, calling a shot fired prior to the teenager’s own a “pivotal moment.” 

All three men who were shot were convicted felons. One of the two men killed, Joseph Rosenbaum, was a registered sex offender and the other, Anthony Huber, was a domestic abuser who did time in prison for trying to strangle someone.  

Gaige Grosskreutz, the “protestor” who was wounded, was a convicted felon and had a firearm, but to our knowledge, he has not faced charges for his role in the events of that night.

Never mind the fact that he was a felon in possession of a firearm. 

While it is true that authorities in Illinois are not pursuing charges in their state, Rittenhouse still faces Wisconsin charges of first-degree intentional homicide in the two killings and attempted intentional homicide in the wounding.

He also faces a misdemeanor charge of underage firearm possession. 

Now, according to the New York Post, Rittenhouse attorney Lin Wood called a gun fired allegedly as a warning by Joshua Ziminski a “pivotal moment” that left the teen fearing he had “no way out” as he was chased by protesters with “no way to know who fired that shot.”

Rittenhouse’s attorneys are claiming that he acted in self-defense. 

According to the Post

“A man has admitted being first to open fire at the Kenosha protests in the moments before accused teen gunman Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot and killed two people and seriously injured another, according to court documents.

“Joshua Ziminski, 35, and his wife ‘both admitted’ to detectives that he ‘fired off a warning shot into the air’ during the Aug. 25 protests in Wisconsin, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Post.

“Ziminski was booked last Wednesday on charges of disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon, online court records show.”

According to reports, Ziminski was unable to produce that gun, claiming it had been stolen from his home. 

He entered a not-guilty plea at a hearing last Friday, and was released later that day on $1,000 cash bond. He has been barred from having any weapons. He has also been warned not to discuss the case with his wife.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Dec. 4.

A photo of Ziminski shown in the Post article, taken on the night of the shooting, appears to show him standing behind Rosenbaum, the first man allegedly killed by Rittenhouse, as he chased the teen down the street. 

Is it possible that Rittenhouse heard Ziminski’s shot, assumed that it was actually Rosenbaum shooting at him, and turned to defend himself, shooting and killing Rosenbaum?

As reported by the Post:

“On-the-scene reporter Richie McGinniss has also said the sound of the shot was the moment Rittenhouse ‘went from running away to aiming his weapon’ in what the teen’s attorneys insist was self-defense.”

Rittenhouse’s legal team is currently contesting extradition from Illinois to Wisconsin. 

According to Chicago’s CBS affiliate:

“His attorneys have filed a petition arguing extradition would violate his constitutional rights, claiming video of the shooting clearly shows he was acting in self-defense, and that he would be in danger if he were held in an adult jail.

“They also argued Wisconsin prosecutors and Illinois authorities didn’t follow legal technicalities required for extradition. Angelina Gabriele, Kenosha County’s deputy district attorney, said Friday the county’s documents ‘are in compliance with all legal requirements and their other claims do not have any legal merit.’ “

The 17-year-old is still being held in a juvenile detention center without bail. 

Read that again. 

A 17-year-old, who appears to have defended himself against a handful of violent offenders is sitting in jail with no bond.

Meanwhile, the felon who brought a firearm with him to a “protest” walks free.

Not to mention, across this country, we have seen release after release of violent repeat offenders.  

And as he sits in juvenile detention, many in the media, along with Hollywood elites and athletes, have already tried and convicted Rittenhouse in the court of public opinion, labeling him a racist, a white supremacist, a militia member and a murderer.



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