Border Patrol officers take heavy fire from automatic weapons in Mexico


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Tx. – Members of the United States Border Patrol have reported that officers patrolling the Rio Grande sustained heavy gunfire from the Mexico side of the river.

NBC News confirmed that no agents were injured during the shooting, but one of their boats was damaged.

Officials reported that automatic weapons were being used in the shooting, which happened around 2:30 a.m. Friday near the South Texas city of Fronton.

CBP officials sustained heavy gunfire which damaged one of the agency’s boats. (Flickr)


Agents onboard the patrol boat estimated that at least 50 rounds were fired by what appeared to be four gunmen. It’s unclear whether or not the CBP agents returned fire. 

The Rio Grande river runs through the border between Texas and Mexico. Border Patrol agents frequently patrol the river as it is often used as an attempted crossing point. Police say that the Mexico side is patrolled by violent gangs.


Border Patrol says they’ve pulled 63 migrants from the waters of the river since April 26.

The full statement from the CBP can be read below.

“Early this morning, agents assigned to the Rio Grande City Station Marine Unit patrolling near Fronton, Texas, reported they were fired upon from the Mexican riverbank,” CBP said. “Agents saw four subjects with automatic weapons who shot over 50 rounds at them. The boat was hit several times but no one on board was injured.”

Law Enforcement Today recently spoke with a Border Patrol agent who was shot in that very same area in 2016.

“A shot rang out from the Mexican side…I went down…my leg was on fire…I couldn’t move…”

On November 25, 2016, Trooper Danny Shaw was deployed to US – Mexican border along the Rio Grande Valley to support border operations. During those operations, Trooper Shaw, and other state and federal officers, were fired upon from what he reported was from the Mexican side of the border.

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Border Patrol officers take heavy fire from automatic weapons in Mexico


“The gunfire was suspected to be an exchange of gunfire between the Mexican military and three individuals attempting to illegally gain entry into the U.S.,” according to Texas DPS.

Instead, Trooper Shaw saw one of his fellow officers take bullet to the chest… and then immediately felt the bullet rip into his leg.

Shaw went down, and unable to move his leg, he called out that he had been shot. A few of his officers  ran to him and were able to drag him to safety.

We met with Trooper Shaw in Texas during the Not All Heroes Wear Capes event for officers that were wounded in the line of duty.

You can view that entire interview right here.



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