CBP: Border Patrol agent was shot at over 20 times from rifle-wielding criminal in Mexico


EL PASO, TX – Gunmen on the southern side of the U.S.-Mexico border opened fire on a border agent patrolling near El Paso, Texas, firing more than 20 shots on Friday, officials said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that an agent was driving along the Rio Grande River around 3 a.m. when shots were fired east of the Jonathan W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant in the Socorro area. The agent evaded the gunfire and took cover.

CBP said camera operators were able to locate and observe the shooters on the Mexican side of the border:

“(Two people) with what appeared to be a rifle shooting north from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River.

“Fortunately, none of the rounds struck the agent.”

Approximately 20 rounds were fired at the agent from about 150 yards away. Somehow, he managed to avoid injury.

Camera operators observed the shooters flee following the shooting in a sedan.

Juárez police were made aware of the incident and responded to the scene. It is unclear if anyone was apprehended.

Border patrol agents often work with the Juárez police by patrolling opposite sides of the Rio Grande to combat migrant smuggling.

The FBI is investigating the incident.

Another incident of shots being fired across the border from the same area was called in by a Border Patrol agent early Monday. The agent reported about five shots being fired from across the border about seven miles from the first incident. No one was injured in the shooting.

Special Agent Jeanette Harper, spokesperson for the El Paso FBI Division, said, “We are working with our law enforcement partners across the border.”

The shootings come just two weeks after a canvas banner was hung from a pedestrian bridge over Viaducto Diaz Ordaz in Juárez. The sign was placed facing the United States across the Rio Grande and read:

“Warning. This is for the municipal (police), state, National Guard, and for the (expletive deleted) gringos of La Migra (U.S. Border Patrol). Stop (expletive deleted) with the polleros (human smugglers) or we will kill you. Bullets also can cross the river and the (border) wall, so stop (expletive deleted) around.”

Juárez police removed the banner and federal officials in El Paso are investigating the threat against CBP and others. An email from CBP read:

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection is aware of the threat and the matter has been referred to the appropriate investigative entities. As with any threat made against CBP personnel, it will be handled accordingly and not taken lightly.

“The referenced threat is a reminder that members of transnational criminal organizations will stop at nothing to further their exploitation of those being smuggled into the United States, to include not only harming their victims, but threatening U.S. federal law enforcement officers when their illicit activities are threatened.”

Juárez police in the past several months have come across an increasing number of migrant stash houses in the area. The most prominent case involved 140 Central Americans being kept in cramped conditions in a wooden shed and the rooms of a house

A total of 431 migrants were found in stash houses in Juárez in June and more than 250 others have been rescued from such “inhumane” environments in July, according to Juárez Police Chief Raul Avila Ibarra.

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‘Open borders’ group wants Biden to block states from deploying police to secure to the border

July 11, 2021


 WASHINGTON, DC – The Open Borders lobby is calling on the Biden administration to stop Republican states from deploying law enforcement officers to the southern border to deal with the surge in illegals crossing into the country.

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) President Domingo Garcia sent a letter to President Biden on July 2 urging him to use executive action to stop the police deployments:

“LULAC’s interest in law and order and protection of the lives of our citizens requires me to ask you to use your Executive Authority to stop the Governors of Texas, Arizona, Nebraska, Idaho, Florida, and South Dakota from deploying their resources to the US-Mexico border.

“This is not a legitimate purpose for Emergency or Disaster Assistance that the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), P.L 104-321 (October 19, 1996) authorized.”

In June, the Governors of Texas and Arizona asked states to assist them with stemming the flood of illegal immigrants streaming across the border since President Biden weakened border controls when his term began in January.

Biden’s policy of ‘Catch and Release” has resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants being permitted entry into the interior United States without proper vetting and process.

Several red states have answered the governors’ calls for help. South Dakota offered to send National Guard troops to help, something Garcia called “Pay for hire”:

“This is tantamount to relegating our Armed Forces to a ‘pay for hire’ status on any whim or desire that the donor citizen can afford to pursue, and a Governor sees as an opportunity to score political points.

“This is an insult to our veterans who served and women and men who are now serving in our Armed Forces. This is not how America protects our citizens and it certainly is corrosive to our relationships with our allies around the world, especially our friend Mexico.”

The LULAC called the deployment of police and National Guard at the border an “insurrection” by “rebellious states.” He called on the President to stop the deployment by the states, or to send federal troops to defend the Mexican border from American law enforcement:

“President Biden, as the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and the militia of the several states, you have authority to prevent this usurping of federal powers by a few recalcitrant and rebellious states.

“If you cannot stop this additional insurrection, we request that you deploy federal troops to defend the rights and lives of Hispanic-Americans on the border.”

The letter closed with a demand that the President answer their letter with what plans he has to comply with their orders:

“Please let me know what steps are being taken so our communities can be at ease. We need federal intervention now, to stop the militarization by words and start acting on the immigration issue.”

Republican National Committee spokesperson Emma Vaughn spoke out against the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis and his plan to end one of the last remaining border controls, Title 42:

“As Republicans at the local, state, and federal level are stepping up to lead our nation through this growing crisis, Americans are taking note — voters across the country have rejected Biden’s failed leadership at the border.”

In May, more than 172,000 border crossers were apprehended at the border. That equals a 700 percent increase in illegal immigration compared to the same time last year when the Trump administration controlled the White House.




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