Report: CBP captures illegal immigrant with nearly 20,000 fentanyl pills strapped to legs, another with 446k pills in car


NOGALES PORT OF ENTRY, AZ – United States Customs and Border Protection for the Nogales Port of Entry in Arizona took to Twitter to announce the bust of a pedestrian who was trying to come into the country with almost 20,000 fentanyl pills strapped to their legs.

They also announced another bust a day later, this time with over 445,000 fentanyl pills that were concealed throughout a car coming across the southern border.

It seems that every day there is a news report either through state or federal law enforcement agencies announcing drug busts from people and vehicles coming across the southern border of the United States.

With some of these stories, you almost want to take your hat off to the ingenuity behind the smuggling efforts…but then there are other times that make you wonder how the person committing the crime has lived as long as they have.

That would be the case with a drug bust at the Nogales Port of Entry in Arizona that was reported by Port Director Michael Humphries recently. He took to Twitter to announce that federal authorities had noticed something was off with a pedestrian who was attempting to cross the border from Mexico into the United States on January 3rd.

When investigators started looking into the individual, they discovered that the person had a large amount of one of the deadliest drugs on the planet, fentanyl, taped to their legs. Regardless of the safety precaution the smuggler and/or their handler used, risking any type of exposure of the drug to human ingestion in any form can be deadly…especially when there were a reported “19,800” of them.

The Port Director did not release any information on the suspect or their nationality. But it is safe to assume that the person who attempted this very dangerous endeavor at smuggling drugs went to jail.

Port Director Michael Humphries also announced another bust, this one occurred on January 4th and involved someone attempting to smuggle fentanyl into the country from Mexico, this time in several hidden compartments in a car. Federal investigators determined something was off when the car attempted to cross the border and decided to look into it a bit further.

When they investigated, they determined the car had a total of “446,200” fentanyl pills hidden throughout the car. Port Director Humphries also did not release any further information on the vehicle or the alleged suspects in the drug smuggling attempt.

The Nogales Port of Entry was not the only area of the country in which drug smugglers attempted to enter from Mexico with narcotics. On January 6th, CBP officers at the San Ysidro Port of Entry announced the seizure of over $2 million worth of cocaine on January 4th.

Investigators reported seeing an unidentified 31-year-old man driving a Volkswagen attempting to enter the United States from Mexico. At the primary point of inspection, a federal officer determined that something seemed off with the vehicle, noting “inconsistencies,” and referred the man and the vehicle for a secondary inspection.

Federal investigators during the second inspection used an x-ray-type device on the vehicle which noted similar issues with the body of the vehicle. The press release, in part, stated:

“At secondary inspection, CBP officers screened the vehicle using the port’s imaging system that works as an x-ray machine and detected anomalies between the rear seat and the trunk area. CBP officers examined the area where they discovered and extracted a total of 50 packages concealed within a non-factory compartment in the vehicle.”

The officers tested the substance in the packages which showed positive for cocaine. The cocaine showed a total weight of 131.88 pounds, and according to the CBP, has an approximate street value of $2,093,700.

Jennifer De La O, the CBP Director of Field Operations in San Diego, commented on the bust by saying:

“This seizure shows the tremendous commitment and dedication of our officers have in protecting our nation’s borders.”

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