Even after Pelosi’s husband attacked by illegal immigrant, border left largely open – and CBP agents are being assaulted


This article contains editorial commentary by the author.

EL PASO, TX – After the attack on Paul Pelosi by a Canadian citizen in the country illegally, even some on the left were applauding the ICE detainer put on the assailant.

But it was short lived. Even an attack on one of their own wasn’t enough for the White House to take the crisis at the border seriously.

As reported by Fox News, a large group of illegal immigrants attempted to make their way into the US. They were met by a group of Border Protection agents using crowd control and dispersion tactics to chase them back across the Rio Grande River.

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) will be reviewing the incident, which appears to have been justified.

The group, with one man weaving a large Venezuelan flag on American soil, allegedly attacked agents, prompting them to fire pepper balls at the group.

A CBP spokesperson said that one of the individuals in the group attacked an agent with a flagpole, while others hurled rocks at them. One of the CBP agents was struck by a rock and injured, an immigration activist was filming the incident and said that they also saw rocks being thrown at the federal officers.

It was those assaults that led to CBP to resort to the dispersion measures.

“These measures included the use of the authorized less-lethal force pepper ball launching system,” a CBP statement said. “The crowd then dispersed and returned to Mexico.”

Yet the mainstream media is either not reporting this story, or are headlining their coverage by discussing the use of pepper balls.


This very aspect was alluded to by the Border Patro Union via their Twitter account.

“A large group of illegal aliens storms into the U.S. and violently attacks BP agents while waving flags of other countries, calling it a ‘protest’. Nearly 24 hours later not one peep about it from the MSM. Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative they want to feed the American people.”

Fox’s Bill Melugin reported that “November has started the same as every other month,” in reference to the southern border.

The previous fiscal year under Biden saw a record number of illegal border crossing with more than 2.3 million.

That number does not include the estimated “gotaways,” which totals nearly 600,000. 98 of the apprehensions that occurred at the southern border were individuals on terror watch lists from around the world.

In the first 31 days of fiscal year 2023, the CBP reports at least 50 different groups of at least 100 immigrants crossing in just the Del Rio sector.

November 1st saw a single group of roughly 300 people trying to cross. That group is said to have been comprised of mostly single adults.

That is more than 5,300 people in large groups in a month. That is roughly the number of people shipped from Texas to New York City before Mayor Eric Adams declared an emergency because of drain these people were on the nation’s largest city.

Apparently, the “non-crisis” crisis of nearly 3 million people entering our nation is no big deal and the four border states should be ready, willing and able to meet their needs and fund their new lives.

But if you send a few thousand to New York City, Washington, DC, or Chicago, it becomes a humanitarian issue worthy of mayors calling on the federal government for assistance.

Fox said:

“Republicans have laid the blame for the crisis at the feet of the Biden administration, saying that its policies of rolling back Trump-era border security and enforcement have only served to draw more migrants to the southern border – with many of them being released into the U.S.” 

Meanwhile, President Biden refuses to visit the border. He flew into El Paso in 2008 while campaigning in New Mexico. The White House Press Secretary continues to point to that trip as the President having been to the border and having seen what is going on.

The administration labeled Vice President Kamala Harris as the “border czar.” She too has been to El Paso, 800 hundred miles from where the actual issues lie. Her last trip lasted about 45 minutes and was almost 500 days ago.

Meanwhile citizens, local elected officials and law enforcement across the Texas border are begging for the Biden administration to do its job and protect the sovereignty of our nation and out citizenry, only to be told that the biggest threat to our nation is unvaccinated people and MAGA Republicans.

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