The news loves to write about how police are targeting ‘unarmed’ suspects. We’d like to present the following video to those who still like to cling to that false narrative. Only officers know how quickly situations can escalate…


WATERBURY, Conn. – In shocking footage caught on camera from a gas station security system, two officers in Connecticut are seen chasing down a suspect after he tried stealing the gun from one of the officer’s holsters.

46-year-old Matthew Patterson is now in police custody following the attempted gun grab.

The suspect can be seen trying to remove the gun from the officer’s holster after the officer held the door for him. (CCTV)


Let’s break it down.

At the beginning of the recording, one officer can be seen exiting the gas station store, balancing a drink and some food as he stops to hold the door for the man walking toward the entrance.

As the man takes the door handle, the officer turns and begins to walk away.

That’s when the suspect suddenly springs into action, attempting to grab the officer’s gun from his holster as he has his back turned. But he’s unsuccessful. As the officer falls to the ground, Patterson realizes his attempt had failed, and for a brief moment, he puts his hands in the air.

But instead of surrendering, Patterson then turns and begins fleeing on foot. 

Patterson attacked and attempted to disarm the officer who held the door for him.

The officers immediately give chase, running through the gas station reportedly shouting commands for the suspect to give up. One of the officers deploys his taser, but it it’s ineffective in stopping Patterson. 

Patterson raises his arms briefly, then turns and begins running from the officers. (CCTV)


Eventually, the officers are able to get the man into handcuffs and they arrest him down the road. The officers say that Patterson resisted arrest while being taken into custody.

Take a look at the shocking video below.


Waterbury Police released a statement following the arrest.

“Patterson was walking into the gas station from the parking lot,” the release read. “As the officers continued walking to their patrol vehicle, Patterson attacked and attempted to disarm the officer who held the door for him. Patterson grabbed and tried to rip the holstered handgun away from the officer.”

The statement continued.

“Patterson was unsuccessful in taking the gun from the holster,” police said. “Patterson fled on foot and ignored the officer’s verbal commands to stop. The second officer deployed a Taser at Patterson which was not effective in stopping him.”


Reports indicated that both officers were injured in the struggle. 

Police said they charged Patterson with assault of police officer, interfering with police, reckless endangerment in the first degree and criminal attempt at theft of firearm.

“Our officers are focused, very professional. We saw that with this particular incident early Monday morning,” said Chief Fernando Spagnolo, Waterbury Police Department. 

He could have gone home with a snack, but instead he went to jail.

What was this guy thinking? And what would have happened if he had succeeded in getting the officer’s firearm? Would this instead be an article about another officer targeted by violence? 

Enough is enough. Let’s end senseless violence against law enforcement.