Caught him! Blue Alert cancelled after suspect accused of trying to murder an Alabama State Trooper is arrested


LIVINGSTON, AL – A “Blue Alert” was rescinded earlier in November after authorities reportedly arrested the 57-year-old suspect accused of attacking an Alabama State Trooper during a previous arrest attempt.

The injured trooper, who authorities did not identify by name, required hospitalization for their sustained injuries and is currently recovering from the incident.

On November 20th at approximately 9:00 p.m., 57-year-old Randy Lee Wade was arrested without incident following the issuance of a “Blue Alert” over an alleged incident the occurred the evening prior.

The State of Alabama issued the alert after Wade was reportedly pulled over along Highway 28 & Interstate 20/59 in Livingston at approximately 11:45 p.m. on November 19th. Officials say that a trooper had attempted to arrest Wade after the discovery of the suspect having six active warrants.

Court records indicate that during the attempted arrest on November 19th, Wade became combative with the trooper and a physical altercation ensued between the suspect and trooper. During the fight, Wade allegedly gained control of the trooper’s taser – which then the trooper pulled his firearm on Wade while they were both wrestling on the ground.

The trooper attempted to fire his weapon at Wade, but the gun malfunctioned. Wade had then reportedly overpowered the trooper and gained control of the firearm and tried shooting the trooper – but again, the gun malfunctioned.

Thereafter, court records note that Wade fled the scene with both the trooper’s firearm and taser.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency posted a description of the then-wanted fugitive, and Wade was apprehended in under 24 hours by United States Marshal Services’ Fugitive Task Force, the 17th Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force and the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

Wade is currently housed at the Sumter County Jail and has since been charged with attempted murder, first-degree escape, and second-degree theft of property.

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Police: Officer ambushed, shot in the face by a man who had just murdered a construction worker

(Originally published November 20th, 2021)

LOUISVILLE, KY – A Louisville Metro Police Department officer was shot in the face while working a special detail by a man who had just murdered a nearby construction worker.

Thankfully the officer who was shot is expected to survive.

The bizarre scene unfolded just after 2:30 am on November 19th as a police officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department was working a special detail, directing traffic for construction crews working on I-264 at Dixie Highway.

The suspect, identified as Keyshaun Joseph Canard Stewart, 25 years old, allegedly walked up to a worker on the roadway and opened fire, killing the unidentified man.

Stewart then allegedly walked over to the police vehicle and opened fire on the officer who has not been identified as of yet. Stewart allegedly shot the officer in the face and then proceeded to run down the interstate.

Stewart did not expect the officer to survive nor did he expect the officer would be able to tough out being shot…and pursue him on foot down the interstate.

Stewart’s actions placed the officer in a well-founded fear that Stewart was either going to kill him or someone else, and so he opened fire on the assailant.

The officer struck Stewart several times which caused him to fall on the interstate. Stewart was held there by the wounded hero until additional units and medical teams could respond and take over the situation.

The officer and Stewart were rushed to a nearby hospital where they were treated for the gunshot wounds they received during the encounter. Both are expected to survive their wounds.

The person whom Stewart allegedly murdered was identified as 37-year-old Fred O’Bannon, who was employed by the Louisville Paving and Construction company that was working on the interstate. The Louisville Metro Police Chief, Erika Shields, told reporters that there has been no established motive that officers have been able to establish for the homicide.

The Executive Vice President for the company released a statement that read:

“Needless to say, our entire team is devastated by the loss of Fred and we stand committed to support his family and team members through this tragedy. We ask that everyone join us in keeping Fred, his family, and his friends in your thoughts and prayers.”

Metro Councilman Anthony Pigentini tweeted about the shooting incident and requested prayers for the officer’s family and his recovery. He wrote:

“Dear Friends, we need prayers. The LMPD officer who was shot last night was shot in the face, upper cheek area and the bullet lodged in the back of his neck. Seems he will survive but please pray for his speedy recovery and for his family.”

Pigentini also took the time to praise the officer for his actions even though he had been shot. He wrote:

“Do you want to know the definition of badass? The LMPD officer was shot in the face, then got out of the car, and returned fire while chasing the criminal. How many people do you know run toward a person who just shot them in the face to ensure Justice is served?”

The Louisville Metro Police Department has requested the Kentucky State Police conduct an independent investigation into the officer-involved shooting. The Kentucky State Police reported that they will not release any details of the investigation as it is currently active and until they have interviewed everyone involved.

Law Enforcement Today expresses condolences to the O’Bannon family as they cope during this difficult time. Additionally, LET also wishes the wounded officer a safe and speedy recovery.

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‘Saved by an angel’: Career-criminal accused of ramming police vehicle, shooting the deputy driving

(Originally published November 19th, 2021)

HAVANA, FL – deputy in Florida is recovering after being in a harrowing experience on November 16th after being rammed by a suspect in a vehicle and then shot. Thankfully, the suspect is in custody and the deputy will recover.

The incident all began just before noon when the suspect, later identified as 38-year-old Dexter Lawson, allegedly jumped into a McNeill Plumbing truck and found the keys hanging in the ignition. Lawson then allegedly pulled out of the parking lot and witnesses called the police.

Gadsden County Sheriff’s Deputy Chicara Hearns happened to be in the area and saw the stolen truck.

While it is not exactly clear what predicated the encounter between Hearns and Lawson, what is clear is that he is accused of intentionally ramming her patrol vehicle. The Florida Highway Patrol released a statement regarding the incident:

“At approximately 11:45 a.m., a Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) Deputy was intentionally rammed by a suspected stolen vehicle on Jamieson Road just sought of Forest Drive North in Gadsden County. The suspect exited the vehicle and fired several rounds into the GCSO vehicle.”

After the shooting, Lawson ran into the woods in an attempt to hide from responding law enforcement that was headed to locate him. As he ran into the woods, Hearns exited her patrol vehicle and walked to a nearby residence for help.

WCTV spoke to those residents, Robert and Melody Rodriguez, who were sitting in their home when they heard several gunshots. Before they could figure out what was going on, they noticed Hearns at their door asking for their help. Melody said:

“I knew she [Hearns] was scared, I could see it in her face.”

Melody knew that she had to do something to help her but was also scared that whoever had harmed her might be nearby and present a danger to herself and Robert.

Regardless of the risk, Melody became a hero that morning as she decided to help the deputy even though there was a potential risk to her safety. She said:

“Trying to call 911, I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to think. Was he [Lawson] going to come up behind her? I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Melody said that Hearns did not realize at first that she had been injured when they first began talking. Melody said that Hearns leaned back and noticed the injury, telling her that she had “been hit.”

Melody reported that the 911 dispatcher told her how to treat the wounds until other deputies and medical personnel could arrive on the scene to assist. She said:

“She [911 dispatcher] told me to take her vest off the best I could and apply pressure to the wound.”

As Melody was providing first aid, another deputy arrived on the scene who escorted Hearns to paramedics who were arriving on the scene to transport her to the hospital.

Melody said it was not until long after Hearns left her house, or so it seemed, that she learned Lawson had been taken into custody.

What Melody did not know is, according to the Tallahassee Democrat, roughly 25 Florida Highway Patrol Troopers responded to the area and set up a perimeter in attempts to lock him down.

Once the perimeter was established, a police K-9 team responded and FHP also deployed drones in the area to attempt to locate him while minimizing chances of him shooting another officer.

At some point during the search, Lawson was flushed out of the perimeter and taken into custody without any further reported incident.

Melody and Robert are thankful that they were able to help and even more so when they learned that Lawson was in custody and Hearns is expected to survive.

Melody notes this is not the first time that she has had dealings with Hearns before as she had met her previously when the deputy helped her with some type of family issue.

Melody was so touched by Hearns’ actions at the time, that she gave her an angel pendant as thanks for what she did for the family. Melody said:

“There is no other officer that I’ve met that has such a beautiful spirit as this woman.”

Gadsden County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Anglie Holmes reported that Hearnes is currently in stable condition after undergoing surgery for the three gunshots she allegedly received when Lawson fired on her.

Gadsden County Sheriff, Morris Young, conducted a press conference in which he praised Melody and Robert for their actions that helped Hearns survive. Additionally, he credits the bullet-resistant vest that Hearns was wearing that helped prevent more serious injuries.

He said:

“This particular vest, along with the good lord, saved our deputy.”


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