• YouTube Bans Firearm Demo Videos

    The move to ban firearm demos coincides with the media platform’s desire to “prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms.”

    LET Staff
    22 Mar
  • Symbolism vs. Substance

    As you see our society is lacking substance and excelling in embellishing symbolism. We’ve turned into spineless wimps that talk a good game but when it’s time to put up or shut up, we walk away.

    Larry Casey
    19 Mar
  • 1,125

    Re-Thinking the Formula of Picking Leaders

    Quality people are leaving law enforcement at a faster rate than can be replenished and neither department nor the public can afford that.

    Eric Aguiar
    17 Mar
  • Weapons: Logical Protection or Emotional Diffidence?

    If a person fears firearms, lacks the confidence or maintains a diffident nature, they develop a dislike for weapons.

    Roger C. Bull
    17 Mar
  • Looking Closer at National Walkout Day

    National Walkout Day has political origins and is using students as puppets to achieve it's goal. ... Gun Control!

    Marjorie Greene
    16 Mar
  • This Is No American Sheriff

    Nevertheless, Hennessy has demonstrated that she is “in for a penny, in for a pound” as a political activist in the office of sheriff.

    Jim McNeff
    13 Mar
  • The Gun Control Debate Is a Diversion From Reality

    Even though every system in place failed, and Nikolas Cruz is the evil person to blame for murdering 17 people, guns are being blamed and gun control may be the result.

    Marjorie Greene
    2 Mar
  • 1,417

    Killing the Coward in You

    What you hate is inside you. It lives there inside me, and it lives inside the bravest of us all. In those that are warriors its small but its still there. In those that are not warriors, it is large, and it controls them.

    2 Mar
  • Florida School Massacre Rife With Controversy

    Cops should do everything possible to neutralize a homicidal suspect (regardless of where he’s located). Tactical movement toward the threat is required. But it’s not a suicide mission!

    Jim McNeff
    27 Feb

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