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    Baltimore County Police Officer Murdered, and I’m Angry

    After hearing of her murder, the nausea began to pass in about 20 minutes. It was replaced by incredible sadness and a level of anger that is difficult to describe, yet can be legitimately articulated as unhealthy.

    John "Jay" Wiley
    22 May
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    Armed with a gun, what would you do?

    You have fractions of a second to make a decision. What will you do? If you’re reading this sentence now and you haven’t made a decision, you and your loved ones have already been shot dead.

    Jay Stalien
    21 May
  • Do You Trust Cops? Do Cops Trust You?

    How can there be a collective mindset encompassing officers from New York to Alaska?

    Leonard Sipes
    20 May
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    The War on Police Nationwide

    At President Obama’s inauguration celebration in Chicago, a young black woman ran up to a uniformed Chicago police officer and slapped him across the face while exclaiming, “We’re in power now bitch. What are you gonna do about it?”

    Larry Casey
    20 May
  • Educating Self-Proclaimed Experts

    After I finish punishing my brain with the statements of the irrational masses, I start wondering, Why is police work the one job that everyone thinks they know how to do?

    Dustin Hammit
    16 May
  • Don’t Kneel on Freedom

    Perhaps they would realize that you shouldn’t kneel for that which represents hope and opportunity.

    Jay Stalien
    17 May
  • Making them understand: a rant on unbridled ignorance (and a cure)!

    Maybe this means I am a mental masochist. Like leather chaps and spankings but only in my mind… the wife says I need a therapist… anyway…

    Dustin Hammit
    15 May
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    Hard to Understand

    I watched and lived through the crime that took place in the hood; my own black people killing others over nothing.

    Jay Stalien
    13 May
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    Fighting Anti-Police Propaganda

    Now is the time for police to restore trust by debunking negative myths and arming the public with facts.

    Jeffrey Higgins
    12 May

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