• Aftermath Services Honoring Officers With Grants

    The Why We Serve grant celebrates local heroes by helping them continue their passionate work with their communities and advance the causes they care about.

    25 Jun
  • 2,328

    Veterans and GI Bill for Small Business

    So why not open the GI Bill to a 50K grant in lieu of tuition payment?

    Carl Higbie
    8 Jun
  • While You Fight the Police, We Honor Them

    Several of these heroes will be sharing the story of their tragic incident for all guests at the event.

    Kyle S. Reyes
    2 Jun
  • Embrace the Suck

    First, I was motivated to “embrace the suck” because I didn't want to disappoint Sgt. Danysh.

    15 May
  • Home Base Healing Invisible Wounds

    Home Base estimates of the 2.6 million Americans deployed since the 9/11 terror attacks, one in three soldiers has returned with invisible wounds of war.

    23 Apr
  • First Ever INFORCE Own the Night Shoot

    Law Enforcement Today is proud to be heading up the show as the main media sponsor.

    LET Staff
    18 Apr
  • Fund Started To Move Anti-Trump Celebrities To Canada

    Or maybe it’s that they’re too busy fighting to overturn the Second Amendment… while taking $30 million dollar checks for acting in movies filled with guns.

    Kyle S. Reyes
    12 Apr
  • How do you want your coffee?

    One of the hardest things most authors face is creating characters for their fiction. I don’t. The last 35 years of my life have been filled with colorful characters.

    Robert Weisskopf
    10 Mar
  • Most People Own Guns for Protection

    But the data now indicates that the primary reason for owning a firearm is protection from a world that seems dangerous regardless of what crime statistics indicate.

    Leonard Sipes
    6 Mar

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