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    Chief LaTesha Watson Breaking New Ground

    Dr. Watson has been a supervisor in the Arlington Police Department for more than 12 years and has held a variety of progressively responsible executive leadership positions.

    Eyvaine Walker-Lindsey
    20 Sep
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    Your Deadliest Weapon

    The most-deadly weapon you carry is one they can’t control and can’t take away, although they try.

    Robert Weisskopf
    6 Aug
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    Behind the Badge – What You Don’t See

    A police officer is someone who is many things to many people.

    Autumn Clifford
    15 Aug
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    Bringing Gun Violence in America Into Focus

    Comparing countries crime rates against each other can often be very misleading if not done correctly, and unfortunately most of the time it’s used to inflate the idea that America is drastically worse than say the United Kingdom or Australia when it comes to violent crime.

    12 Jun
  • Squeezing the Free Speech out of Cops

    Left and right we see police officers being scorned, shunned, and suspended for social media comments. As a cop, free speech does not come without consequences. Things are different out there in the crazy world. Words are ever so powerful.

    Kathryn Loving
    31 May
  • Memorial Day – A Time to Collectively Mourn as a Nation

    We mourn for those who were lost, but we will not remain down. We’ll rise to accept new challenges in our defense of liberty.

    LET Staff
    27 May
  • Amongst the Shadows and the Stones

    Maybe my observations were distorted when I looked at Vietnam veterans.

    27 May
  • Close Call

    That call quickly became deadly when the cause of the disturbance attacked the two officers, disabling one and now strangling the other.

    Robert Cubby
    27 May
  • A Ferocious Fire

    I began to climb up but lost my footing for some of the teeth of the ladder were missing. The result was that I fell about twenty feet onto the cold shroud of snow, landing on my back.

    21 May

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