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  • STREET READY: It is prime time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps

    Fitness for duty encompasses mental and physical well-being. It is prime time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Preparing oneself for modern policing is akin to passengers on a plane bracing for impact. It is not if, but when.

    Kathryn Loving
    21 Mar
  • Symbolism vs. Substance

    As you see our society is lacking substance and excelling in embellishing symbolism. We’ve turned into spineless wimps that talk a good game but when it’s time to put up or shut up, we walk away.

    Larry Casey
    19 Mar
  • Preparing for a Police Funeral

    The murder occurred in the early morning hours as the officer stopped a motorcycle in a residential tract.

    Jim McNeff
    15 Mar
  • Some Reflections Approaching Police Week

    What struck me about that line is I simply don’t remember any remembrance, roll call or ceremony for those disabled in the line of duty.

    10 Mar
  • What Does Police Work Smell Like?

    Removing sweat-soaked body armor at the end-of-watch has a feeling of completion—surviving another shift. But the moisture exuded through the pores and getting marinated into the Kevlar vest has a unique smell that stays with you.

    Jim McNeff
    9 Mar
  • 1,109

    The Greatest Threat to America Is Already in Your Home

    It meant businesses and media companies disappeared from newsfeeds. But overwhelmingly those that disappeared were CONSERVATIVE.

    Kyle S. Reyes
    7 Mar
  • 1,121

    Chicago’s Get Outa Jail Free Card

    Chicago doesn’t have a gun problem. Chicago has an idiot problem. 

    Larry Casey
    27 Feb
  • 1,242

    The Social Bomb Theory: We Created These Monsters

    With each law enforcement death, the nation should be alarmed as a piece of our security and public safety is challenged.

    Kathryn Loving
    26 Feb
  • 4,436

    Courage to Make Entry

    When we say, "This job is not for everyone," we mean it. Some just get by for their entire career and maybe that is okay. After all, we do need someone to hold the door for us, right?

    26 Feb

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