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    Baltimore County Police Officer Murdered, and I’m Angry

    After hearing of her murder, the nausea began to pass in about 20 minutes. It was replaced by incredible sadness and a level of anger that is difficult to describe, yet can be legitimately articulated as unhealthy.

    John "Jay" Wiley
    22 May
  • Perspective From the Land Down Under

    Nothing made me happier than driving Code 2 (our lights and sirens, your Code 3) to an armed offender, pursuit or violent domestic job. It was my whole life and my whole identity.

    Shaun O'Gorman
    18 May
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    Hard to Understand

    I watched and lived through the crime that took place in the hood; my own black people killing others over nothing.

    Jay Stalien
    13 May
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    Fighting Anti-Police Propaganda

    Now is the time for police to restore trust by debunking negative myths and arming the public with facts.

    Jeffrey Higgins
    12 May
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    I Was Not Okay!

    I knew I was not right, but I had no way to understand what was happening to me, let alone deal with the symptoms.

    Jeremy Scharlow
    8 May
  • Change Your Brain Chemistry

    "We all can dwell in darkness if we choose to. We all hide at some point from something or maybe just ourselves."

    LET Staff
    6 May
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    A Dozen Things Police Administrators Do Wrong

    You can hear the crickets whistle through the ideas of retention, increased wages, better pensions, and career path development. The halls of justice echo urgencies of minimum staffing and Band-aiding the community problems. Yet, police administrators are not rallying for internal changes to slow the mass exodus.

    Kathryn Loving
    3 May
  • Recounting the Day that Changed Everything

    Eric looked at me with the most genuine set of eyes and affirming face. This was the moment I knew—the instant my life would change. “We lost Brian,” he said.

    2 May
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    Judge Describes Difficulties as He Affirms Modern Law Enforcement

    "The amount of education and reeducation our police must assimilate every day is staggering. ... It requires literally more daily re-education than a doctor or lawyer ever needs to do his or her job."

    LET Staff
    29 Apr

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