• In Memoriam Officer Andres Laza-Caraballo

    Laza-Caraballo identified himself as a police officer and ordered them to leave the premises. The suspects then obtained a rifle and fired at Laza-Caraballo, striking him with the gunfire.

    Patrick Sharkey
    23 Mar
  • In Memoriam Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle

    Zirkle was responding to a 911 hang up call with unknown trouble.

    Patrick Sharkey
    17 Mar
  • In Memoriam Officer Scotty Hamilton

    Hamilton was outside the residence and following fresh foot prints in the snow that lead from the vehicle to the back of the residence.

    Patrick Sharkey
    15 Mar
  • In Memoriam Reserve Officer Christopher Lawton

    The driver, who was the wanted person on a felony drug warrant, fled the traffic stop. In doing so, he pinned Lawton between the passenger side of the truck and a shopping cart coral.

    Patrick Sharkey
    14 Mar
  • In Memoriam Deputy Sheriff David Manning

    The suspect driver of the Nissan Altima crashed a few hundred yards from the patrol vehicle crash and fled on foot.

    Patrick Sharkey
    13 Mar
  • Preparing for a Police Funeral

    The murder occurred in the early morning hours as the officer stopped a motorcycle in a residential tract.

    Jim McNeff
    15 Mar
  • In Memoriam Officer Gregory Casillas

    Officers attempted to verbally contact the suspect and convince him to surrender. However, he responded with gunfire and shot through the door striking two officers.

    Patrick Sharkey
    11 Mar
  • In Memoriam Officer Christopher Morton

    The officers returned fire and charged into the residence to rescue the female. The suspect continued to fire upon officers as they entered the residence striking all three officers.

    Patrick Sharkey
    8 Mar
  • In Memoriam Deputy Sheriff Jacob Pickett

    The suspect opened fire after lying in wait for Pickett, who was struck in the head.

    5 Mar

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