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  • Law Enforcement Officers Weekend

    LEO Weekend is a three-day event (Friday-Sunday) which hosts an array of activities including a seminar series to shooting competitions, golf to comedy, fireworks to a memorial service and so much more.

    23 Mar
  • California Woman Has a Hobby With Purpose

    “Instead of just writing a check, I wanted to do something more,” Kristen Sweaza said. “We’ve lost so many officers already.”

    22 Mar
  • 10 Key Points Police Officers Need Spouses to Know

    I have compiled a list of 10 key points that I believe all officers need their spouses to know, even if they don’t say it all the time.

    20 Mar
  • The Battle Behind the Badge: A Law Enforcement Marriage Conference

    Officers, you have hearts of gold that lay down lives for your fellow Americans. And spouses, you have the strength and fortitude of a warrior carrying on the work at home. But are we thriving behind closed doors?

    Heidi Hogan
    3 Mar
  • Teary Eyed Moments as a Police Wife

    It exists in the eyes of those angrily yelling, “F*** the police!” ... something I observe as I sit in the front seat of a patrol car on a ride along.

    28 Feb
  • Little One Behind the Badge

    Today, like many other days, I scroll through my social media feed only to read another police officer has been involved in an altercation, beaten, shot, or even worse killed in the line of duty. As I turn on my scanner to hear my husband’s voice, I sit and wonder, do people understand what it is like from my side?

    Jenny Swartout
    25 Feb
  • 1,311

    The Sound of Velcro

    As an active duty police officer, I often took the sound for granted. To me; it simply meant going to work again and then being able to get out of it as soon as possible at the end of my shift.

    Javier and Cathy Bustos
    25 Feb
  • 1,624

    Preparing Your Mouth for Duty

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    20 Feb
  • 2,252

    Seven-Point Creed With Credentials

    It comes from a man with impeccable credentials because he exercised a creed that was carried in his wallet for more than 85 years. This man shared many life lessons before passing away just before his 100th birthday in 2010. His seven-point creed and Pyramid of Success have been embraced by thousands of people in all walks of life, even though he is best known in the world of sports.

    Jim McNeff
    10 Feb

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