Faith & Family
  • 5,147

    Empty Eyes

    He has exhausted the remnants of his already tired soul on the offenders and wrongdoers whose paths he has crossed today.

    Patricia Landfair
    29 Sep
  • Last Call

    Through my sobs, I sputtered something about, “She’s going to bed without her husband-for the rest of her life. That side of their bed will be empty.”

    22 Sep
  • 1,916

    When Death Is Imminent

    He made the decision to hold that woman until she died.

    Diana Register
    20 Sep
  • Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

    As I hit the door it came unhinged and fell like a domino into the room, crashing on top of a desk that had barricaded the door.

    Jim McNeff
    15 Sep
  • 1,193

    California Cop Adopts Baby of Homeless Woman

    The baby's father told “Good Morning America” the woman was suffering from drug addiction.

    9 Sep
  • 1,677

    Texas Police Family Makes Plea for Daughter’s Life

    She learned that she has a rare, potentially fatal condition that will require a bone marrow transplant to better her chances of survival.

    1 Sep
  • 20,244

    Cop praying over meal has gained national attention

    "These officers and their families need our prayers every day,” she said, adding that he “truly touched [her] heart."

    30 Aug
  • Little Man With a Big Heart

    Oliver is just positive he will become a police officer one day!

    25 Aug
  • Little Patriot

    Many saw Garrett’s rendition of the National Anthem as a refreshing change of pace from the negativity.

    23 Aug

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