Catch, release, and catch again: 250 inmates freed from Riker’s Island rearrested 450 times


NEW YORK CITY, NY – It seems as though some recent, and expedited, releases from Rikers Island under the guise of COVID has shown a healthy return to custody. Apparently, 250 released convicts and accused criminals have already been rearrested 450 times.

Statistics from the NYPD revealed the alarming rate of alleged reoffending since Governor Cuomo decided to take drastic measures in the effort to enforce social distancing in the likes of jails and prisons. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea commented on the move that lacks “common sense”:

“We’re continuing to see people get arrested over and over and let right back out. And it really defies common sense.”

Arrest data showed that about 2,500 people have been released from Rikers since the orders were delivered in March to start thinning out the jail population. Crime Control Strategies Chief Michael LiPetri noted that nearly 10% of that released population have been arrested 450 times.

Meaning those of that portion of the compassionate releases to help combat the spread of COVID wound up getting arrested again, nearly twice after that first release.

Of course, the fallout of these mass jail exoduses is likely going to be compounded further, with characters like Mayor Bill de Blasio edging to cut police funding.

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On June 7th, Mayor de Blasio said that he will partially defund the NYPD and will divert that money to provide support to youth and social services.

As New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio – who has long been no friend to police – promises to begin defunding the NYPD, there are rumblings that some of the “top cops” are considering throwing in the towel.

Mayor de Blasio also stated that he was putting an immediate end to the city’s 8 pm curfew, which was the first curfew the city had seen since 1943. The ending of that curfew was no cataclysmic action as the it only ended one day ahead of schedule. 

“We are committed to shifting resources,” de Blasio said,” according to a report by WPIX-11. “The investments in our youth are foundational.”

The defunding, the mayor claims, will not create an issue with increased safety risks to New Yorkers. Apparently less money being spent on salaries, training and equipment equates, which leads to fewer cops on the street, using outdated equipment and not being adequately trained, equates to safer citizens. 

Inside sources at NYPD tell Law Enforcement Today that Mayor de Blasio has been pushing NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea to come out publicly against officers being “too aggressive” against violent rioters – or “peaceful protesters”, as de Blasio would reportedly prefer they be referred to.

We’re told that Shea has been pushing back, and that as a result, his time may be short at NYPD.  The same goes for Chief of Department Terence A. Monahan.

Absolutely nothing has been confirmed – but suffice it to say that morale is arguably hitting new lows.

So aside from defunding police and also the ill-effects of the massive COVID releases, we’re als o seeing a new-era of alleged criminal releases in New York. 

A cop’s head was bashed wide open with a stolen glass bong.

It happened during violent protests in Manhattan.

And now a judge has released the alleged looter who did it, according to The New York Post.  

Judge Laurie Peterson overruled prosecutors and released a defendant without bail.

In that case, it allegedly led to a pair of unprovoked slashings by the guy who was released.

“What could she possibly be thinking? Is she living under a rock? Did she see the looting going on in the city?” a cop who worked in Manhattan every night of the recent riots told The Post.

“I guess they really want to do away with cops and let the criminals run wild.”

According to police, Kevin Bullock, 22, was one of the thieves who police say vandalized a smoke shop at the corner of Walker and Baxter streets shortly after 2 a.m. on June 1.

Police said that when an officer grabbed Bullock, one of the thieves, he hit the officer in the back of the head with a bong stolen from the store.

Bullock allegedly has a rap sheet listing 23 prior arrests, according to police.

They said he then shoved the cop and took off.

The officer was left with a bloody gash and a concussion.  After several days of recovering, he was placed on limited duty, the Post reported.

They were able to capture Bullock after pulling surveillance footage.  On Wednesday, NYPD’s Warrant Section tracked him down Wednesday at his apartment in Brooklyn.

The Post reported that they were able to arrest him, despite Bullock crawling out a window and jumping from a fire escape to try and get away.

According to court records, Bullock was charged with assault on a police officer, attempted assault with a weapon and burglary.

“This is a strong case, with clear video evidence, and he faces state prison time if convicted of these violent felonies,” a law enforcement source told The Post.

“Bail is the least restrictive means to ensure his return to court.”

On Thursday, Manhattan prosecutor Caitlin Naun laid out the evidence and asked for bail to be set at $25,000 cash or $75,000 bond.

He was instead released without bail pending another court appearance on Sept. 11, according to court records.


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