Case Dubbed ‘Baby June’ Ruled a Homicide


PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – Authorities have ruled the death of an infant—dubbed “Baby June”—as a homicide. The body of the little one was found months ago floating in the water off the Florida coast.

The child’s death has led to 16 tips—miniscule in a homicide investigation—since the body was found floating 75 to 100 feet off the Boynton Beach Inlet in June, reported Fox News. However, no solid leads have emerged as authorities struggle to identify the baby.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Capt. Steven Stravelli said in a Monday news conference that the medical examiner determined Baby June’s death was a homicide. He did not reveal further information that led to the ruling.

The case dubbed “Baby June” has been ruled a homicide. (Screenshot Fox News broadcast)

The baby was 4 to 7 days old. As a result, her possible birthdate likely occurred between May 25 and May 28.

The baby had been floating in the water an estimated 16 to 18 hours before off-duty Boynton Beach firefighter Chris Lemieux spotted the body.

“We hate seeing this and we want to get to the bottom of what happened,” Stravelli said. “We’re not going to stop here. This case is not going to close until we get completion.”

Stravelli said all the babies born between the May date range in Palm Beach and Broward counties have been checked and accounted for.

“No leads, no lost babies in that mix,” Stravelli said.

Investigators believe the child was most likely born in a hospital or at a private birthing center, Stravelli said. The child’s umbilical cord had been clipped and there was a heel prick in the foot.

“Some hospital, somewhere, has evidence of this child being born. We just haven’t found it yet,” he said.

DNA tests showed the child was half Central Asian and African, which Stravelli said was a “very unusual split.” People with the genetic composition usually are from Barbados, Trinidad or Jamaica. He added that there are no known relatives in Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office’s database.

Consequently, a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that would lead to an arrest.

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