Police: Caregiver arrested for third time for allegedly abusing cerebral palsy patient


KENNER, LA – Police in Kenner say that a man has been arrested for the third time related to acts of abuse directed toward a patient suffering from cerebral palsy that was previously in his care.

Authorities were said to have reviewed hundreds of hours of footage that led to this third arrest.

An investigation kicked off back in February of this year that led to the arrest of 39-year-old Patrick Bowden on February 17th under charges of battery of the infirmed. Valerie Williams had installed a nanny cam in the room where her 26-year-old son stayed, who Bowden was tasked caring for.

When Valerie had noticed two disturbing videos back in February of her son being allegedly abused at the hands of Bowden, she forwarded the two videos to police immediately. She’d been combing through months worth of footage, eventually sending an additional 20 videos to police thereafter.

When speaking about the first round of charges in February, Williams said the following about the alleged abuse of her son:

“All children communicate with their families in one way or another. But if your child can’t physically talk to you, please put a camera in their room.

Put a camera in the bathroom. Put a camera anywhere where this person can be alone with your child, because this man was physically beating on our child while we slept in our bedroom.”

When Kenner Police had gotten their hands on the additional 20 videos, they noted at the time that if more acts of abuse were witnessed, then further charges could be levied against Bowden. Well, looks like Bowden is now facing 62 counts of cruelty to the infirmed and five counts of sexual battery as of May 18th.

After reviewing numerous hours of video, police were said to have seen the suspect repeatedly slap and punch the victim at various times. There were even alleged instances of Bowden picking up the patient and slamming him on to the bed.

Police also were said to have witnessed times where the accused would hoist the victim up by his neck, and times where he’d either obstruct the victim’s breathing or outright start choking him.

While the victim was under the care of Bowden, he suffered a broken femur bone, a broken wrist and a broken arm.

Prior to the suspicions of the victim’s mother, Williams had thought that her son’s broken bones were attributed to the frailty of his skeletal structure due to his condition. Turns out that those various injuries happen to coincide with instances of abuse caught on camera, according to police.

As for the sexual abuse allegations against Bowden, police say that they witnessed on five separate occasions on the video footage of the suspect touching the victim inappropriately in a manner not consistent with medical care.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

It’s unclear whether police have officially wrapped up their investigation into Bowden, or if there’s still more evidence to review during his time working within the home of Williams.

We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on another crime involving a vulnerable victim who was allegedly sexually assaulted by those tasked with taking care of her. 

Police in Paris recently arrested a nursing home employee who migrated from the Congo under charges of suspected rape of a 92-year-old female patient from the nursing home.

Reports indicate that when a fellow employee walked in on the suspect, his lower extremities were exposed at the time.

The incident was reported to have taken place at the Korian Les Arcades retirement home in the 12th borough of Paris on May 11th.

Police were informed by the facility’s director that one of their staff members had reported walking in on the suspect and victim shortly after the alleged deed was done.

According to reports, the suspect was identified as a 63-year-old Congolese male who was, at the time, in the employ of the facility.

A nursing assistant had found the suspect suspiciously tending to a room on a floor that he was not scheduled to be working within.

When the nursing assistant asked what he was up to, she reportedly said that the suspect turned around and revealed that his genitals were in the open. At that point, the nursing assistant also noticed the 92-tear-old resident in a state of partial undress.

Upon screaming, the male suspect ran out of the room.

Despite fleeing from the scene, police had managed to locate the suspect within the nursing home patio section. The victim, who was described as a patient that presents a “very strong loss of autonomy” was treated by firefighters for any potential injury suffered from the disturbing encounter.

The case is currently being investigated as a rape of a vulnerable person by Paris’ 2nd Judicial Police District, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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