Capitol Police Officers Hailed as Heroes – Victims Identified – Dramatic Video From Scene


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Capitol Police officers have been hailed as heroes while receiving injuries confronting a gunman Wednesday morning.

The disturbed man opened fire on GOP members practicing their baseball skills in preparation for a charity game Thursday night. It created pandemonium.

Majority Whip Steve Scalise (pictured lower right) was shot in the hip and others were injured as a result of the homicidal suspect opening fire on members of Congress during baseball practice in Virginia, reported LET earlier.

Capitol Police Officers Hailed as Heroes

The two Capitol Police officers who were injured have been identified as David Bailey (pictured upper left) and Crystal Griner, (not pictured) according to House Speaker Paul Ryan. He disclosed their names while addressing members of congress on live television.

“I spoke with Special Agent Bailey and Special Agent Griner this morning. One was being treated and one was about to go into surgery,” Ryan said. “It is clear to me based on various eyewitness accounts that without these two heroes, Agent Bailey and Agent Griner, many lives would have been lost.”

There are no doubt many other heroes from the event, but these two have become known due to Speaker Ryan’s acknowledgement of their actions and injuries.

Sen. Rand Paul told Fox News that if Capitol Police weren’t there “it would have been a massacre.”

Matthew Mika, (pictured upper right) a lobbyist for Arkansas-based Tyson Foods Inc and former staffer for two former Republican representatives, was shot in the chest, according to witness Senator Jeff Flake.

Tyson Foods said in a statement Mika was taken to a hospital and that it was awaiting word on his condition, reported the New York Times. “Matt has worked for Tyson Foods for more than six years and we’re deeply concerned about him and his family,” the company said.

Zack Barth, (pictured lower left) a staffer for Texas Representative Roger Williams, was shot and was being treated, Williams said. “He is receiving medical attention but is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery,” Williams said on Twitter.

The New York Post obtained dramatic cell phone video from a witness nearby. It can be seen below.

WARNING: Some individuals will find the content and language disturbing.

Shooter Was a Sanders Supporter

The shooter, identified as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, has been labeled as a Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Donald Trump by nearly every news outlet. Sanders quickly condemned the man’s actions.

According to the WBC News, Hodgkinson appears to have had a political motive, at least judging from his prolific posts on social media.

Hodgkinson filled his Facebook pages with political posts, lauding Democrat Bernie Sanders and trashing President Trump in incendiary terms; something that has become fashionable among the left.

Bernie Sanders’ photo was the shooter’s cover picture.

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