Candace Owens calls out ABC for focusing on virus, ignoring black and hispanic support for police


WASHINGTON D.C. – Conservative speaker and author of the New York Times bestseller Blackout, Candace Owens decided to call out the mainstream media on October 9th over the fact that an ABC reporter/columnist was more interested in crafting report highly-focused on the coronavirus concerns that was in relation to black Americans showing support to law enforcement attending a White House event.

Owens wasn’t being facetious when mentioning that the article titled “Candace Owens’ BLEXIT group pays for some attendees’ travel to Trump’s White House event”, which was written by Will Steakin and Rachel Scott from ABC, was intent on mentioning the pandemic several times.

In the article, the pandemic is mentioned as follows:

“Still, wearing a face mask will not be required. Attendees will have to submit to a COVID-19 screening the morning of the event, which will consist of a temperature check and a brief questionnaire.”

“Some guests for Saturday’s White House event on the South Lawn, which will be President Donald Trump’s first since testing positive for the coronavirus, had their travel and lodging paid for by controversial conservative activist Candace Owens’ group BLEXIT.”

The article also decided to highlight comments obtained from sources alleged to be attending the event of their anti-mask sentiments:

“’Our president doesn’t want us to be fearful or scared,’ one person planning to attend Saturday’s events told ABC News. ‘Look how he came out of it. He popped right back. We have got to stop being afraid of this. We got to take this mask off, we have to unmask America,’ the person added.”

Owens was reached for comment on the article drafted by the ABC News columnist Steakin, which Owens stated that Steakin was asking about pandemic-related measures or concerns.

Owens wrote the following on Twitter, while sharing a screen capture of her emailed response:

“The media finds out that an unprecedented number of blacks and Latinos are showing up to support the President’s law and order message tomorrow and what comment do they seek from [Blexit]? They want to know about COVID-19. Here is how you deal with disingenuous media suckers.”

According to the email she drafted in response to Steakin’s inquiry, Candace wrote the following:

“We are not interested in participating in your obvious media angle here to slander/attack the President regarding Covid-19.”

The email continued, offering an opportunity to seek comment from Owens so long as the columnist has “pure intentions”:

“If in the future you find yourself with more pure intentions – perhaps interested in learning about the BLEXIT organization and why this event (which is about supporting law enforcement in minority communities) is important to the blacks and Latinos that are attending -you know where to find me.”

Needless to say, Owens wasn’t pulling any proverbial punches in her response.

Earlier in September, Owens also tackled the highly talked about topic of white guilt that has been ongoing this year. 

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Here’s that report. 


WASHINGTON D.C. – Political commentator and author Candace Owens took a break from her days long Twitter feud with Cardi B to speak on the issue of “white guilt” in the United States. 

Appearing on The Daily Wire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special,” Owens said that a systemic feeling of “white guilt” is more detrimental to Black Americans than racism and “systemic racism.”

Owens recently released her new book “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democratic Plantation.”

She has long been a controversial figure, because of her conservative viewpoints and her approach to topics relating to the black community and recent racially charged violence.

Sunday’s appearance on Shapiro’s show touched on everything from her stance on popular rap lyrics, to the death of George Floyd, to policing and funding for police departments.

The more than an hour long interview has already gotten more than a quarter million views on YouTube.

Owens tackled the riots that have exploded nationwide, especially in large cities, since the in-custody death of Floyd in late May.

The anti-police brutality riots have come with widespread reports of violence and looting, and millions of dollars in damages to infrastructure and businesses in cities like Chicago and Portland and Minneapolis.

Black Lives Matter protesters have argued that the black population has been targeted by police, with little disregard for life.

Recently, a Twitter page for the movement re-tweeted a post about the shooting of Jacob Blake.

It read:

“Jacob Blake’s sons were in the car when police shot him. Philando’s girlfriend’s daughter was in the car when police killed him. Tarika’s baby was in her arms when police killed her. Police don’t care about traumatizing Black children.”

In her recent interview, Owens argued against the notion of targeted violence against black Americans by law enforcement. She called the notion a “big lie.”

She said:

“If you are truly, sincerely a white supremacist in America, the best thing you could do is do nothing and let black America tend to itself because what we do to ourselves, right, when left unattended to ourselves is way worse, when you look at the statistics, than allowing any other group to come in and try to do anything to us.

And that’s including, of course, police officers, who are not killing black Americans for no reason.” 

Owens continued her argument against the idea of “systemic racism” by saying that “white guilt” and assuming responsibility for injustices inflicted on minority groups in the past, is keeping Black Americans locked into a state of “emotional immaturity.”

She went so far as to assert that “systemic racism” is “not at all an obstacle to black Americans today.

Owens said:

“There is nothing that says I cannot do something as a black person that you can do, so it’s completely false.

What we’re really talking about is the fact that people want to absolve themselves of personal responsibility, and we’re being helped. If there is anything that is systemic in America today, it is white guilt.

It’s been institutionalized, it’s been politicized, politicians [and] white people feeling bad for themselves and therefore allowing people – allowing black people and white people alike – you know, Antifa and Black Lives Matter to run around and act like toddlers, right?”

It is not the first time that Owens has hit on the issue. She talked about a recent video she posted to Instagram that conflicted with the “media depiction” of George Floyd as a “martyr for Black America.”

She said:

“We elevate people who should not be elevated and we downgrade people who should be elevated, right? So Condoleezza Rice? Uncle Tom. Larry Elder? Coon. Dr. Ben Carson? Stupid. That’s my favorite one, that a literal neurosurgeon is stupid.”

Comments immediately poured in by the hundreds, heavy with praise for the young conservative.

One woman wrote:

“I am a black American, and I will be voting for the Republican Party for the first time in many many years. These BLM mementos are making it worse for our people and the neighborhood. The Lord is concerned about our righteousness not our race.”

Another posted, simply:

“I love how she isn’t brainwashed and she actually speaks the truth.”

Owens even touched on the feedback she has received personally, and how she thinks it can translate into a larger conversation on race issues.

She told Shapiro:

“I think for the first time there has been a lot of chatter and a lot of debate in black America about politics in general. At the height of this racial unrest, there is also racial conversation. I can tell you when I first got started, I had no black fans. It was, ‘You are an Uncle Tom. You’re a coon. You’re a house negro.’ And that has completely transformed. I am inundated with emails from people thanking me.” 

Watch Owens’ full interview here.


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