‘Cancel mob’ comes for Mayor Lori Lightfoot after news comes that federal agents coming to Chicago


CHICAGO, IL – A “defund the police” mob marched to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s home after she made a public pronouncement that she will allow federal officers into the city to aid in crime investigation.

One day after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot removed Christopher Columbus statues from Grant and Arrigo parks under the cover of darkness, a mob marched on her neighborhood chanting “Fuck Lori Lightfoot” and “Fuck CPD.”

'Cancel mob' comes for Mayor Lori Lightfoot after news comes that federal agents coming to Chicago

Lightfoot, who has called for defunding the police and threatened Donald Trump not to send federal officers to her city, found out the hard way that all of her progressive efforts to destroy her city for the collective won’t appease the mob.

'Cancel mob' comes for Mayor Lori Lightfoot after news comes that federal agents coming to Chicago

Clashes at the statue site on Monday by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists resulted in the injury of 49 injured officers, with 18 sent to hospitals, after protesters used rocks, fireworks, frozen bottles and other objects in an attack.

Lightfoot seemed to try to appease both the police officers and the mob, saying in a statement over the Columbus statute clash:

“People who came for a fight, not a peaceful protest. You’re going to see video that shows these people, before they got to the Columbus statue, kneeling down, dressing in all black, with goggles, forming a phalanx with umbrellas, and with shields around them, and then pummeling the police with projectiles; frozen water bottles, cans, other projectiles.

'Cancel mob' comes for Mayor Lori Lightfoot after news comes that federal agents coming to Chicago

“That’s not peaceful protest, that’s anarchy, and we are going to put that down. We are actively investigating, and we will bring those people to justice.”

However, out of the other side of her mouth, Lightfoot took aim at police:

“I’m not happy and don’t support interfering with reporters doing their job. So if that has happened, I urge anyone who believes that they were mistreated at the hands of the police to call 311 and otherwise report it to COPA (the Civilian Office of Police Accountability).”

John Catanzara, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, who doesn’t approve of the removal of the statute, said Lightfoot made the decision to remove it of her own accord and after she declared she would not take it down:

“I’m sick of the mayor thinking she can do whatever she wants to do. She’s not a dictator. She’s a coward that she wanted to do this in the middle of the night when nobody was paying attention after she said she wasn’t going to take the statue down.”

Ironically, Lightfoot is now at the mercy of the very same police she has decried to protect her from the radical crowd she has worked so hard to appease.

Lightfoot  appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show “ReidOut” on Monday along with anti-police deplorables Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, where she vowed to do everything possible to prevent Trump from sending 200 federal officers to the city.

Lightfoot’s pronouncement that she would decline any federal help came after the shocking shooting outside of a funeral home in broad daylight that killed at least 15 people.

Lightfoot once again tried to play both sides of the aisle, speaking with President Trump on Wednesday confirming that she will, in fact, be accepting federal aid to investigate crime.

The mayor’s office said in a statement that Lightfoot continues to address the resources that are to be coordinated through the U.S. Attorney’s office:

“The mayor has made clear that if there is any deviation from what has been announced, we will pursue all available legal options to protect Chicagoans.”

Protestors with Black Lives Matter and GoodKids MadCity moved into the Mayor’s neighborhood Thursday night demanding defunding of the police, but Lightfoot had already put in dozens of officers in place to protect her home on the same day she removed the statutes.

According to a report by CBS Chicago about 1,000 protesters gathered in Logan Square Thursday night calling for racial justice and police reform.

The protesters gathered at Kimball and Wrightwood avenues near Mayor Lightfoot’s home at around 9:15 p.m. Protesters called on Lightfoot to come out of her home, shouting:

“Where’s Lori? Get your ass up out the house.” 

Lightfoot, who took issue with police resources being used to protect statutes, didn’t seem to apply this same belief to include her own home.

“In addition, our public safety resources must be concentrated where they are most needed throughout the city, and particularly in our South and West Side communities.”

The Associated Press reported that Chicago had 414 homicides in 2020. The city’s crime rate has become not only a national tragedy, but a national disgrace.

On Wednesday, President Trump announced that Chicago was a “disaster,” and said he would be sending federal officers to Chicago:

“Today, I’m announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into American communities plagued by violent crime. We’ll work every single day to restore public safety, protect our nation’s children, and bring violent perpetrators to justice.”

Trump had previously called the crime in Chicago an “embarrassment” when he addressed a conference of police chiefs last October.

Trump said:

“It’s embarrassing to us as a nation. All over the world they’re talking about Chicago. Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison.”

Lightfoot, like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, should know by now that the cancel culture Marxist movement cannot be controlled or appeased.

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Here’s more on Chicago and what’s been named “Operation Legend.”

The Department of Justice has announced the first arrests in Chicago under the recently formed initiative dubbed as “Operation Legend”. According to the DOJ press release, three people are facing federal charges related to illegal possession of firearms or ammunition.

The three arrested were cited as 30-year-old Darryl Collins, 21-year-old Romeo Holloway and 22-year-old Darryl Phillips.

Both Collins and Holloway were charged for crimes related to that of being a prohibited possessor. Holloway was charged with one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and Collins was charged with one count of illegal possession of ammunition by a convicted felon.

Authorities arrested Holloway on July 22nd within the 2700 block of West Flournoy Street in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, according to the release. Officials say that the weapon recovered had 10 rounds within the gun, one of which was a chambered bullet.

As for Collins, he was arrested on July 23rd within the 8200 block of South Maryland Avenue in the East Chatham neighborhood. Police said that he too was in possession of a loaded handgun which is what resulted in the illegal possession of ammunition charge.

As for Phillips, federal authorities say that he was charged with one count of illegal possession of a machinegun.

Police arrested Phillips during the early-morning hours of July 23rd, after executing a search warrant at a residence located within the 2700 block of West Flournoy Street in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

When officers discovered what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun in the bedroom of the home, an ATF special agent found that it was equipped with a “switch” which enabled the gun to become fully automatic.

U.S. Attorney John R. Lausch, who represents the Northern District of Illinois, stated the following about Operation Legend:

“Operation Legend has strengthened our efforts to apprehend and charge illegal gun offenders in Chicago. Under Operation Legend, we are working closer than ever with the Chicago Police Department, ATF, and other federal, state, and local law enforcement partners to arrest and prosecute individuals engaging in violent crime in the city.”

Regarding the charges levied against the three men, each could be facing up to ten years in federal prison if they’re convicted.


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