How can the police let this happen, they wonder?

Here in Chicago, Black Lives Matter and other groups critical of the police, will be contributing to police reforms mandated by the state’s attorney general.

A new California proposal seeks to further limit when officers can shoot. Now I read there is legislation pending that won’t allow police officers to shoot someone with a fake gun. Better fine-tune that ESP so you can tell the difference in a dark alley.

Years back the public cried out for more proactive policing, arguing the police needed to be more aggressive in combating crime in their communities. Now proactive policing is falling by the wayside and citizens want reactive policing. No longer can the police interrupt a crowd of teenagers on a corner in a poor neighborhood at midnight without being accused of racial profiling.

registered voters negative view black lives matter

God forbid if an officer speaks to that same crowd in harsh terms using the local vernacular, so the group will understand and appreciate what’s said. You better speak to the gangbangers as if they were church ladies leaving Sunday services.

Thanks to the major media sources Mom and Pop sitting in their homes now fear the police since all they see on the nightly news is the police shooting and killing all these poor people. They don’t see the same coverage when a gang faction drives up in front of a home and empties their weapons at the people standing out front. They only time they hear anything is if a stray bullet strikes a small child.

How can the police let this happen, they wonder?

The district commander gets a hot phone call from the superintendent who just got one from the mayor, who just got one from a priest. That same priest is now on the news calling for stronger restrictions on police officers.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but what the heck the priest is on the news so he’s happy.

Rev. Al Sharpton. (Wikipedia)

The district commander passes it down the chain and now tact teams are saturating the area, stopping cars with likely suspects and running name checks. And another highly edited video goes viral on YouTube showing police harassment. … Oh, and if the Tact team doesn’t complete the proper paperwork for each name check there’s a complaint against them. They get dumped off the team and maybe lose a couple days pay.

How can the police let this happen, they wonder?

Now, areas once safe from violent crime are experiencing bloodshed. Last night two men were attacked and beaten; one in the South Loop and one in the Rush Street area. The news carried a little bit about this. Two nights ago, a woman was shot while riding along Lake Shore Drive. Conflicting stories say it happened on Michigan Avenue; both areas once almost exempt from this sort of violent crime. Don’t forget there are mobs that have made a habit of storming a store and stealing anything they can lay their hands on.

This might impact tourists spending in Chicago. The mayor better call the superintendent. Get the Tact teams on it.

But wait a minute. It sounds like the start of a vicious cycle. Let’s not forget that those mean ‘ole police shoot everyone they can get in their sights.

Sounds to me the real culprits are the people in the pulpits, either political or religious. Rather than try to help the good, law-abiding citizens, who struggle to make ends meet, and feed their families, they pander to the media for their fifteen minutes or more of fame.

We have a mayor facing reelection and reverends who don’t care how money lands in the collection plates.

To make matters worse, we have media with the mantra “If it bleeds it leads.” The good, law-abiding citizens have put their faith in the pulpits and the media and it has failed them. Consequently, those they put in office and those that they put their faith in have lied them to. Until they realize their mistake and speak up they will continue to say, “How can the police let this happen?”

I hope you feel the sarcasm. Officers, remember to run low and zigzag. Some of us still respect you.

– Robert Weisskopf