Can New York City be saved? A veteran police officer systematically destroys the new mayor’s “plans” to save it.


NEW YORK CITY – In the eight (8) years of then Mayor De Blasio tenure, New York City’s crime rates skyrocketed to levels that predate the 1980’s and 90’s.

While businesses were being burned to the ground and Molotov-Cocktails hurled at officers of the New York City Police Department, Mayor De Blasio openly aligned himself with anarchist groups like “Black Lives Matter” marching beside them and championing their call to “Defund the police”.

With the election now over and former De Blasio gone, Eric Adams takes the reigns as Mayor of New York City, a city that can most accurately be described “Crime Central”.

As part of his then campaign, Eric Adams touted his 20+ years in the NYPD, a man of law and order who if elected, promised to “Take back NYC from the criminals”.

Adams also promised to resurrect the NYPD’s undercover unit known as “Anti-Crime” where police officers donned plain clothes and patrolled in unmarked police vehicles, targeting violent crime ridden neighborhoods?

That single statement by then mayor-elect Adams prompted an immediate response from Hawke Newsome, a member of “Black Lives Matter” stating “If they think they (Mayor-Elect Adams) are going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again”. “There will be riots. There will be fire. And there will be bloodshed” (ABC News, NYC, 11-11-21), a direct threat aimed at Mayor Adams.

After installing his new police department hierarchy, Mayor Adams was asked again about his plans to address the rising crime and would he be willing to bring back “Anti-Crime” or the “Broken Windows” policy, a proven strategy premised on the fact that by addressing minor quality of life violations such as drinking alcohol in public, panhandling and fare evasion, the bigger problems are significantly halted.

The response from Adams was muted and ambiguous at best.

On January 28, 2022, Mayor Adams released a 15 page document (NYT’s 01-28-22) that laid out a blueprint of how the police and city were going to address the raising crime in NYC.

Most of the document was truly a cut-and-paste from the De Blasio administration; more money for mental health and Criminal Justice Reform (Bail/Bond).

But in reference to the reinstating of “Anti-Crime” the document speaks to a newly and “Rebranded” type of “Anti-Crime” without giving any specifics on difference or its implementation.

Fast forward, the new version of the old “Anti-Crime (Plain clothes)” had been renamed to “Safety Teams” an initiative where 168 NYPD officers wearing a modified uniform will fan out across NYC with the focus of interrupting and arresting violent criminals while simultaneously removing illegal handguns from the street.

As of this writing, all of the seven (7) major violent crime indexes that include Homicide, Rape and Robbery are up with 38% overall with shootings up 32% year to date from 2021 (NBC4 NY, 02-01-22).

Recently, Mayor Adams met with Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago (CBS Chicago, 03-19-22) to discuss crime strategies and possible solutions to the epidemic of gun violence plaguing both of their cities.

While no one can fault Mayor Adams for conferring with other mayors on what they are experiencing and their potential strategies to combat crime, seeking the advice from Mayor Lightfoot, in a city that arguably has more gun violence per-capita than that of New York, seems curious, if not ill advised.

Another option being explored by Mayor Adams is the use of “Drones” (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, NBC 4 NY, 03-27-22) to be used for surveillance of rooftops and crime prone neighborhoods in and around NYC.

While the NYPD currently owns 14 Drones used primarily for parades and other special events, these newly purchased Drones would be used specifically to identify “Hot Spots” and activity of Crimes-in-Progress relayed directly to police on the ground.

As someone who served over 20 years in the NYPD with 13 of those years in various units such as: Anti-Crime, Robbery Task Force, Narcotics, and the Intelligence Division, there is a proven metric and tactical advantage for the use of “Plain Clothes” (Undercover) operations.

Paramount for those involved in Plain clothes work is Officer Safety followed by their effectiveness in crime reduction.  By modifying a uniform or changing the unit’s name, what you have left is essentially “Patrol”.

If Mayor Adams is really truly serious about combating crime in New York, of ridding the city of gun violence, and restoring her to her former glory, seeking advice from the former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his administration might be a good place to start.

Christopher Strom is a US Marine, NYPD Intelligence Officer and author of “Brooklyn to Baghdad: An NYPD Cop Fights Terror in Iraq”.  Mr. Strom is also a frequent guest on major news media outlets, giving context on Counter Terrorism and Policing in America.


In police-defunded NYC where crime is exploding, NYPD deploys cameras that can detect loud vehicles

NEW YORK CITY, NY- Democrat-run New York City now has speed cameras with microphones to ticket cars that breach certain noise levels.

According to reports, drivers of loud cars in the Big Apple are now at risk of being ticketed for their noisy cars. A photo that was shared on Facebook (see below) shows an official notice from New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) of a summons to have the vehicle’s noise level tested.

The photo was posted to a Facebook page called “Lowered Congress” and was about a BMW M3 that the cities cameras deemed too loud. The notice states:

“I am writing to you because your vehicle has been identified as having a muffler that is not in compliance with Section 386 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, which prohibits excessive noise from motor vehicles. Your vehicle was recorded by a camera that takes a picture of the vehicle and the license plate. In addition, a sound meter records the decibel level as the vehicle approaches and passes the camera.”

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The order instructs the driver to bring their car to a sewage treatment plant where it will be inspected and have noise levels tested. If the driver attends and the car’s noise level is confirmed to be too high, they can have their car fixed to avoid paying aa fine.

However, if they fail to appear, they could face a fine of $875 and additional fines for continuing to ignore the summons.

A New York City DEP spokesperson confirmed to Road and Track that they system is part of a pilot program running since September 2021. The system appears to work similarly to speeding cameras that automatically record speeding violations, but the new system uses a sound meter to record decibel levels of the vehicles and match it to a license plat using a camera.

According to the DEP, the program is set to be re-evaluated on June 30th. At that point, the program will either be expanded or taken out of commission. The DEP also stated that this new program is unrelated to Governor Kathy Hochul’s initiative to curb noise pollution in New York state.

In September 2021, she signed the SLEEP bill into law, which raised fines for exhaust noise violation in the state from $150 to $1000 — currently the highest in the entire nation.

While newly elected Mayor Eric Adams focuses on silencing loud cars, police-defunded New York City is seeing crime spike in nearly every neighborhood.

According to a report from the New York Post, the latest troubling New York Police Department (NYPD) statistics show that nearly every single city police precinct has seen spikes in crime so far this year. One Brooklyn officer said:

“No neighborhood is safe. At this rate, we will lose the city by St. Patrick’s Day.”

Seventy-two out of the City’s 77 police precincts saw crime rise, leaving just five at 2021 levels or dipping below their figures for the same period a year prior. The NYPD CompStat umbers show that the 110th Precinct in Elmhurst, Queens, has seen the highest spike in crime with a more than 142 percent increase over 2021.

Harlem resident Elizabeth Jenkins, a retired grandmother, said:

“I think it’s crazy. It’s a lot of fear because it’s all over the place, and right here, it’s really bad.”

Jenkins added that the soft-on-crime Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is not doing the neighborhood any favors. She said:

“I think he’s not good. He’s not good on crime as far as I can see. He can do better. There’s a lot of crime and he’s not really doing anything about it.”

An NYPD spokesman said in a statement:

“The NYPD’s leaders are working around the clock, in tandem with their federal and state law enforcement partners, and with the city’s five district attorney’s, to devise comprehensive crime fighting measures, build solid criminal cases, and achieve meaningful consequences for crimes that tear at the fabric of the city.”

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Serial thief in New York City continues to be free – despite being busted 59 times

February 12th, 2022

NEW YORK, NY – A woman in New York has been arrested after she allegedly robbed a woman of her purse in February of this year.

While one arrest is not really notable, the fact it was her 59th time being taken into custody makes it notable.

The alleged criminal in the case has been identified as 46-year-old Nicole Green who began 2022 by being arrested two times, bringing her arrest total up to 59.

Each time she has been arrested, at least this year, she has been allowed to go free despite a history of not appearing in court or reporting to supervised release programs.

In January, Green was arrested after she allegedly attempted to steal a purse on the subway from a woman that was determined not to be a victim.

Green allegedly got into a physical confrontation with her victim and was able to make off with her wallet before being busted by the New York Police.

Green was charged with second-degree robbery in the case and went in front of a Manhattan judge who heard the case. Prosecutors allegedly requested that Green be given a $25,000 bond, however, the judge denied the request and instead released her pending a future court date.

Green allegedly failed to show up for her court date and instead went on to commit another robbery on the subway.

On February 7th, the New York Police Department alleges that Green kicked a woman on the train and took off with her purse before removing money from the victim’s wallet.

Green was captured shortly after the robbery occurred and made her way in front of another Manhattan judge, charged with robbery in the third degree.

This time, prosecutors in the case did not request any form of bond be assigned and the judge simply released her, even though she has a history of not showing up for future court appearances.

Green’s ability to remain free despite numerous arrests for similar crimes is partially possible because of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his progressive policies

. It is also possible due to bail reform that was passed in 2019 which prevented cash bail from being assigned to those accused of committing non-violent felonies.

According to the New York Post, a police officer, who was not identified, spoke to them about Green and her many arrests. The officer said:

“Am I missing something? She [Green] doesn’t show up for a supervised appointment, so they give her another chance? At one point, the courts have to realize that some people can’t be trusted to show up when there are no penalties.”

Another officer who spoke to the post allegedly alluded that Green should just be allowed to remain free instead of being arrested. Instead, the officer said:

“I would rather tell her to stop robbing people.”

Glenn Hardy, Green’s attorney, claims that she is completely innocent and will eventually be “vindicated” once all of the evidence is heard. He said:

“She has full faith and confidence in the criminal justice system.”

NY Governor claims there is no “data” showing increased NY crime is related to bail reform policies

ALBANY, NY – Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul has recently declared that she needs “data” to determine whether increasing New York crime is related to the state’s easy-on-crime bail reform laws.

In 2019, the state of New York passed several “criminal justice reform” laws, which were implemented beginning in 2020.

As stated by the Center for Court Innovation,

“In January 2020, New York State put into effect sweeping criminal justice legislation, strictly curtailing the use of cash bail and pretrial detention, overhauling rules governing the sharing of evidence, and strengthening measures intended to ensure a defendant’s right to a speedy trial.”

According to a January, 2022, analysis in the New York Post, the state of New York is paying a heavy price for these soft-on-crime laws.


The Post reports that an attempt to correct the problems in the laws was tried in July of 2020, but:

“New data from the state’s Office of Court Administration clearly shows that the ‘fix’ did not go nearly far enough.

“The data cover arrests made from July 1, 2020, through Aug. 30, 2020, the first two months of the new law, and prove what many prosecutors and police have been saying: The rise in crime is due to repeat offenders being released back onto the streets after arrest.”

The Post reviewed data on 3,680 defendants who were arrested for felonies between July 1, 2020 to Aug. 30, 2020.

Statistics show that 70%, or 2,564 of those, already had a “prior or pending case.” Actually, in the group of 2,564, there were over 11,539 prior convictions.

Also among those 70% were 594 defendants that had a “prior pending violent felony offense  — burglary, attempted murder, assault, rape or kidnapping — when they were arraigned.”

Anecdotes abound of criminals who have been released to reoffend.

As Law Enforcement Today previously reported, there has been a spate of violent crimes in New York committed by suspects who were coddled under the criminal justice reform laws.

For example, 17-year-old gang member Steven Mendez, who was “once arrested for pulling a gun on his own mother,” was out on the street after an arrest for a violent armed robbery when he gunned down 21-year-old victim Saiko Koma in a case of gang-related mistaken identity.

After his trial for armed robbery, the judge had granted Mendez probation, over the objections of the prosecutors.

Also for example, serial shoplifter, 22-year-old Isaac Rodriguez, had been arrested at least 50 times in 2021.

As Law Enforcement Today previously reported:

“Under New York’s ‘get out of jail free’ criminal justice system, the larceny and stolen property charges don’t qualify for bail.”

Anecdotes and data readily available to the public, and certainly available to New York Governor Kathy Hochul, however, appear to hold no water for Hochul.

Hochul told The Post-Journal:

“I’m looking for the data that shows me that bail reform is the reason that somehow crime is going up.”

She added:

“I’m focused on what I have control over right now.”

According to The Post-Journal, Democratic leaders appear to be in agreement with Hochul’s stance, whereas New York City Mayor Eric Adams evidently is not.  The publication notes:

“The Democratic leaders of the two chambers of the Legislature have signaled they have no immediate plans to revise the latest version of the bail law, despite pressure on them to do so from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat and former police officer.”

Hochul’s Democratic rival in New York’s upcoming gubernatorial race, Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-Long Island) has also disagreed with Hochul’s position, saying:

“By refusing to add a dangerousness standard and to give judges more discretion, Hochul is standing against common sense.”

The Post-Journal also reports that Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-North Country), and five other New York GOP members of Congress, penned a letter to Hochul on the subject of criminal justice reform, calling for her to:

“prioritize public safety over irresponsible policies put forward by the far left.”

Furthermore, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association and the New York State Association of Police Chiefs have also called for judges to be able to use discretion in bail matters by ascertaining the “dangerousness” of criminals.

As reported by The Post-Journal, Hochul has outlined a few of her current approaches to the problem of New York crime.

For instance, she plans to hire “social media analysts” to scour social media and “flag messages that could be preludes for acts of violence.”

In addition, she plans to implement “gun interdiction efforts” near the state border with Pennsylvania, as gun smugglers reportedly purchase weapons at Pennsylvania gun shows and transport them across state lines to New York.


Hochul also plans to establish a new state Office of Gun Violence Prevention as a part of the State Department of Health.

The Post-Journal adds:

“Appointed to run the new bureaucracy is Calliana Thomas, whose job will include directing resources to emerging gun violence hot spots and collaborating with the Division of Criminal Justice Services.”

Hochul said of her strategies to address crime:

“We are coming at this issue with all the resources we can deploy.”

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