Democrats would have you believe that Americans are fed up with gun violence and no longer want to have firearms in their homes.

But they’re wrong.

According to records for weapon ownership, this year we’re on track to have the most background checks submitted in United States history regarding people looking to get their hands on guns. Amidst talks of gun buybacks and outright confiscation, it seems that the fear of loss has created a booming demand to own personal protection.

According to USA Today, who has been keeping up with databases monitoring submitted applications for firearm purchases, 2019 has seen an enormous amount of background checks submitted. The publication went so far as to even note that this year we could witness an all-time record for the number of would-be owners applying for their rights.



Earlier in the month of November, Breitbart News had also released an article that reported checks run via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System were at all-new highs during the months of August, September, and October 2019.

And the FBI shows the total number of checks January 2019 through October 2019 as 22,858, 104.

According to historical data revolving around background checks for firearms, the year that toted the most National Instant Criminal Background Check System checks had managed to accrue a total of 27.5 million filed background checks.

Based upon the trends that are in motion this year, American gun buyers could break that record in 2019, especially when you take into consideration that Black Friday sales will be part of November 2019 background check figures. 2016 saw over 200,000 background checks submitted for Black Friday based purchases.

However, how can this trend really be that shocking or surprising to Americans? When you factor in the sounds bites that we head from the primary dropout Beto O’Rourke, saying things to the effect of “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15”, and the slew of other aspiring candidates gunning for your guns, the increased background checks and subsequent purchases were nothing short of foreseeable.

This aforementioned sentiment isn’t desolate with myself either, as National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) general counsel Larry Keane noted the anti-gun vitriol of Democrat presidential hopefuls is a driving factor in gun sales at this point, and the addition of gun control candidates like Michael Bloomberg will likely the sales higher.



Keane summed the increase of applications perfectly.

“There is such a stark contrast between the two (parties), guns will be just as important in 2020 as they were in 2016.”

The reason that there’s a major spotlight on weapons is that Democratic hopefuls have been blaming all the woes of the world against the newest boogeyman: the AR-15.

A weapon manufactured in the 1960’s has been the talking point time and time again, making this rifle, one that isn’t that much different than most semi-automatic handguns made, to be some kind of machine gun that fire hundreds of bullets like a John Rambo instrument of war.

Aside from Democrats making weapons out to be the boogeyman, they also imply that if there are just fewer, or no, guns we’ll have fewer problems with violence. So, by that logic, if we outlawed spoons of a certain size or simply spoons in general, we’d also end obesity.

If the aforementioned sounded ridiculous, it’s because it was meant to; but if you laughed while thinking it’s ridiculous, then you saw the fair comparison.

Furthermore, every time something is outlawed, it always winds up in the hands of criminals and not those of law-abiding citizens. It’s just like when meth was outlawed in 1970 and then criminals circumvented the law by literally making their own.

These are troubling times for those who hold the constitution near and dear to their hearts, and the sales of guns that are approaching record highs this year shows exactly how people feel about their legally owned firearms being confiscated.

And if you still believe that law abiding citizens owning guns is the problem, check this out.

The Chicago Tribune, which actually has a team that tracks shootings in Chicago, reports that through Nov. 23, there have been 2,482 people shot year to date in the city. Believe it or not, that number is DOWN 212 shootings from 2018.


Fox News reported that the Chicago PD has seized over 10,000 guns this year. This comes out to one gun seized every 48 minutes—an increase from one gun per hour last year, according to the Chicago PD.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was beaming about the news.

“I’m immensely proud of CPD for taking 10,000 guns off the streets this year. We really need systematic change to prevent these guns from ever finding their way into the city,” Johnson said.

The 10,000 guns seized number is a huge uptick from the average, which usually is around 7,000 guns per year. Last year and this year saw a substantial increase in that number.

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Johnson said that the Chicago PD typically recovers more weapons than say, New York or Los Angeles because, according to him, the states surrounding those cities have stricter gun laws in comparison to Illinois’ bordering states.

“We sit in between Wisconsin and Indiana, who have lax gun laws and it’s easy for the criminal element in Chicago to go across the borders, fill up a duffle bag with guns, and distribute them throughout our city,” Johnson said. “So until we stop those kinds of flows we’re going to continue to see this problem and it just befuddles me that we can’t pass universal background checks.”

On its face, Johnson’s statement about bordering states’ “lax gun laws” is disingenuous, whereby it’s implied that criminals from Chicago cross the state borders, go to gun shops, and are able to legally purchase guns in those states. In fact, stolen firearms are the real issue. 

According to, they, along with NBC5 Chicago and other NBC affiliates reviewed gun theft records. For example in 2016, 4,745 guns were reported stolen in Illinois that year. Since 2005, gun theft nationally nearly doubled to over ¼ million firearm thefts in that period.


TheTrace cited an Urban Institute survey conducted in Chicago where high crime rates were prevalent. In the survey, four out of five at-risk youths cited gun theft as a common means through which their peers armed themselves, not by going to either a gun store or a gun show as some politicians and anti-gun zealots claim.

Johnson did cite the legal system in Chicago, stating that it needed to create a “culture of accountability” that punishes repeat gun offenders more strictly to deter them from reoffending.

“We pick up somebody that’s used an illegal gun. Actually used it. Fired it off. ON the books, it may say that’s a felony but at the end of the day when it’s all said and tone, the guy’s treated like a misdemeanor until about the third time we catch them, then it gets serious,” Johnson told Fox. “The first time you squeeze the trigger you can kill somebody. That’s when you should be treated like that.”

Johnson recently announced that he’s stepping down from his position as Chicago’s top cop.

Martin Prieb, spokesperson for Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 agreed with Johnson. “One of the things police focus on is getting the guns and getting them arrested with guns. That’s a good felony charge,” he said.

However both men said arresting a suspect with a gun doesn’t necessarily mean they will face a felony charge or a stiff sentence.

“That narrative that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws, that’s just not true. If it was true, we wouldn’t be talking about this. We have gun laws on the books that to me are lacking in certain areas. We need to enforce them more,” Johnson said.


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