This Is a Call for Action

For way too long the inadequate medical pension system for first responders has gone unreformed. Rather than fix the system, we have become accustomed to supplementing first responders through fundraising. While fundraisers provide short term relief at the onset of a crisis, they fall short of resolving the issues for which they were created. Too often the amount of money raised is dictated by the media profile of the incident instead of the severity of the catastrophic wounds suffered by the first responder. Many times fundraisers have to be repeated for the same injured first responders.

Part of the solution is to FIX THE LAW. National Medical Pension Reform is vital and long overdue. Through passage of a single reform bill, every first responder who is catastrophically wounded in the line of duty can receive a sustainable income and the fair and just benefits their sacrifices have earned them.

The Wounded Officers Initiative in partnership with the Law office of Bichler, Oliver, Longo, and Fox, PLLC, and Jessica Anderson Esq., Spouse of a Wounded Officer, have drafted a National Legislative Bill titled, “FirstResponderPensionReformAct.”

We are not just seeking your support for this Bill, but also your input and participation in its passage.

Key Points of the First Responder Pension Reform Act are:

  • Establishes a Line-of-Duty disability pension paid at 90% of the first responder’s salary at the time of a catastrophic physical injury.
  • Directs each agency employing a first responder to empanel a pension board to determine when a line-of-duty disability should be provided.
  • Waives the payment of tuition and fees for four (4) undergraduate academic years in which the first responder and first responder’s children and spouse enroll in a state education institution or state supported technical school.
  • Directs each agency to ensure all first responders employed by the agency are covered by Social Security.

“First Responder” is defined as any person law enforcement officer, firefighter, EMT/paramedic, correctional probation officer and correctional officer employed by a state, federal, or municipal agency or department.

actionIf your organization is interested in getting involved please email us at: [email protected]

Staff, Wounded Officers Initiative


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