California using taxpayer funds to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants


California Governor Gavin Newsom has managed to outdo himself again when prioritizing illegal aliens over American citizens. His latest move is the expected signing of free healthcare to illegal immigrants aged 65 or older who live within the state.

The new state budget, which is set to be unveiled this week, would make California the first state to provide free healthcare to seniors here illegally.

The Los Angeles Times broke the news earlier in the week showing the complete flip-flop of the Governor’s position on the matter. Newsom last year had opted to not expand California’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, to illegal seniors, citing that it would be too costly.

California using taxpayer funds to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants


But now Newsom seems to feel otherwise, dipping into more of the state’s budget to cater to those who shouldn’t even be in the state in the first place.

From the examination detailed in the Los Angeles Times report, the population of seniors living illegally within California would cost roughly $121 million a year to cover healthcare costs.

That’s roughly $40 million more than the state budget’s allocation toward police officer training for 2020. Furthermore, critics of the proposed funding have stated that there’s already enormous wait times at healthcare facilities that accept Medi-Cal, because most doctors aren’t willing to accept the state’s low reimbursement rates.

Many progressive Democrats from other states are vying to see how this plan by Newsom turns out, likely as a means to use it as fodder for a “Medicare for All” push that presidential hopefuls within the party have been touting.

You needn’t look any further than the first presidential primary debate between members from the Democratic Party to see who champions the notion.

All the party contenders raised their hands when asked who would support Medicare for all those illegally in the country.



The move to include seniors in the free healthcare bid for illegals isn’t terribly surprising though when talking about Newsom. Just last July, he signed a law that expanded Medi-Cal to illegal aliens under the age of 26, which made California the first state to offer free healthcare to illegal alien adults.

The legislation went into effect this month, where previously free healthcare was only provided for illegal aliens up to the age of 19-years-old.

When Newsom made the move last year, essentially incentivizing the inhabitance of those illegally present within the country, he had some severe pushback from officials even within California. Former state Senator Jeff Stone, a Republican, warned about the ramifications of Newsom’s push to give healthcare to young, illegal adults:

“We are going to be a magnet that is going to further attract people to a state of California that’s willing to write a blank check to anyone that wants to come here. We are doing a disservice to citizens who legally call California their home.”

That wasn’t the only criticism that Newsom received in 2019 when he unveiled plans to give free healthcare to illegals 26 years old and younger. President Donald Trump pointed out the lunacy of it all, saying:

“It’s crazy what they’re doing. It’s crazy, and it’s mean, and it’s very unfair to our citizens. And we’re going to stop it, but we may need an election to stop it.”

Allowing the younger illegal residents to get in on the Medi-Cal action is already costing tax payers $98 million to cover the 90,000 people within that age range of 19 to 26 years old. Keep in mind, that this is only going to be a burden on state taxpayers within California, since federal legislation strictly prohibits federal funds being used to cover medical costs of illegal aliens.

With plans to now include the illegal seniors into the free healthcare endeavor, California tax payers can expect over $200 million a year going toward people that shouldn’t even reside within their state or this country.

And to make matters worse, New York is about to allow those same non-citizens the right to vote.

Democrats in the state of New York are “looking at” quickly passing new legislation that would grant voting rights to illegal immigrants automatically when they apply for a driver’s license (also not a privilege that should be granted to persons in our country illegally, but that’s for another time).

One wonders what the purpose of “quickly” passing the law would be.  One’s wonder is quelled, however, when they realize that it’s an election year, and Democrats are petrified of the likely outcome of another four years with President Trump.

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California using taxpayer funds to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants


Last year, Democrats attempted to pass the same bill by slipping it in with another legislation, but the bill was caught and removed by two Republican assembly members, Nicole Malliotakis and Colin Schmitt.  At the time, the legislation was written such that everyone applying for a license was automatically registered to vote, illegal or otherwise.

Malliotakis stated, “…basically what the bill said is ‘Anyone who applies for a driver’s license would be automatically registered to vote except if they opted out.  So it put the burden on the individual to say ‘Hey, I’m not eligible. I can’t vote.’”    

Schmitt said the Democrats’ legislation also prevented undocumented and illegal aliens from opting out of registering to vote. 

He said, “The legislation stated … that if anyone, whether it be a driver’s license or any form … would automatically be registered to vote unless they checked an ‘opt out’ box.  So if they did not check that ‘opt out’ box, they’d be registered to vote. Now the next section … stated noncitizens may not check the ‘opt out’ box.”

The legislation was backed by Governor Andrew Cuomo then, and it’s backed by him now.

Malliotakis also pointed out, “Clearly, [Democrats] know that there will be individuals who are here either illegally or people that are maybe legal residents but noncitizens that will be registered [to vote], because in the bill they actually put in a provision that said, ‘If someone accidentally registers to vote or registers and votes that there will be no penalty against that person.’  So the fact that they put that language in there just shows that they anticipate people being registered who are not eligible to do so.”

With the announcement of the possible reintroduction of a bill like this, citizens on social media are expressing their concerns and frustrations.

One Twitter user, Nico Tossconi, said, “The Trojan horse of a lifetime. Give illegals the ability to drive. The application automatically registers you to vote. You are on the honor system not to vote. I need to show ID and a major bill to get a library card. NY is a sad place to live now a days.”

Another user, JeaniegirlDC said, “Always the plan. Incremental steps to getting more votes by fraud and then remain perpetually in power. Coming to every state…”

The public can see right through the Democrats’ master plan with the pushing of legislation like this.  Not that they’re trying very hard to hide it.

California using taxpayer funds to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants
Voting in New York will never be the same. (Screenshot – YouTube)


NY State Senate bill S6457B is in active status.


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