The Thin Blue Line flag is racist and triggers people of color.

This was the message that select students at a college in California chose to post about after the recent shooting death of 22 year-old Officer Natalie Corona this past week.

The ACSUCD Ethnic and Social Affairs group posted the following message to Facebook.

blue line flag

They expressed their ‘deepest condolences to the family’ but nevertheless used the tragic event to talk about how a flag supporting law enforcement officers encouraged racism.

And, as is traditional to the Offended Generation, they wanted to be able to provide support for students who were ‘triggered’ by the spreading of the image online, specifically referring to the distribution of Corona’s picture posing with the flag.

22 year-old Natalie Corona was tragically killed on duty. (Remembering Natalie Corona)

It didn’t take long for others to issue a rebuttal to their post.

The ASUCD President denounced the group’s posting, calling out the members saying it was ‘easy to argue hypotheticals, politics, and ideology when you’re in safety. I am ashamed that some of these same people, protected by the very officers that they are condemning, have the audacity to politicize the loss of a young officer.’

Thin Blue Line USA also released a statement.

“We reject, in the strongest possible terms, any association of our flag with racism, hatred, and bigotry. To use it in such a way tarnishes what it and our nation believe in. The thin blue line flag stands for the sacrifice law enforcement officers of this nation make each day. We ask our nation to hold faith with those that defend the thin blue line.”

In response to this, we’d like to include the following letter to the parents of these students.

Think of it as a note a teacher would send home to a parent.  If, of course, that teacher wasn’t a socialist.  Or afraid of getting fired.


Dear Parents,

We regret to inform you that Little Johnny has failed.

He hasn’t failed at college, where it’s believed that every student, regardless of lack of brain cells, deserves to spend far too much of their parent’s money on drunken dorm parties.

No, Little Johnny has failed at life.  And that blame rests squarely on your shoulders.

Because of you, your son has a complete and total inability to cope with life.  He is triggered by the sights of the very lights that signify protection for him.

He’s angered by sirens, which are the very sounds that someone is coming to help him.

He is a bigot, believing that everyone who wears a uniform is a racist, despite the color of their skin.

Parents, you have failed in the raising of your child.  Instead of teaching him right and wrong, you taught him to hate.  And even though he was perhaps indoctrinated by radical professors to embrace that hate, you failed to instill in him a morale foundation that allowed him to differentiate between right and wrong.

Your son will leave college with that four-year degree in underwater basket weaving.  But in the school of hard knocks, your child is already screwed.  Game over. He will never be able to handle the challenges that lie in front of him, if for no other reason that because he has already demonstrated an inability to determine who is a friend and who is a foe.

Perhaps it’s not too late. There are always family reunions for you to have a shot at getting through to him.  Just make sure to bring him a Smirnoff Ice.  It might help you break through that mental barrier.

Just make sure it identifies as a gentle, non-conformist flavor.