Report: Police face protest while trying to kick squatters out of state-owned homes


LOS ANGELES, CA– It is no surprise at this point that the labral left looks for just about any reason to protest or face off with police officers. 

Every time you turn around there is another group shouting or causing a ruckus, all in the name of “change” or whatever new found “cause” they came up with this time. 

On Wednesday night, November 25th, California Highway Patrol officers were asked by the owners of abandoned homes to remove the squatters who have taken it upon themselves to move into the home.

These squatters entered the homes illegally, are not paying rent or a mortgage, and were not given permission to be there in the first place. 

A group of protesters found a problem with the fact that the police officers were evicting the squatters, and faced off with them in Los Angeles, according to reports. What the protesters failed to realize, is according to the owners of the group of homes, they were not safe or suitable for living. 

Fox News reported that California Highway Patrol officers, many in riot gear, responded to at least one vacant home owned by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in El Sereno, a neighborhood about six miles northwest of downtown L.A. 

As police officers began the evictions, it was reported that a large group of protesters crowded the the officers and began shouting.

Several videos surfaced on social media depicting what happened.

In one video that can be seen below on Twitter, appeared to show protesters clashing with authorities. The clip shows protesters slowly walking toward a line of California Highway Patrol officers as they walked backwards retreating. The mob was shouting, “Move, b—-! Get out the way!”


Earlier in the day, members of Reclaim and Rebuild Our Community said they moved into several of the state-owned homes, which were purchased by Caltrans, Fox News reported.

Defending her actions to partake in breaking and entering into a home that was not hers, Iris Ge Anda of the group told KNBC-TV of Los Angeles: 

“I come here in a good way,” 

She continued:

“Just seeking some safe shelter for me and my family.”

It is very well known that many people fell on hard times financially during the pandemic, leaving them homeless. In light of this, Reclaim and Rebuild Our Community had petitioned Governor Gavin Newsom to influence Caltrans into allowing their families to inhabit those houses during the pandemic, which they did not agree to. 

There are mixed feelings about officers evicting these squatters, with some saying it is cruel to do the day before Thanksgiving, while others feel it is wrong to allow them to continue to squat, while the honest working class goes to work and pays their mortgage or rent.  

El Sereno resident Frances Valenica said:

“I disagree with what these people are doing. Everybody gets up goes to work,”

She went on to say:

“If they want to live somewhere, tell them to apply just like everyone else did.”

A Caltrans spokesman released a statement obtained by KNBC. The statement read in part:

“Vacant homes along the State Route 710 that were broken into are unsafe and uninhabitable for occupants. As such, Caltrans requested the CHP remove trespassers so that the properties can be re-secured and boarded up,” 

The statement continued:

“Caltrans has been working with local governments to lease several of its available properties for use as temporary emergency shelters.”

It is not currently known how many people were arrested. 

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As 2020 is nearing the end, Los Angeles is seeing a record number of violent crimes. Here is more on that. 

Violent crime in the city of Angels has significantly risen over the course of 2020 and in the light of defunding the agency. The Los Angeles Police Department reports that the number of homicides in the city have reached a level they have not seen in a decade.

The shocking rise in violent crime in the city should not be a surprise, after all, they have defunded the police department significantly over the last few months. This has meant a cut in police services to the populous city. The Los Angeles Police Department announced:

“A number we have not seen in over a decade – 300 homicides in a year. Senseless violence & tragic loss of life. Our people are doing everything we can to stop the violence, but we need your help. If you have any info, report it. You can remain anonymous.”

One of the latest homicides appeared to strike a nerve with one of the Deputy Chief’s of the Los Angeles Police Department, a teenager who was riding his motorcycle home. The teenager was driving his motorcycle home when he was shot and killed.

Deputy Chief Emada Tingirides tweeted:

“I am HEARTBROKEN!! It’s has been a tragic weekend in Los Angeles to include the murder of a 17 year old riding his motorcycle close to his home…A Weekend like this creates Lasting Trauma in Communities. Praying for South Los Angeles.”

The Los Angeles is not the only agency that is being defunded seeing a sharp increase in violent crimes and homicides. Another agency experiencing the same issue is the New York Police Department which is also seeing a sharp increase in shooting violence.

The New York Police Department has reported 1,667 shootings in 2020 where they had seen only 828 for all of 2019. Of those people that were shot, they reported that 405 of those victims died from their injuries as opposed to 295 in 2019.

That number is only part of the equation because they only include reported cases of people who had been shot. In addition to these numbers, the New York Police Department has seen 1,359 shooting events in which no one was shot as opposed to 2019 in which they only had 698 reported.

The rise in violent crime has also affected the city of Minneapolis, which is also under strict defunding measures imposed by their City Council. The Minneapolis Police Department has reported a 50% increase in violent crimes during the year of 2020 as opposed to the same time from last year.

Minneapolis Police report that they have seen increases in arson, up 76%, assault, up 24%, and homicides, up 87%. The increase in crime in all of these cities could be directly related to the defunding measures that are taking place.

These cities highlighted with an increase in violent crime, are all places in which have experienced significant funding cuts to their police departments. The correlation between cutting police funding and the rise of violent crime should be an easy comparison, however, Democratic leaders and members of the mainstream media refuse to make the comparison.

Democratic leaders and members of the media point to the pandemic as being the only cause to the rise in violent crime in these large cities. Something of which Pete Hegseth, a co-host of Fox and Friends, points out. He said:

“[The numbers are] utterly embarrassing. Utterly predictable. All you need is one brain cell to know that if you A) remove police, you’re going to create more space for crime, and then B) if you demoralize police by telling them they’re the bad guys, you’re going to create an environment where why in the world would they want to take one single risk?”


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