He’s a retired cop. He’s running for public office. And he’s put together a petition to remove California’s current governor from power.


Over the last 40 years, Sergeant Burton Brink has served the San Gabriel Valley, starting as a young 14-year-old as a police explorer with the Arcadia Police Department, serving all the way up through a position as a sergeant.

And now he’s setting his sights on leading his community through a seat in public office.

Burton Brink is running for public office in California, aiming to use his experience in law enforcement to effect positive change. (Burton Brink)


Brink is setting his sights on a position within the California State’s Assembly. And in order to create real change, he’s starting with his petition to remove the current governor from his seat.

“We need change here in California, on a large-scale level,” Brink told LET. “I have seen firsthand how the laws coming out of Sacramento have hurt my law enforcement partners, my neighbors and my community.”

Brink said his decision to challenge the current elected leaders came from years of sitting by as a member of law enforcement, repeatedly watching dangerous criminals being released back into the streets.


Gov. Gavin Newsom (Wikipedia)


And that’s the major reason he’s going after California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

“As a veteran law enforcement officer, I have been working in our community taking criminals to jail, only to have our legislature in Sacramento, let them back out, by tying the hands of law enforcement and judges. I have investigated numerous shootings, robberies, burglaries, drive-by shootings and criminal gang activity. I have the pulse of what is happening in our communities and with what our law enforcement officers must contend with. I have prioritized public safety as one of my focuses for keeping our communities safe!”

Essentially, Brink is sick of seeing resolutions put into place that puts his community in danger.

“There’s plenty that our government can cut, before compromising public safety and letting career criminals out of jail,” Brink said. “I fully support the three strikes law, and I oppose any form of early release that Propositions 47 and 57 and AB-109 have caused, making our communities less safe.”

Burton Brink has won numerous awards during his career in law enforcement. (Burton Brink)


The veteran law enforcement officer, who retired after 40 years of service, says he’s the only candidate on the bill that knows the streets, knows the community and can steer it in the direction it needs to go.

“I’m the only candidate running who has the experience to make our neighborhoods safe again,” he said. “That’s why I earned the endorsement of the Professional Peace Officers’ Association (PPOA) and it’s over 8,700 members across Los Angeles County.”

Brink’s Facebook page dives in further to his efforts to remove Governor Newsom from power.


Brink began as a reserve police officer with the Monterey Park Police Department, then moved to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, eventually retiring as a sergeant after 29 years.

Burton Brink grew up in Arcadia. His family has lived in the California town since 1967.

Brink’s wife Kim is also a retired sergeant. (Burton Brink)


He’s been awarded the “10851” pin for recovery of stolen vehicles in 1993, the “Legendary Lawman” award in 2003, the “In The Line Of Duty” award in 2016, and the “Distinguished Service Award” in 2017, all from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Burton has spent his entire life working and living in the community. He says his goal is to continue to fight for safety and progression of new laws to make the community safe again.

Want to see more on where Brink stands on current issues? Visit his campaign site to see his position on crime, public safety, jobs, immigration and more.


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