California man shot after fighting for officer’s weapon – protestors call him ‘innocent and unarmed’


SAN CLEMENTE, CA- Two deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office fatally shot a homeless man after he attempted to unholster one of the officer’s firearms. Following his death protestors gathered at the scene saying the man was “innocent and unarmed.”

The shooting occurred on Wednesday when Kurt Reinhold, 42, was approached by two officers from the homeless liaison team in San Clemente, California. The three begin talking in front of the Hotel Miramar at about 1:15PM and the encounter quickly turns dangerous.

In a video taken by a bystander it appears that the two deputies warned Reinhold not to jaywalk.

Reinhold grew increasingly enraged and uncooperative, and asked officers “what’s your problem.”

He went on to yell “don’t touch me” multiple times. Reinhold then attempted to walk away from the scene forcing the deputies to take physical action.

The video cuts out and a short second clip plays that shows the officers attempting to keep Reinhold in the area by pushing him backwards. The video then jumps to a third clip where the deputies surround Reinhold and quickly take him down and a struggle ensues.

As the deputies grapple with Reinhold to apprehend him he appears to reach for one of their gun holsters. Witnesses say that one officer yelled “he’s got my gun” multiple times during the struggle.

A white truck covers the view of the altercation and almost immediately a gunshot is fired. A second gunshot follows seconds after. The last clip in the video shows the officers administering first aid and CPR on Reinhold who died at the scene.

Orange County Deputy Involved Fatal Shooting with Momeless Man, San Clemente, CA

According to witnesses, the suspect was walking in the middle of the street & obstructing traffic. Orange County Deputies w/ the Homeless Task Force made contact asking the suspect to move to the curb. Suspect was non-compliant & a physical altercation ensued (verified by surveilance video according to Sgt. Dennis Breckner/OCSD) – "It appears the male attempted to get control of the deputy's weapon and shortly after that the deputy involved shooting occured." A witness says he heard a deputy shout, “He’s got my gun!” Moments later, 2 gunshots were fired. Deputies began life saving measures and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased is a male black adult. Source: Orange County Sheriff's Department, CALocation: South El Camino Real & Ave San Gabriel.—–The witness/videographer has asked not to be identified.Wednesday 9/23/20

Posted by Local Story TV on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A surveillance clip obtained by CBS2 shows the struggle from a different angle. It appears that Reinhold reached for the deputy’s weapon and grasped the gun holster on his hip. There is no sound in this footage so it is unclear when the gunshots were fired. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that they have access to both videos and are investigating. 



During a press conference Sheriff Don Barnes said:

“During the physical altercation Mr. Reinhold grabbed one of the deputies’ weapons and appears to have tried to bring it out of the holster. It is not clear from the video if Mr. Reinhold was able to completely unholster the weapon, that will be part of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office investigation.”

Both officers involved in the shooting were placed on leave pending an investigation. The two deputies are veterans of the homeless liaison team with 8 and 13 years of experience.

Following the shooting protests erupted near the Hotel Miramar. A crowd of over 50 protestors blocked off roads in San Clemente to protest what they believe was a wrongful death. One Protestor with a megaphone can be heard screaming:

“You felt the need to shoot an innocent unarmed black man”

The protest quickly grew disorderly and a police response was required. Five protestors were arrested with one being charged with vandalizing a police car.

Following the chaos the San Clemente City Council met for an emergency meeting and issued a curfew from 9:00PM Thursday night to 6:00AM Friday morning in areas near where the incident occurred.

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Protestors are instituting anarchy across the country, read about another protest below:

PORTLAND, OR – On September 26th, the self-proclaimed “Western Chauvinist” group known as the Proud Boys had held what was described as a “relatively peaceful rally”, according to reports, despite warnings from Oregon Governor Kate Brown that “white supremacist groups” intended to stoke violence in Portland.


However, there were arrests made after the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office declared a riot following attacks lodged against officers that included rocks and can thrown by agitators.


Of course, matters escalated when Antifa-style counter protesters and Black Lives Matter demonstrators entered the fold, which reports of over a dozen being arrested have circulated.

Haley Adams, who was among the demonstrators staged with the Proud Boys rally, said the demonstration was in response to Portland officials having done little to nothing to quell the riots that have plagued the city:

“They’ve allowed 120 days of rioting and looting and murder happening within our streets and we’re locals so we’re just tired of this, that’s why we’re out here today.”

Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio stated that “It’s crazy that it takes us to come here to solve things,” but is pleased that by the Proud Boys making an appearance in Portland compelled local officials to address the violence erupting in the city:

“I’m actually really happy we forced Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler’s hand into actually doing their job. They haven’t been doing their job for 120 days. We’ve seen destruction, mayhem.”

Portland Police did issue a citation related to hosting the likes of paintball guns, firearms, bats and shields inside of a vehicle.


These confiscations apparently took place at an established vehicle checkpoint of sorts that police erected in response to the event.

Reportedly 50 Portland Police officers were deputized as Federal Marshals in anticipation of trouble brewing as a result of the event.

As mentioned, while the rally itself didn’t see much trouble, and had ended at roughly 2:30 p.m. that afternoon – trouble did wind up brewing in the evening.


Roughly two hours after the Proud Boys rally had ended, police had found some staged items around the area that have been typically used by far-left rioters.

Buckets of rocks and also “condoms full of unknown liquid” were discovered near North Rosa Parks Way and North Albina Avenue.


By 8:30 p.m., protesters had formed in Lownsdale and Chapman Square Parks and began attacking police, according to a press release:

“While making arrests and ticketing illegally parked vehicles, projectiles were thrown at officers including full beverages cans, firecrackers and rocks.

Video surfaced of some of the counter protesters that adorned Antifa-style black bloc who can be seen burning an American flag during the evening following the Proud Boys rally.


According to Tarrio, their staged event was essentially a means to force the hand of officials to dispatch police preemptively, thus creating a scenario where officials would have to acknowledge that when Antifa and BLM arrive that matters escalate.

Apparently one person that was arrested during the evening protest/riot had managed to escape from a police vehicle after being detained. Video shows the escapee fleeing from police.


The man who fled, identified as Michael Cohen, was eventually captured and brought back into police custody:

“At one point, an officer was attempting to load an arrested person into a transport van when another arrested person, Michael Colten, forced his way out. He ran while still restrained in zip-ties for about two blocks before he was recaptured by officers.”


At 15 minutes to midnight, the crowd that had gathered was deemed to be an unlawful assembly, and those present were notified via loudspeaker to disperse the area. A majority of the crowd wound up leaving the area by 1:30 a.m. on September 27th.

Outside of the arrestee that escaped custody, police have not provided a detailed account of all those arrested.

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